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The Yellow Telephone
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Colin Kaepernick was adopted by a white family and raised with white siblings in privege.

Colin Kaepernick: Ungrateful

Like so many Americans, Nippies is in a state of disbelief over those Americans who have been SO BLESSED and refuse to stand for our NATIONAL ANTHEM.
This trend, suspiciously started by San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick, during a time when he was having contract problems, is one of the saddest ever. Kaepernick is bi-racial. His mother, Heidi Russo, was a 19 year old white girl/woman when she gave birth to Colin. His father was black man who abandoned Heidi and her baby before Colin Kaepernick's birth. Heidi gave Colin up for adoption, and Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, a white couple who had two children, adopted him.

Kaepernick, despite his 4.0 GPA in high school, can only be described as ignorant and ungrateful. He has had blessings heaped on him that he could only enjoy in America. He's had the best in education, the best in healthcare, the best education and training, AND he makes millions of dollars yearly. Colin was equally proficient in both baseball and football, and was given many opportunities in both. He chose football. His skin color has not held him back in America, the same America who came together in 2008 to elect Barack Obama, a president with black skin.
What other country would offer such wonderful opportunities?

Colin Kaepernick, like so many of his generation, has taken for granted all the freedoms and privileges we enjoy as a nation. This FREEDOM was won by men with a LOVE OF AMERICA, who sacrificed their lives to keep it for us.

We at Nippies and Nippies.com stand with America. We stand with President Donald J. Trump. Any pro sports team which dishonors our FLAG, and the men who fought and gave their lives to keep us safe, will NOT benefit from our


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Witch Hunt on President Donald J. Trump
The Pass Given to Barack Hussein Obama


"Age and Citizenship requirements - US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States."
Source: www.presidentsusa.net/qualifications.html

So WHY, ask yourself, was it such a BIG DEAL to Barack Hussein Obama when he was asked by many, but especially Donald J. Trump, to prove his place of birth? To produce his full birth certificate? Should not a man or woman seeking the highest office in the United States be enthusiastically willing to prove that he is qualified?

It may not be "PC" to mention this, but Obama was running for office only a handful of years after September 11, 2001, when we were attacked by foreigners who were followers of the Islamic faith and attacking us for that reason. "9/11 was the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. A total of 2,993 people died and 8,900 people were injured. There were other large attacks to the U.S. before 9/11 but not nearly as large."
SOURCE: https://historyday911.weebly.com/largest-attack-on-us-soil.html

Barack Hussein Obama not born on the continental United States. He was the son of a foreigner - a man from Kenya born into the Islamic faith -Barack Obama, Sr., Barack Hussein Obama spent many of his formative years with an Islamic stepfather, of whom he was quite fond, and lived in and attended four years of school in a country (Indonesia) where the vast majority (nearly 88%) of the population are Muslims. So why the outrage at being asked to prove, at the very least, the place of his birth?

One would think, and HOPE, that anyone running for POTUS would have absolutely no problem proving, without a doubt, to any U.S. citizen wanting to know, that he, or she, is a natural born citizen of this great country. Yet Barack Obama was so outraged that Donald J. Trump demanded the proof of his birth that he lashed out at him, in anger hidden behind "humor", at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, to which Trump had, for the first time, been invited by the liberal, Obama-loving Washington Post writer, Lally Weymouth, who is the daughter the WaPo founder Katherine Graham and mother of then-publisher, Katherine Weymouth.
SOURCE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/i-sat-next-to-donald-trump-at-the-infamous-2011-white-house-correspondents-dinner/2016/04/27/5cf46b74-0bea-11e6-8ab8-9ad050f76d7d_story.html?utm_term=.d37d2009e27b

Does anyone smell a SET UP?

Barack Obama took to the podium. Over half of his remarks - a solid five plus minutes - were directly aimed at mocking Donald Trump and aggrandizing himself, Obama. One left with one impression of Barack Obama: he is a malignant narcissist, accustomed to getting his way and never being questioned.
SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8TwRmX6zs4

What do I mean by "not being questioned"? Well, if you do research, you will find that Obama never has explained what he did during his two years at Columbia, despite many inquiries. He just says he lived "like a monk". Hmmm.

Obama has never denied, nor admitted, that he was aided by Khalid Al Monsour, an advisor to Prince Al Waleed of Saudi Arabia. (Al Monsour won't talk either). Many say Obama's grades fell far short of the requirement for Harvard Law. And at the time, as written by Valerie Jarrett's father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, the Saudi's were sponsoring young black men sympathetic to Islam in a attempt to get a future foothold in the White House.
SOURCE: actial 1979 article https://reclaimourrepublic.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/1979-newspaper-article-by-valerie-jarrett-father-in-law-reveals-start-of-muslim-purchase-of-u-s-presidency/
SOURCE: https://www.wnd.com/2012/09/1979-article-ties-obamas-real-father-to-saudi-financier/

There is a lot more mystery about Barack Hussein Obama, including why his first three adult girlfriends were white (and wealthy), but when he decided to get serious with his political career, he started dating Michelle Robinson, who just happened to be best friends with Jesse Jackson's daughter, Santita.

So, while we wait to see what the Obama fueled, Mueller led Witch Hunt will turn up on our President Donald J. Trump, we continue to wonder why Barack Hussein Obama was given such a pass on his past.

The LEFT: Is It About To Implode?

The LEFT, and much of the Democratic party, is largely comprised of minority groups who, to a great extent, identify as "victims": African-Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ, Jews, Muslims, Feminists, etc. There are also a number of lifelong, hardcore Dems (many Irish among them) who vote Democrat not matter what.

Are these groups which make up the Left beginning to turn on each other? Consider what is happening in Minneapolis now, and you may be inclined to answer "yes".

Some of the people involved:
1.) A Somali-born, male, black 2 year police rookie name Mohamed Noor (shooter).
2.) A white, Australian immigrant female named Justine Damond.
3.) A white, female, lesbian, part Native American, French-Canadian woman and mother named Janee Harteau, Chief of Police in Minneapolis until forced to resign. She is a 30 year veteran of the MPD.
4.) A black, male 28 year veteran named Medaria Arradondo, formerly Ass't Chief of Police, now Chief of Police since Harteau resigned.
5.) A white, female Mayor of Minneapolis named Betsy Hodges.
6.) A black activist named John Thomson, friend of Philando Castile, the armed black man pulled over last July 7, 2016 in St. Paul and shot by
7.) A Mexican-American police officer named Jeronimo Yanez, acquitted of wrong doing in the shooting of armed Philando Castile last July 7.
8.) A black, female civil rights lawyer named Nekima Levy-Pounds, Minneapolis NAACP President, who is running for Mayor of MInneapolis.

On July 15, 2017, a white, immigrant, unarmed woman named Justine Damond called 911. She was reporting what she believed to be an assault near her home. Responding were two officers: one was a two year veteran named Mohamed Noor. and his partner, Matthew Harrity. According to Harrity, Noor shot the unarmed, pajama clad Justine Damond as she approached the drivers's side of the police car just as a loud noise erupted.

As a result of the death of Justine, protestors, often led by St. Paul resident, and friend of Philando Castile, John Thomason called for the resignation of Police of Chief Harteau. They got it. Janee Harteau resigned on July 21.

At the meeting announcing the resignation of Chief Harteau, and naming the replacement of her by Asst. Chief of Police Arradondo, activist John Thompson called for the resignation of Mayor Betsy Hodges, as well. Who might he want to replace her? Well, he has been at more than one protest - before the shooting of Justine Damond - with Nekima Levy-Pounds who, as we mentioned, is running Mayor of Minneapolis.

Johnson speaks on behalf of "my community" - the black community. (As you can see, there are protestors of all races in the photos in Minneapolis). But it's difficult to understand how making Harteau step down, to be replaced by her assistant, will change the problem of how Mohamed Noor got to be on the police force in the first place. He was likely put there for "diversity" - as it was highly touted that he was the first Somali-born police officer in his precinct.

And how will replacing Mayor Hodges, who was chosen by the majority of voters in Minneapolis, solve anything if it is Levy-Pounds who replaces her? A black man shot an unarmed white woman who called for help.. A Mexican-American shot an armed black man who reached for his gun (Castile).

Will the gay and Feminist community of Minneapolis stand by and allow the first openly female, a 30 year veteran, be blamed for the murder of Justine Damond? Will the Somali community rise up if Mohamed Noor is found guilty of unjustifiable deadly force in the death of Justine Damond?

What is so worrisome is that Minneapolis is just a microcosm of what is happening all over America in the post-Obama years of unrest.

COPY / PASTE for article. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/world/neighbour-of-justine-damonds-killer-gives-shocking-new-insight-into-his-behaviour/news-story/34eb2c08676af98afc376d83aaff31dd

American Heiress / Patty Hearst

Pictured: Patty Hearst - Victim?

AMERICAN HEIRESS: Berkeley was ALWAYS a WILD PLACE Only ONE American has ever had their sentence (35 years) commuted by one American president (Jimmy Carter) and their crime pardoned by another (Bill Clinton). It was publishing heiress, Patricia "Patty" Hearst.

It's odd this topic came up on the radio, because only a day or two before I mentioned Patty Hearst to my Millennial daughter. I was shocked when this well read, worldly and educated young women asked, "Who?" She'd never heard the tale of the kidnapping of (and crimes committed by) the granddaughter of the man whose life inspired the film Citizen Kane. Nor had she heard of San Simeon castle, Marion Davies or William Randolph Hearst.

I listened to Jeffrey Toobin talk about American Heiriss, his book on Patty Hearst, which was recently published. And it shocked me to rehear the details about how Patty had shot wildly across the street from the van in which she awaited while her "captors" robbed a bank. Her shots, thankfully, didn't hit anyone, but they succeeded in freeing her accomplices/captors, members of the self-styled Symbionese Liberation Army, from the clutches of the law.

I'd forgotten much of that bank robbery, and the iconic photos which accompanied it. I mainly recalled the horror of reading, at the time, about the SLA members breaking into the Berkeley campus apartment where Patty, only 19, lived with a teacher, Steven Weed, who was also her fiance at the time of her capture.

Read the actual story from the New York Times: Feb. 5, 1974 https://www.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/big/0204.html

From a DailyMail.com.uk article announcing the death of Patricia Hearst's husband (and former body guard), Bernard Shaw:

"Months later (after being kidnapped by the SLA), she announced that she had joined the movement herself, and started calling herself 'Tania'.

She was caught on camera, actively participating in a shoot out, while members of the SLA robbed a bank. Patty was later arrested by the FBI, but other members of her group were killed during the ambush.

During her trial, Ms Hearst's lawyers argued that she had been brainwashed by the kidnappers, which has led to her being regarded as a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

However, she was convicted of bank robbery in March 1976, and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

The sentence was commuted to two years by Jimmy Carter, and in 2001 she was given a full pardon by Bill Clinton."

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2526407/Bodyguard-husband-heiress-turned-bank-robber-Patty-Hearst-died-cancer-battle-aged-68.html#ixzz4fbvNq6Vl Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Funny how time whitewashes everything. Many will say Patty's good fortune in not serving her original prison sentence of 35 years was white privilege. But I can assure you, had any other young woman of limited means, white or not, been in the same situation, they would have likely served their sentence. It's almost irrefutable they would not have recieved a commute and a pardon from two United States presidents.

It's ALWAYS been about money, class and connections.

Katharine Hepburn's Unconditional Love

Pictured: Katharine Hepburn (1907 - 2003)
Photo credit: Nippies.com

I never really liked Ms. Hepburn much, even though I've always been a film buff. But tonight, after watching her speak about her life, I see her in a new light.

In 1992, ten years before her death at age 95, Katharine Hepburn participated in the documentary on her life. How like her: she controlled every aspect and asked that the film, and her biography (written by Scott Berg), not be released until after her death.

I caught the last 40 minutes of Katherine Hepburn on Turner Classic Movies. Based on her public persona, I thought of this Connecticut native as tough, godless, selfish, almost masculine. At the end of 40 minutes, I realized I'd misjudged. I was surprised at how easily her tears came when she spoke about Spencer Tracy. She really loved him deeply. She loved her family and had a very soft spot for all of them. She was loyal and kind to her employees. Even more surprising, she was "as terrified as the next person" of life. But she did love it, and claimed not to fear death. After a bit more research, I decided to write this piece.

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn met on the lot of MGM. Joseph L. Mankiewicz arranged for the two stars to meet up prior to their starring roles in Woman of the Year (1942), which was being produced by Mankiewicz. Katherine showed up in high heels, which made her taller than the 5'9" Tracy. According to Katherine Hepburn, who was 5'7 1/2 inches, she expressed concern that she was taller than Spencer with the heels, and promised to wear flat shoes during filming. Mankiewicz famously said, "Don't worry. He'll cut you down to his size."

The 26 year Spencer / Tracy affair began shortly thereafter, and ended with Tracy's death in 1967 - only 17 days after principle filming wrapped on their final, and ninth, film together: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Spencer Tracy was very ill both before and during that film, and there was great concern over his ability to complete his role. (He did, but filming was more or less arranged around his good and bad days.)There is a scene there where the now old and dried up Tracy describes his love for his character wife, and you can see the tears in Kate's eyes are real. Katharine Hepburn could never summon the courage to watch that film. Now that is pain.

On Spencer Tracy's marriage and wife, Louise: according to Ms. Hepburn, the Tracy's had been separated for years prior to the Hepburn/Tracy affair. This is the cookie cutter excuse men feed their perspective mistresses, but that fact is well documented. Tracy had already had affairs with numerous leading ladies before Hepburn, including Loretta Young, Bette Davis, Myrna Loy, Ingrid Bergman and others. He'd also had an affairs with Grace Kelly and Gene Tierney AFTER meeting Kate, and while she was away filming.

On her role in the relationship: Katherine Hepburn has repeatedly admitted that she "sat at" Spencer Tracy's feet and subjugated herself to him. According to a passage in her autobiography entitled ME

"We did what he liked. We lived a life which he liked. I struggled to change all the qualities I felt he didn�t like. Some of them which I thought were my best I thought he found irksome. I removed them, squelched them as far as I was able...."

On other actors: Meryl Streep was Katharine's "least favorite actress on the modern screen." Katharine Hepburn holds the record with the most Academy Awards won, four, compared, as of 2017, to Meryl Streep's three.

On the Catholicism / No Divorce myth: Tracy did not stay married to Louise Treadwell Tracy because he was a Catholic and didn't want a divorce. (I always believed that, and thought him quite hypocritical). Spencer Tracy, according to Hepburn, stayed married because Louise was very involved in raising funds for deaf children (John Tracy, their son, was profoundly deaf) and supporting the clinic for deaf children founded by her. Ms. Hepburn explained the lack of a divorce: being Spencer's legal wife gave a great deal of clout to her fundraising efforts. Katharine Hepburn never cared if they married or not, as long as she and Spence were together.

Katharine Hepburn on Spencer Tracy and his alcoholism, which was legendary. He could go months without a drink and then, for a reason unknown to Hepburn, or anyone else, disappear. He would check into a hotel room and drink himself into oblivion, often when Katharine hunting him down and caring for him between bottles. "I don't think I ever knew him. I just tried to help." (A biographer later claimed he began drinking after seeing his father waste away from illness.)

Those who know anything about Katharine Hepburn, who wore pants long before it was stylish for women, is shocked on how much she loved Spencer Tracy.

On why she changed some things about herself (her decision, with no suggestion from Tracy) to more likely please him: "It gave me pleasure to ease his pain."

On June 10, 1967, at about 3am, Katharine Hepburn heard Spencer Tracy awaken and get out of bed in his Beverly Hills apartment. She followed him quietly to the kitchen, where he'd gone to make himself a cup of tea. Standing outside the kitchen door, she heard a crash and then a thud. The 67 year old legend Spencer Tracy, her longtime lover, had died instantly of a heart attack.

Hepburn knew she had to stay away from "Spence's" funeral, where reporters would be waiting. It was his family's time. So she arose early the morning of the funeral and, along with her devoted secretary and friend, Phyllis, drove to the mortuary. When the mortician came out, she asked if they could help load the coffin into the hearse. He alliwed it, and she and Phyllis helped load the precious cargo into the back of the hearse. Then Katherine Hepburn and Phyllis followed the hearse through the streets. Ms. Hepburn planned on quietly slipping into the back of the church, unnoticed. But the massive, waiting crowd was visible two blocks from the church, and it became obvious her plans of stealth would not work out. She tapped the brakes and watched the hearse pull away.
"Goodbye, friend. Here's where I leave you"

Spencer Tracy obviously loved Katharine Hepburn, but never told Katherine Hepburn he loved her. Yet she believed strongly that he did. Why else would he stick around, was her logic.

As I always say: love is not a word, it's an action.

No judgment, just unconditional love.

And finally, Katharine Hepburn's views on on life: "I've been as terrified as the next person. But you've got to keep going."

The Game of Life

Mark Goodson (1915 - 1992)

"Despite his enormous success, Mr. Goodson often expressed some regret about the field in which it had come. He told one interviewer in 1978: "one of the prices I pay is that the game-show business is essentially without status. I regret it and resent it. The first thing people ask is, why is somebody as literate and articulate as you in games? It's like saying, why is an engineer taking out the garbage?" -
Excerpt from Obituary of Mark Goodson: New York Times

If you are under the age of, let's say, 40, perhaps you are not familiar with the name Mark Goodson. But if you watch television, and pay any attention to the credits, you may be familiar with the name of Mark Goodson. He is the creative genius behind game shows such as Family Feud and the Price is Right, along with a slew of others. (A Goodson - Todman Production was the credit in the fifties. Bill Todman was a partner in the fifties through seventies.)

When Mark Goodson passed away on December 18, 1992, at the age of 77, he left an estate of $450,000,000.00. Yes, that's nearly half a billion dollars. And that was after Goodson, a noted philanthropist, had given much of his money away. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has a wing named after Goodson because of his $5,000,000.00 donation to that institution.

But, as you can see from the featured quote in his New York Times obituary, financial and career success didn't bring him complete happiness. Mark Goodson felt that the manner in which he amassed his enormous fortune - by creating game shows - was "without status". As he said, he regretted it and resented it.

Later in his life, after Mr. Goodson had lamented about his "status", he was rewarded richly with honors and accolades. In 1990, Goodson received the award that capped his 46-year career: the Emmy for Lifetime Achievement in Daytime Television. He'd also won the National Television Award of Great Britain, the Sylvania Award and three other Emmys. Source: Los Angeles Times

Some people will never be happy, no matter what hand life deals them. And it sounds like Mr. Goodson was one of them. May he rest in peace.

Mark Goodson: brief bio

Game Shows: Additional Links

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