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NIPPIES could stand for "not important person protesting injustice everywhere".
The meaning of the "s" at the end is obvious.

Conventional wisdom dictates that this should be called NIPPIES' "Mission Page". We at NIPPIES have never liked that phrase. So we have chosen to call this our preview page.

We at NIPPIES first became exposed to the power of "big business" many years ago. We were also exposed to the exploitation that may occur with the possession of such power.

At the time, we were employed in a middle-management position by a large department store chain. The sales people were paid an hourly wage which was not far above the minimum wage required by federal law. And even though the chain enjoyed profits which allowed it to expand and expand until they had over 40 stores in their ever-growing empire, the employees were called in yearly and given a token raise-if they were given any raise at all-of approximately five cents per hour. The usual explanation was that "Profits were down this year. Perhaps next year will be better." My boss even barked like a seal after one wage review, poking fun at the polite gratitude one employee expressed after being presented with her meager wage, as soon as the employee had left the office and closed the door.

A few years after the barking seal episode, I left the employment of this large department store chain shortly after I discovered that a recently hired "manager-trainee" was being paid the same salary as I. Six years of working 50-60 hours a week, and being paid for a 40 hour week, had gone unappreciated. I decided that being a full-time mother to my soon-to-be-born child was going to be my first and only priority. I have never regretted that decision.

Throughout the ensuing years, I have witnessed big business bloom and thrive. Employees's wages have, for the most part, not bloomed. Even though executives and CEOs are making five, six, and seven figure salaries, the backbone of the economy in our country - the laborer - is making less, and has less buying power, than his or her father had several decades ago.

There are many reasons for this: our politicians and our laws have not protected our country from the exploits of corporate greed, for one. The "health care industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry, has made the cost of providing healthcare for our families a monumental, if not an impossible, task. Minimum wage is a total disgrace. Taxes are out of control. There are many, many more reasons current dismal situation of common laborer which are far too complex to address on a single web page.

The saddest turn of events over the past couple of decades is the decline in the situation of the self-employed small businessman. How do you save enough money to start a little business of your own when wages are so very poor? If you do manage to start a small business, how are you going to pay for health insurance for your family AND cover the normal loss that nearly every new business experiences in the first few years? And if you DO manage to overcome all of those obstatcles, how on earth are you going to compete with the WAL-MARTS, the MICROSOFTS, and all the other corporate 800 pound gorillas of the business world?

Our own government, it seems, doesn't even have the manpower, or the budget, any longer to take on the corporate lawyers who protect the interests of the shareholders of even mid-sized companies.

NIPPIES doesn't think we can solve all these problems on our own. But by writing about the issues faced by the working class man, as well as entertaining readers with celebrity news, entertainment news, and articles covering a variety of other topics, we hope to make the world a little bit better place.

We hope you agree!

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