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December 8, 2023: 1938 Germany All Over Again?
We at Nippies ® know more than a little about the Holocaust, and the events that led up to it.
If you are paying attention to what's going on regarding the current treatment of Jews and Israel, you are getting very afraid.

Not even going into the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel on October 7 2023, which were horrific beyond description, look around you at what is going on in the United States of America, which has second highest population of Jews in the world (next to Israel).

Chanukah began yesterday (December 7). That date just happens to be the 81st anniversary of America's entry into WWII with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
All over the United States there is traditionally the lighting of menorahs publicly by mayors and other public figures. Yet this year, no doubt out of fear of retribution by Palestinian supporting domestic terrorists, there have been cancellations of this traditional event.

Case in point? Williamsburg, VA, where not only has the Hanukkah celebration been cancelled, but, according to Newsweek, "Jewish symbols have been removed from holiday light displays".

"A menorah lighting had been scheduled to take place at the 2nd Sundays Art and Music Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia, on December 10, but it has been cancelled. Shirley Vermillion, the festival's founder, told the Daily Press that the menorah lighting "seemed very inappropriate given the war."

And why is that? Inappropriate? Did Ms. Vermillion not study the events leading up to the Holocaust? That Germans turned on their Jewish neighbors? Turing away from them and turning them in? The same happened in the Netherlands, Poland, etc. Fear abounded.

So now here we are again, in America, turning away from our Jewish neighbors.
Indoctrinated college students and other ignorant people repeating the phrase:
"From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free"- without knowing which river (the Jordan) and which Sea(the Mediterranean) they are talking about. Just repeating the phrase, over and over, without knowing about the horrors of the Holocause, not knowing what really happened on October 7th, 2023, in Israel.

If you dare, read here to educate yourself with just one or two articles.
Start with this BBC article...then look up the many more.
Israel Gaza: Hamas raped and mutilated women on 7 October, BBC hears 5th December 2023, 12:15 EST

And in case this link goes dead, or is removed (which happens frequently these days when one is not a Leftist radical and tries to tell the truth), here is the actual URL. You can copy and paste.
And remember the name SHANI LOUK. Look her up. A beautiful, young carefree 23 year old tattooist from Germany who was in Israel and happened to be at the music festival on that fateful day.

Oh, and by the way, did someone try ot capitalize on ShaniLouk already? Her .com, ShankLouk.com, was registered on October 8, 2023 - before her body was even cold. - wherever it is. Only a DNA positive fragment of her skull was recovered.

December 7, 2023: Happy Chanukah / Hanukkah
What is Chanukah?
According to Chabad.org:
Hanukkah (Chanukah) is the Jewish eight-day, wintertime "festival of lights," celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods.
(The menorah pictured above was designed by this webmaster of Nippies ®.
The Hebrew word Chanukah means "dedication," and is thus named becaueit celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple. Also spelled Hanukkah, or a variation of that spelling, the Hebrew word is actually with a guttural, "kh" sound, Kha-nu-kah, not tcha-new-kah."

What is the difference between a 7 candle and 9 branch menorah?
The first menorah was a seven branch menorah, made of gold, and from The Temple. Each branch cup was filled, then lit, with olive oil.

The menorah represents:
  1. Light
  2. According to the Talmud, the Menorah is a symbol of enlightenment. The central branch represents the light of God, emanating light to the other six branches – a symbol of human knowledge. Light is often used in Judaism as a metaphor for wisdom and divine emanations.
  3. The Number 7
  4. The number seven is important in Judaism, and stands for "completion"
    God created the world in seven days, there are seven days in the week, Shiva (Jewish period of mourning) is seven days, and the Sabbath falls on the seventh day.
  5. Gold
  6. The element of gold represents perfection and stability. The original Menorah from the Temple was made of gold.

November 11, 2023:
CBS Article July 2, 2008: Barack Obama is a Traitor

Back in the day when CBS was less of a leftist-supporting netowrk, two writers tried to warn Americans about Barack Hussein Obama. But so many Americans were trying to prove something to themselves that they didn't honestly evaluate this man.
Rory Walkinshaw and Ka Leo O Hawaii wrote this opinion article about the man of whom we knew so little. We should have listened.
Barack Obama is a Traitor

October 8, 2023: The Arrogance of Obama on Iran Paymets - VIdeo
Look at the arrogant smirk on then President Barack Hessein Obama's face in this video.
He's explaining to dumb Americans about his secret, middle of the night payment of $400 million to Iran - there was nothing "nefarious" about the sneaky transfer because he had mentioned it at some point earlier. The video was published on September 6, 2016. The money had been sent on Jaunary 17, 2016 - eight months earlier.
Oh, how arrogant one can be at the end of one's second term.
Watch the Arrogant, Smirking Obama Explain Payment to Iran for Hostages

October 8, 2023: President Trump Was Right Again about Obama / Iran
Read the following articles where President Trump strongly condemned Barack Obama's transferring billions to "Death to America" Iran.
Not only did Obama transfer BILLION$ in non traceable, non-USA currency (gold, Swiss francs, etc) to Iran in 2016, right before his final term ended, he did it stealthily in the middle of the night - on pallets.
According to the article, published on Jan. 11, 2020 by The Hill (which does not support Trump), President Trump also condemned the Obama 2013 Iran nuclear deal whereby Iran got $150 billion.

Before Obama sent the big payload, he gave them $400 billion - "secretly", according to a CNN August 2016 opinion article.

August 4, 2016 CNN Article: Obama SECRETLY Gave $400 Billion to Iran
Then we had Biden just a few weeks ago giving "Death to America" Iran billion$ for American hostages, giving them leverage and confidence to take more hostages.
Who advised Biden to to this? Smells Obama-like.

And here we are, with an Iran backed attacked by Hamas.
Arm yourselves, my fellow Americans. while you still can. We have millions of unvetted illegals in this country. If you don't think many of them are terrorists, you are being naive.

Do your research on this Billion$ to Death To America Iran. There is plenty of information out there. But this article from The Hill is a good summation.
President Trump Was Right: Obama SHOULD Apologize about $ to Death to America Iran

September 30, 2023: Is Barack Obama a Pathological Liar?
Many Americans, including we at Nippies ®, who voted for him in 2012, believe it's really Barack Obama running the United States of America from the shadows of his Kalorama, Washington D.C. mansion. At any rate, it's very apparent that Joe Biden is not capable of making the complicated decidions necessary to run a super power: his physical and mental decline is played out daily in front of the world.

Which begs the question: who is really running the Biden White House if not Biden?
Barack Hussein decided to remain in D.C. after leaving the White House, citing his daughter, Sasha, as his excuse. He said, at the time, he and Michelle bought a mansion in D.C. so Sasha could finish school at the nearby Sidwell Friends School. The upper school is located on Wisconsin Avenue, in D.C.

Sasha's schooling in the D.C. area ended years ago - in 2019 when she graduated from Sidwell.
In May, 2023 Natasha (her real name) finished college atUSC (University of Southern California). Yet Barack and Michelle still maintain their Kalorama, D.C. mansion, along with mansions in Massachusetts (Martha's Vineyard), Chicago (Kenwood, IL) and a mansion under construction in Hawaii on Oahu.

SO....Why is Barack Obama still in Washington D.C.?
it would be relatively easy for former President Obama to communicate with anyone in the Biden administraton without electronic and/or paper or other traces. His Kalorama mansion is just a short drive away from the WH and Capitol buildings. (The only other POTUS to stay in D.C. after leaving the WH was Woodrow Wilson, who had suffered a massive stroke while in office and died in 1924, three years after leaving office).

IF Barack Obama is, indeed, a "pathological liar", and the case is made for this statement in a June 20 2012 Investors.com (Investor's Business Daily) editorial, it would go a long way in explaining how the United States has been "fundamentally transformed", as appeared to be the dream of BHO.

By the way, we at NIPPIES ¬ voted for Obama in 2012, but we didn't vote for him in 2020. And we don't want him running our country.
Business Inside aticle:Is President Obama a Pathological Liar

September 23, 2023: Donald Trump Calls Howard Stern a Broken Weiro!
Donald J. Trump and Howard Stern were once friends. There are photos of Howard and Beth and Melania and Donald trump out socially. Then Donald J. Trump became President Trump, and Howard the Shock Jock went WoKE.
This past Saturday, DJT struck back at Stern by calling him a "broken weirdo" who "went woke" on his Truth Social. We at Nippies ® think he hit the nail on the dark, curly haired head.
View the story: Broken Weirdo Howard Stern

September 11, 2023: 9/11 - Biden First American President to SKIP Ground Zero Ceremony
Former NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani and Ron DeSantis Were THERE today.
True American Rudi Giuliani at 9/11 Ceremony

American President Joseph Biden is the first President of the United States of America to skip the 9/11 Ceremony at Ground Zero.
Kamala Harris was sent to NYC for the Ground Zero Ceremony.
Kamala was shown (New York Post link at bottom) between Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul. Former Mayor Bloomberg was nearby. We at Nippies ® pray she can keep from laughing, cackling inappropriately, as she often does.
Biden will be in Alaska - hiding? After all, he did stumble and mumble during a press conference in Vietnam, necessitation handler Karine Jean-Pierre to cut stop the conference mid-Biden sentence. BOOM.

Look for a major announcement any day now, my fellow Americans, that Joe Biden took a stroke or is in some way unable to continues his appearances and duties.

The real worry is WHO WILL TAKE HIS PLACE?


September 8, 2023: Trump was right, and William Barr is a SWAMP CREATURE.

Three years ago, President Trump's Attorney General was William P. Barr.
Barr. who has been involved in government and / or and political since age 20, was, in the opinion of we at Nippies ® grandstanding for the rest of the D.C. Swamp when he publicly announced he would investigate neither Obama nor Biden for their part in the Russian Hoax.
"As long as I'm Attorney General, the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan political ends."

Mar 18, 2020 / NBCNews.com Headline
Barr says it's unlikely Justice Department will investigate Obama or Biden
Swamp Creature William Barr Plays Noble

We at Nippies ® were not fooled by Bill Barr's faux noble attitude, and round glasses. He's a Swamp Creature through and through.
To we at Nippies ®, Barr participated in passive election interference.
Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden should have been the subject of a DOJ ordered criminal investigation, with testimony taken under oath.

Had AG Barr dug a little, he may have exposed the Steele dossier to be the fake it was, the Biden family corruption would have been brought to light before the 2020 election,, and perhaps Obama could have been implicated, as well.

Oh, what hypocrisy there is on the part of NBC, and even Bill Barr.
NBC daily participates in the interference of the 2024 election by cheering on the persecution of Donald J. Trump.

For a presumably fat fee, Barr was later willing to throw President Trump under the bus, and arguably interfere in he 2020 Election, when he wrote a book which was unflattering to President Trump.
One Damn Thing After Another.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, on her Fox News platform, also ripped into Barr as a creature of the Deep State for failing to acknowledge a widespread problem with the election count. accpording to a Washington times opinion column (Dec. 7, 2020 / Cheryl K. Chumley).
"Judge Jeanine Pirro used her latest Fox News televised platform to rip into Attorney General William Barr and label him a creature of the deep state for his failures to investigate the election count — or, at the very least, for failing to acknowledge a widespread problem with the election count."

Too bad Merrick Garland didn't know how to fake nobility as well as Barr.
Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice) under Joe Biden has done nothing BUT weaponize the DOJ against former President Trump. Many would brand Garland's decisions as election interference.

Isn't it too bad that Republicans didn't do the same when they had the chance in Election Year 2020?

August 20, 2023:
Three years ago today: Politico mocks President Trump for CA Wildfire Advice

Politico, a left-leaning political publication, published an article on August 20, 2020 with the headline
Trump blames California for wildfires, tells state 'you gotta clean your floors'
Politico went on to more or less mock President Trump for his advice to clean the forest floors.
According to Policico, President Donald J. Trump said, at a Pennsylvania rally:
"I see again the forest fires are starting," he said. "They're starting again in California. I said, you gotta clean your floors, you gotta clean your forests - there are many years of leaves and broken trees and they're like, like, so flammable, you touch them and it goes up."
Policito Article on Trump and CA Wildfire Advice

--->Fast forward to June 22, 2021
The Political Insider publishes and article with the headline:
CA To Spend Billions Clearing Forest Floors To Combat Wildfires After Media Mocked Trump For Suggesting It
Part of the article in The Political Insider stated:
"Bloomberg News report indicates $500 million will be spent this fiscal year in trying to clear the forest floors in California, with Governor Gavin Newsom looking to request $2 billion more from the state legislature to accelerate the effort."
The Political Insider / June 22, 2021

President Donald J. Trump was right about so many things, but the national liberal media goes right along with the witch hunt, if you will, while ignoring the Biden Crime Family antics.

August 16, 2023: Susan Rice / Obama / Biden
In May of 2023, Susan Rice left her duties at the White House.
When Rice's duties ended during the Obama administration, whe was worth only about a quarter of what she was worth in her 2021 disclosure agreement: up to $149 million, according to her 2021 disclosure agreement.
ABCNews.com article dated March 21, 2021
Susan Rice Wealth Grew Tremendously After Obama Term
We at Nippies ® saw no explanation, did you, dear readers?
New York Post Article About Corruption and Susan Rice

August 14, 2023: Newsmax - Doctors Sue FDA Over Ivermectin Restrictions During COVID
From Newsmax.com
"A group of doctors is suing the Food and Drug Administration for what it claims are unlawful restrictions and advice on the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19. On Thursday, Drs. Mary Talley Bowden, Paul E. Marik, and Robert L. Apter filed a lawsuit against Xavier Becerra, secretary of Health and Human Services, and Robert M. Califf, the commissioner of food and drugs, at the FDA.
'I have kept over 3,900 patients out of the hospital," Bowden said on a conference call with reporters. "But it hasn't been easy. Sadly, fighting the system has been a much bigger challenge than fighting the disease.'
Read the Newsmax.com article:
Docs Sue FDA To Use Ivermectin

Dr. Pierre Kory Pleads For Studies On "Miraculous" Ivermectin
Dr. Pierre Kory, on December 8, 2020, testified about the effectiveness of Ivermectin before Senator Ron Johnson and the U.S. Congress. Dr. Kory emotionally testified about how he watched people die needlessly in ICUs because they were denied the life-saving drug, Ivermectin. Dr. Kory had been working in ICUs and watched hundreds die of pulmonary failure, a tragedy he felt could have been prevented had these patients been treated with Ivermectin early on in the disease.

The FDA refused to allow patients with COVID-19 be treated with Ivermectin. The drug had been successfully been used for many years on both humans and animals as killer of parasites.
Before we at Nippies ® go on, you need to know a background on Dr. Pierre Kory and his credentials.
From DrPierreKory.com:

About Dr. Pierre Kory M.P.A. M.D.
Pulmonary and Crhtical Care Specialist, Master Educator, Clinical Researcher, Founding member of the Front-Line COVID-10 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and co-author of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, Master Educator, Clinical Researcher. Founding member of the Front-Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance ( FLCCC) and co-author of the I-MASK+, MATH+, and I-RECOVER treatment protocols. Dr. Kory is Board Certified in Internal Medicine,Pulmonary Diseases, and Critical Care Medicine, he was previously an Associate Professor and Chief of Critical Care Service, and Medical Director of Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Kory's testimony was extremely convincing and moving: Ivermectin could save lives if used properly and at early onset of infection.
Dr. Pierre Kory Pleads For Studies on Ivermectin to Save COVID-19 Victims Lives
SKIP TO MINUTE 28:00 for Dr. Pierre Kory's testimony before Congress.

August 8, 2023: The DOJ Denying President Trump His 1st Amendment Rights?
Pelieve it or not, Judge Tanya Chutkan Silences President Trump by complying with the DOJ "protective order" (some see it as a gag order) to keep Donald Trump from sharing information with his Truth social media audience.
This is now getting frightening, my fellow Americans.
The Trump defense team was giving only over the weekend to respond to Obama-appointed, far Left-leaning Judge Chutkan, who was born in Jamaica.
Trump Team Requests 3-Day Extension

August 4, 2023: Obama - Defending Islamic Terrorism and Scolding Christians on "High Horses"
Barack Hussein Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 2015, less than a month after 17 people died at the hands of Islamic terrorists in or near Paris. The world reacted to these horrific deaths in the cause of Islam with astonished horror. The natural outcry about Islamic extremism followed.
Yet, less than a month later, Barack Obama took it upon himself, at the National Prayer Breakfast, to criticize Christians who had reacted in horror to those who killed in the name of Allah instead of simply damning the senseless acts of murder by Muslims.
Obama scolds Christians who react to 17 murders by Islamic terrorists.
The Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris - January 7, 2015
At approximately 11:30am, two men, French born brothers of the Islamic faith named Cherif and Said Kouachi, pulled up to 10 Nicolas-Appert in Paris. The building was the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine which had, sometime prior, published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed.

Corinne Rey, one of Charlie Hebdo's cartoonists, had just returned to the offices after picking up her daughter at day care when she encountered the men. The men forced her to open the secured door, and, upon entry, shot dead a caretaker named Frederic Boisseau before rushing up to the the second floor where an editorial meeting was taking place. The Islamic extremists then stormed the editorial offices on the second floor where the men stormed into an editorial meeting.

After storming into the second floor meeting room, the murderers shot and killed a body guard assigned to protect CH editor. Franck Brinsolo was a French police officer. He was killed before he could get off a shot. The men in black then shouted out several names and demanded those present identify themselves: Editor Stephane "Charb" Charbonnier and four cartoonists: Jean "Cabu" Cabut, Georges "Wolin" Wolinski, Bernard "Tignous" Verlhac and Philippe "Honore" Honore were immediately slaughtered.
Four other people at the meeting were also shot and killed.

Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine, and had, some time before, published a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed and the mission of the two Islamic terrorists was later explained by the The men were on a mission: they asked They were armed with Kalishnakov assault weapons and immediately began shooting Islamic terrorists (two French-born brothers named Cherif and Said Kouachi) entered editorial offices of the satirical newspaper. Charlie Hebdo, and slaughtered 11 staff members, including cartoonists. Many others were injured. The two Muslim brothers, according to surviving witnesses, claimed the attack on behalf of AQAP.

AQAP is Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
From the BBC article published January 14, 2015:
"Witnesses said they had heard the gunmen shouting "We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad" and "God is Great" in Arabic while calling out the names of the journalists."

The international outcry against this heinous act of terrorism by Christians and non-Christians alike was deafening.
The killing by extreme Muslims didn't stop at the Charlie Hebdo offices. Read the Timeline of Charlie Hebdo related murders.
Charlie Hebdo Timeline: 17 Deaths by Islamic Terrorists in 3 days

July 23, 2023: Obama WOKE While America Slept
October 2011: Obama White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive
"Before the Boston Marathon bombings, the Obama Administration argued for years that there is a big difference between terrorists and the tenets of Islam. A senior White House aide in 2009 publicly urged Washington to cease using the term "jihadist" - asserting that terrorists are simply extremists.
Two years later, the White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive."
Now, some analysts are asking whether the 2009 edict and others that followed have dampened law enforcement’s appetite to thoroughly investigate terrorism suspects for fear of offending higher-ups or the American Muslim lobby."
Source: Washinigton Times, April 25, 2013
Obama's Scrub of Muslim Terms Under Question; common links in attacks

Other articles about Woke Obama and his protection of Islam:
In 2011, Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) expressed concern about radical Islamic jihadists (e.g. Hezbollah) illegally entering our Southern Border via Mexico.
She wrote to Obama wingman Eric Holder and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The letter expressed her concern about removing references to Islam from the counterterrorism training manuel lexicon, as dictated by Barack Hussin Obama, then U.S. President.
Rep. Myrick wrote that the "political nature of these reviews might inadvertently weaken our law enforcement and military counter-terrorism training programs by censoring certain language that is used to objectively identify censoring certain language that is used to objectively identify the assymetrical threats that are present in todays world."
Source: Wired: Obama Orders Government to Clean Up Terror Training

Can you imagine how many terrorists may have entered the U.S. in the past 2.5 years since OBiden's open border policy took effect?
Some recent estimates place the number of at leasat 200,000 illegals PER MONTH are crossing our southern border.

Obama: 7 Years, 7 Major Islamic Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil
Investors.com on U.S. Security and Obama's record: History will not be kind regarding Barack Hussein Obama's effectiveness fighting terrorism. In May 2009, the 44th POTUS, and the first biracial, or black, depending on opinion, claimed that "My single most important responsibility as President is the keep the American people safe."
The next month he traveled to Cairo and apologized for our War on Terrorism.
Next, he released as many terrorists as he could from Guantanemo. Unbelievably, he soon after ordered the FBI and Homeland Security to remove "jihadist" and other Islamic references from counerterrorism training manuels and ordered fired all U.S. anti-terrorist trainers who linked the religion of Islam to terror.
Source: Investors.com: 2015 article tracks Ialsmic related attacks on U.S. soil from 2008 - 2015 July 12, 2023: Is Chris Christie: A Disgruntled Ex Employee?
Like human feces in San Francisco, the former NJ Governor is everywhere these days!

Before I get into the final preparation for our indoor / outdoor gathering this evening, I looked up the news. Surprise! Surprise! Chris Christie is trashing President Trump in the New York Post, on CNN, and anywhere else where they will have him.
The other night at the gym, there he was on CNN and Fox News simultaneously. I had to look away. I used to like this man before I knew what he's about: not the welfare of America, or even his own state of NJ, but the promotion of Chris Christie.

Chris Christie continues to attack Donald J. Trump. He's very low in the polls, and I believe he knows he cannot win. The former governor of New Jersey apparently has one purpose for running: he wants to get revenge on Donald Trump for firing him.

In a recent article appearing on NBCNews.com, Christie uses his faith as an excuse to belittle his former boss, not unlike Mike Pence, and says this:

"You can boo all you want," Christie said as the jeers grew louder. "But here's the thing, our faith teaches us that people have to take responsibility for what they do," Christie added, this time as audible clapping began to clash with the boos. "People have to stand up and take accountability for what they do."

Accountability for July 3/4, 2017 Beach Privilege?
That's rich for a man who closed NJ beaches to all the public, but brought his family to stay in a luxurious state owned house on the beach.
"That's the way it goes," Christie flippantly responded why he enjoyed the beach others had been denied on the July 4, 2017 weekend.
"Run for governor and you can have the residence." he told reporters when caught by a filming helicopter.
NJ Gov Privilege: Chris Christie Beaches Himself

July 1, 2023

Nippies ® Celebrates Today

Our family and Circle of Trust celebrates the Fourth of July, which is the Birthday of the USA, today and also on the 4th of July. Today is the big PARTY gathering.
Why today? Because tomorrow there is NO WORK for key members of our Circle of Trust. The 5th of July is a work day for most of us, and not a good day to party until midnight and beyond.

Much of the work has already been completed. Nippies.com ® starts early with the cooking, cleaning. Mr. Nippies ® takes care of the outside of our home, and I, Mrs. Nippies ®, take care of the rest.

Christ Christie: Disgruntled Ex Employee
Before I get into the final preparation for our indoor / outdoor gathering this evening, I looked up the news. Surprise! Surprise! Chris Christie is trashing President Trump in the New York Post, on CNN, and anywhere else where they will have him.
The other night at the gym, there he was on CNN and Fox News simultaneously. I had to look away. I used to like this man before I knew what he's about: not the welfare of America, or even his own state of NJ, but the promotion of Chris Christie.

Chris Christie continues to attack Donald J. Trump. He's very low in the polls, and I believe he knows he cannot win. The former governor of New Jersey apparently has one purpose for running: he wants to get revenge on Donald Trump for firing him.

In a recent article appearing on NBCNews.com, Christie uses his faith as an excuse to belittle his former boss, not unlike Mike Pence, and says this:

"You can boo all you want," Christie said as the jeers grew louder. "But here's the thing, our faith teaches us that people have to take responsibility for what they do," Christie added, this time as audible clapping began to clash with the boos. "People have to stand up and take accountability for what they do."

Accountability for July 3/4, 2017 Beach Privilege?
That's rich for a man who closed NJ beaches to all the public, but brought his family to stay in a luxurious state owned house on the beach.
"That's the way it goes," Christie flippantly responded why he enjoyed the beach others had been denied on the July 4, 2017 weekend.
"Run for governor and you can have the residence." he told reporters when caught by a filming helicopter.
NJ Gov Privilege: Chris Christie Beaches Himself

June 19, 2023
Old Sayings and Words You Rarely Hear These Days - But Should

We at Nippies ® had the rare privilege of having come from a family where people had children later in life.
For instance, my paternal grandfather was 75 when I was born, and my father was 40 when he had me. So I heard firsthand stories, and sayings which went back to the mid 19th century.
Occassionally I hear one of these sayings, and it reminds me of when I used to hear it often, and now rarely do. This most often happens while watching an old movie.
Today I'll share a few of those bits of wisdom.

Looks Like Something The Cat Drug In

June 19, 2023 -Crazy Leftist News
New York State Department of Education: Children Can Now Transition in Secret - From PARENTS

So there you go, my fellow Americans. Parents in New York State now won't necessarily know if their children are transitioning.
Scared yet? We at Nippies ® are very concerned.
Yes, Barack Hussein Obama certainly meant what he said when he said he fundamentally wanted to TRANSFORM America.

June 2, 2023
Biden Falls The Third Time?
This time Joe Biden appeared to go down without cause, and flat on his face. He was helped up by several men, assumably at least two Secret Service men. After he got back up, Biden turned and pointed at a black sand bag. He was then able to walk to his seat. Joe Biden appeared to be minimally injured, if at all.

Are the Las Vegas oddsmakers taking bets on the next major fall?
We at Nippies.com bet they are.
Stay tuned.

I wonder if the Las Vegas odds makers are taking bets on Joe Biden's next debaucle?

May 14, 2023
It Appears the FBI is Protecting the Bidens
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) told Marie Bartiromo today, Sunday, May 14, that nine out of the ten people identified by he and the Committee as having very good knowledge of the Bidens are either "in court", "in jail" or "missing".
And as if that is not frightening enough, the FBI (Christopher Wray Director) refuses to hand over the Form 1023 requested by Comer and Congress which they have been told by a whistle blower will likely prove the Biden corruption.
The FBI Just Says No
The Form 1023 from the FBI would answer the question "What did you do to investigate this allegation?", according to Comer. Apparently the FBI doesn't want to tell what they did or didn't do.
A "very credible" whistle blower informed the HOCommittee that he knew of a document and an informer with information which could possible incriminate the Bidens, but it appears that the FBI is stonewalling the investigation.
This information from Nippies.com ® is based on a Washington Examiner article which appeared today, May 14, 2023.
James Comer accuses White House of intimidation regarding Biden family business dealings

April 24, 2023
Ashli Babbitt - Thank You For Your Service
Mrs. Babbitt was the only person killed (shot by a Capitol cop) on January 6th, 2021.
She was unarmed.

Was the killing of Ashli Babbitt justified in the eyes of most Americans? That was a topic that many wanted to talk about on Parler.com, the free speech platform which was shut down by Apple, Amazon and Google the day after it broke records with 1,000,000 downloads per hour and only 3 days after the Capitol protests.

Mrs. Babbitt was 35 and had served her country for 14 years in the U.S. Air Force, having been deployed eight times by 201. Babbitt was a patriot, and her eight deployments by 2014 included tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar.
Six of her years of service included guarding the Capital as a member of the District of Columbia Air National Guard.

Just three days before Parler.com was shut down, U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was unarmed and happened to be white, was shot and killed by a black Capital police (USCP) officer named Lt. Michael Byrd, who happened to be black. Michael byrd shot Ms. Babbitt, who allegedly had voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Byrd was cleared of any charges of wrongdoing by the Capitol Police and the U.S. Justice Department.

April 23, 2023
Remember when Apple, Amazon and Google STOPPED Conservatives Gathering on Parler.com?
Well, Parler.com is GONE for GOOD now

Remember January 8, 2021 when about 1 MILLION Conservatives per hour were downloading Parler.com? DJT supporters wanted and needed a place to gather. Parler.com promised to be their new Conservative, free-speech home. Many had been booted off the other mainstream and liberal / leftist Obama / Biden supporting social media platforms for, ahem, "misinformation". One was not allowed to doubt that Joe Biden had not received 81,000,000 votes - the most in the history of the United States and about 6 million more than the extremely popular and beloved incumbent President Trump.
Didn't matter that Biden could barely fill a high school gym on some rallies. HE WON!! And you were NOT allowed to question that.

Parler.com got back online after quite some time, but it was too late. Parler.com never again regained the extraordinary popularity it enjoyed before Apple, Amazon and Google put the end to the Free Speech platform called Parler.com.
New York Post: Apple, Amazon Join Google in Suspending Parler

April 17, 2023
Gold Buying Frenzy?
The price of gold surged to $2015.50 today, according to Kitco.com and accurate as of this writing on NIPPIES ®.
The Biden administration's inept handling of so many issues has caused a bit of a panic amongst Americans. Many are purchasing physical gold because they fear the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Let's hope that is an unfounded fear.

April 6, 2023
God Bless (and help) President Trump
Last week we woke up to the news that President Donald J. Trump was going to be indicted in New York by Alvin Bragg.
Barack Hussein Obama has been waiting for this day, in the opinion of Nippies ®.
Why do we say that? Remember how Obama got even with Donald Trump by humiliating him at the White House Correspondents Dinner? We do. It was a disgrace.
When did this happen? Look it up.
Why did it happen? Because Donald J. Trump dared to question the birth record of the self-proclaimed Lion King from Kenya.
Then, in 2016, Donald J. Trump dared to defeat Hillary Clinton. Yes, the Outsider from Manhattan beat Obama and his endorsed successor at their own game. Thus began 8 years of persecution by the Democrats and a Witch Hunt aimed directly at President Trump and his associates, friends and family.
Many of them landed in prison or broke from paying lawyers. Again, do your research.
We at Nippies.com ® know you either know all this - or DON'T WANT TO KNOW or PRETEND NOT TO KNOW.
Amen. And God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

March 13, 2023
Academy Awards: Brendan Fraser WON, and Nippies ® is HAPPY!

We at Nippies.com ® haven't tuned into the Oscars, as we call it in our home whenever we refer to that boring show, in years. And we haven't cared about who won for Best Actor since 1977, when we were rooting for Richard Dreyfuss in The Goodbye Girl. He won, and we were happy.
Haven't cared, that is, until we found out Brendan Fraser was nominated for his role in The Whale. And now we at Nippies® care once again.
Congratulations, Brendan Fraser. You deserved that win. You've paid your dues, and you gave an outstanding performance.

March 12, 2023
DeSantis Lost Weight: He's Running in 2024, Nippies ® Predicts
We're sticking our neck out here, but we at Nippies ® just watched Ron DeSantis speaking in Iowa. He's obviously been on diet - he've looking slim. DeSantis is a yo-yo dieter, and he's on the downside now. That can only mean one thing to Nippies.com ® - HE'S RUNNING for PRESIDENT 2024.
I'll bet Las Vegas takes bets on everything, and no doubt the odds that DeSantis is running just changed as we see the Thin Ron.

March 7, 2023
Those Were The Days, My Friend
If you are age sixty or older, you certainly remember the 1968 #1 hit song entitled Those Were The Days, sung by 18 year old Welsh singer, Mary Hopkin and recorded at Apple Road Studio in London. While the song is familiar to most, you likely are not familiar with the origins of the song, who produced it, and other very interesting tidbits we at Nippies ® discovered.

First of all, Mary Hopkin was freshly turned 18 when song hit #! on the UK Singles Chart, and #2 on US Billboard Hot 100 shortly after it was released in August 1968. She was among the first artists signed to the Beatles' Apple label. The song Those Were The Days was produced by Paul McCartney, but he didn't compose the music nor did he write the lyrics.

Those Were The Days was written in 1924 by a Russian composer named Boris Ivanovich Fomin. Fomin was born in Saint Petersburg and lived from 1900 to 1948. He wrote Russian romance songs, of which TWTD was one.
The lyrics were written by Eugene Raskin / Gene Raskin, an American born in Bronx, NY in 1909 and who died in 2005. Raskin was a graduate of Columbia University, and later became an adjunct professor of architecture there.

If you've never heard the original Apple / Mary Hopkin version of Those Were The Days, we at Nippies ® strongly recommend you find it and listen and watch, if possible. Yes, it can be found on YouTube.

February 6, 2023M
Illegals News
Migrants abandon NYC for Canada with taxpayer-funded bus tickets
- New York Post
According to today's New York Post / NYPost.com online headline and story, "Disgruntled migrants fed up with the Big Apple's crime and grime are taking off...on bus rides paid for by New York taxpayers." Their destination is Canada, where, according to the NYPost article, "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has touted the country's 'proud and longstanding tradition of welcoming people seeking safety."

The article said when migrants / illegals enter Canada through the border, Mounties are waiting for them.
"You have entered into Canada. You are under arrest," a Mountie said.
Migants must remove everything from their pockets and put their effects into bags, being allowed to keep only money. They are then escorted to a shed for processing.

February 5, 2023
Nippies ® Is In Our New Home
Nippies followers who know about running a website know that you need a web hosting company to have an online presence. Our webhosting company recently sold out to another, and the big switch was on. If you noticed we had our "Merry Christmas" greeting up an unseasonably long time, we will explain now. We could not access our website to update for a few weeks.

Finally, we at Nippies ® figured out teh intricacies of the new webhosting company, and we're back. We hope you missed us.

January 16, 2023
DOPESICK - Watch and Learn...and Wonder
If you know anyone who became addicted to opioids via Oxycontin, you will want to watch this 8 part original series from HULU.
DOPESICK features a stellar cast, which includes Michael Keaton (who is also an executive producer, Peter Sarsgaard, and Rosario Dawson.

So many people are quick to judge those who become addicted to opioids, but this story tells the story of HOW and WHY addiction likely happened to so many young Americans. How many young Americans have died from overdoses? Up to 150,000 per year, according to some sources. Numbers reported vary greatly, but one thing is certain: OD is the #1 cause of death in Americans between ages 18 o 45.

Many of these young Americans started out on doctor prescribed pain medication, often Oxycontin from Purdue Pharma. Many, if not most, prescriptions came from so called "pain management clinics". Pain clinics were run by doctors who rarely saw their patients, but who made many hundreds of thousands from the misery of their patients.
Because these young people could no longer get prescribed opioids when the U.S. government finally started to crack down, they turned to the streets. Heroin was cheap and the drug of choice for many years, but now it's Fentanyl, imported from China into Mexico, then brought across the Biden OK's open borders by Mexican cartels, and sold on the streets of the United States by drug dealers to the addicted Americans- mostly white Americans.

Before you call anyone a druggie, junkie, or any other derogatory, watch DOPESICK.

January 10, 2022
Mike Pence: Swamp Creature Hawking His Book
Mike Pence - ever hear of him before President Trump plucked him from relative obscurity and made him his VP?
We at Nippies ® never did, nor did most Americans.
Now, Mike Pence is hawking his book, So Help Me God, everywhere.
We heard him on Hugh Hewitt just now (Tuesday, January 10, 2023), and last week on Hannity.
Pence is a swamp dweller, for certain. He knows how to survive and sit on the fence AND throw President Trump under the bus just enough to please other swamp dwellers, and make a million or $o on book sales.
Listen to an interview to see what we at Nippies.com ® means.
In the meantime, read this Wayne Dupree article....

January 6, 2023
Daily Mail, UK: Covid Cases DOUBLED in December 2022
The Daily Mail (dailymail.co.uk) is Britains third most popular newspaper, with a daily ciculation of over 900,000 (according to wikipedia.org).
The headline of today, January 6, 2023, states that COVID cases doubled in December, with one in 20 people having COVID. It's likely that that number increased after the Christmas and holiday gatherings. We at NIPPIES ® are not physicians, and have no advice about how not to get COVID, as we've had it in our household after Mr. Nippies and I attended a family gathering on July 2nd.
Wash your hands, sleep and eat right, and do what you think is best regarding wearing a maskk - whatever suits you. What we can't understand is why Biden is allowing the international visitors to fly into our airports without a COVID test. Worse, far worse, is the wide opened U.S. Southern BORDER, which allows not only COVID carriers to enter our country, but those carrying other diseases and FENTENY and other killer drugs, as well.

Jesus Help us / US.

DAILY MAIL UK, January 6, 2023.
"Cases are estimated to have doubled during December, just as the XBB.1.5 'Kraken' variant began to sweep Britain. Analysts say almost three million people had the virus in the festive week, mirroring levels seen during the summer when experts wanted the return of pandemic-era restrictions like masks.
Experts fear the strain, thought to be the most transmissible yet, will accelerate the UK's winter wave and put the ailing NHS under even more pressure in the weeks ahead."

December 28, 2022
World Media Treats Netanyahu Much Like Trump: Unfairly
Last night, Mr. Nippies was reading off the news. One report claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't want gay people, members of the LBGQT community, treated by doctors. But like President Donald J Trump, that was a totally inaccurate statement.
Here is a more accurate report from the Guardian...but your must READ the article, not the HEADLINE, for the TRUTH
Orit Strook / Netanyahu and LBGQT

December 16, 202
Seth Rich Murder 2016: FBI Won't Release 400,000 Papers - Why?
Finally, a major media outlet mentions Seth Rich, and his unsolved murder. The young man was a big Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter, and he worked at the DNC Headquarters in Washington, D.C.. Seth was shot in the back twice while walking home in the wee hours Nothing was taken, it wasn't a robbery.
It was July 10,, 2016 at 4:20 am. The case has never been solved, nor even mentioned that we at Nippies.com have heard since Fox News had private investigator Rod Wheeler on to talk about what he found out about Seth Rich's death. . A very enthusiastic Wheeler appeared to hint at foul play.
A few days later, a very frightened looking Wheeler went back on Fox to recant much of what he initially said..

On more than one occasion, we at Nippies have expressed concern over the CRICKETS on this case. After all, Rich was murdered around the time of the 33,000 missing Hillary Clinton emails. Hmmm. But now we are excited to hear Seth Rich's murder mentioned on national radio - The Dennis Prager Show via guest host Carl Jackson.

If, dear reader, you don't know much, or anything about Seth Rich, that's no surprise. This senseless murder has been largely ignored by the major media. So do your own research. But we at Nippies ® suggest skipping WIKI, or at least taking what you read at the left-leaning site with a grain of salt. Like most of WIKI entries, if you go against the Left, Democrats, etc., their offering is frought with accusations of CONSPIRACY THEORY or THEORISTS.

December 13, 2022
The USA Continues To Nose Dive Under the Obiden Administration
Inflation 5x what it was under President Donald J. Trump.
8% for 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
ILLEGALS Continue to Invade the United States - Millions Per Year
41 Year High for Inflation
Biden Can't Find His Way Off a Stage - Scary
Senior Citizens Losing Homes to Inflation, High Property Taxes to Pay for ILLEGALS in School District.
And on and on.....

November 12, 2022: Dems Snatch 50 Senate Seats - America is EFFED
If you're smart, and have done your research, you know what that headline means.
If you are not and haven't, you'll never understand.
We at Nippies ® have this to say: everyone who voted STRAIGhT BlUE should be FORCED to take in an MS-13 gang member, or a vicious drug dealer, watch a loved one struggle with Fentanyl addiction, hold a 9 month old unwanted baby in their arms before watching it get dissected, and more due to Democrat policies.
Lord, FORGIVE THEM, for they know not what they do.

And NO, they are not "migrants", they are ILLEGALS who are coming into the United States ILLEGALLY while those from Europe wait in line for YEARS.

November 10, 2022: Beto O'Rourke and Stacy Abrams MOCKED for Wasting Democrats' Money
Col. Allen West was on The Brian Kilmeade Show (radio) today. He and Brian discussed the fact that, despite approximately $200 million spent by Democrats to push Beto O'Rourke (Texas) and Stacy Abrams (Georgia) - both LOST ANYwAY. These political races were not the first ones lost by these two....O'Rourke is on this third round of losses.

The amounts spent may not match exactly, but the sentiment does. Here's an article from the New York Post on the $ and losses.
$200 Million: Beto and Stacy Abrams
Mail-in ballots didn't save these two.

Potters Field Origin
The term "potters field" is synonamous with poverty and death. Nearly 1 million poor souls are buried in mass graves in New York City's Potters Field / Hart Island. But the term potters field is applied to other places in other cities / states where the poor and forotten are laid to rest.
The origin, therefore, of the term "potters field" is of interest to many, including we at Nippies ®. And so we looked it up.
The source appears to come from the New Testament of the Bible, Matthew Chapter 27. The story is that Judas Iscariout, distraught over the betrayal of Jesus, took his 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and threw them down. Judas then went off and committed suicide by hanging. The chief priests took the silver, considered blood money, and bought a plot whereby to bury Judas. The field was rich in clay, the clay used by potters. So it was referred to as potters field.

The poor souls buried in today's NYC Potters Field or those elsewhere are not there because of blood money. They are there because of no money, in almost every case. May they rest in peace.

October 31, 2022
Potters Field: nearly 1 Million Forgotten Dead on Hart Island in NYC NY
The origins of Halloween, according to History.com: it began with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. when people would "wear costomes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts."
During the eighth centory, Pope Gregory III designated the first of November as a time to honor all saints, thus All Saints Day. The night before All Saints Day was called All Hallows Eve, eventually being called Halloween.
But November 2nd became All Souls Day (to many Christians) in the tenth century, under the direction of St. Odilo of Cluny.
So, from October 31, through November, many, or most Christians, are honoring or remembering the dead.
And so it is fitting that on the first of these three days dedicated to honoring the dead, we at Nippies ® write about Potters Field / Hart Island in New York City.. Hart Island is a mile long island off the eastern coast of the Bronx. So few know that Hart Island is where so many indigent and/or forgotten people are buried. The article we read, URL at the end of this NIPPIES ® piece, claims there anr unknown crack / HIV/AIDS buried on the island, as well as the nearly one million children and adults. Estimates in 2019 were approximately 950,000 fellow human beings are buried there in mass plots and in plain wooden boxes.
Very few people have ever visited Hart Island, which, until about 2020, was run by the NY Department of Corrections. Inmates were transported with the bodies to bury the poor souls. The New York City Department of Parks is not in charge of the island.

If you would like to know more about this burial place for nearly a million poor and forgotten souls, and perhaps pray for them, please copy and paste the address below:


October 30, 2022
Paul Pelosi and David DePape - Credible KTVU-TV San Francisco Recanting Underwear Claim - WHY?
From HEAVY.com, which describes KTVU-TV as "the only credible media outlet to report that DePape was in his underwear has retracted it."....
"A single news organization, KTVU-TV, reported that DePape was wearing only his underwear when police arrived. Although that news organization is generally regarded as a credible television station, it later posted a correction and removed the information on the underwear from the article."
Later in the Heavy.com article, it states:
"KTVU-TV is a Fox affiliated television station located in Oakland, California. The article was written by investigative journalist Evan Sernoffsky. He has a long career in investigative reporting in the Bay area, having worked as a San Francisco Chronicle criminal justice reporter before coming to KTVU in 2020."
Here is the URL of the actual HEAVY.com articls. Copy and paste to your search bar.
It may be gone soon.

Ocboter 27, 2022
Dejywan Floyd Is A Murderer - Black Man Shot and Killed White Mother of 6, Julie Eberly, in Road Rage
Dejywan Floyd is not George Floyd's relative, as the rumor stated. But he is a murderer.
The murder occurred in Lumberton County, NC. Floyd was arrested the day that Julie Eberly was laid to rest, leaving behind six children.
Julie Eberly, 47 and a native of Lancaster County, PA, was in the car with her husband. They were driving to a beach vacation when the murder occurred.
The murder occurred on March 25, 2021 - 19 months ago. And yet we at Nippies ® never read or heard about this incident. Have you?
How did I find out about this? It's a bit complicated and roundabout.
I put Black Man Murdered George in a search engine and up came stories on George Floyd.
I put in White Man Murdered George - more stories on George Floyd. Go figure.
But one of the stories was about a rumor which had reached South Africa: that Dejywan Floyd was the younger brother of George Floyd.
The story appeared on AllAfrica.com, and apparently that news outlet felt it important to defend the reputatio of George Floyd.
And straighten things out. Oh boy.
At any rate, Mrs. Eberly leaves behind her husband, Ryan, and six children. Our deepest sympathy to the Eberly family.
Dejywan Floyd had an extensive criminal record, and was released from prison in 2018.
Sheriff Burnis Wilkins stated that Dejywan Floyd should have remained behind bars.
We at Nippies ® agree.
From LawandCrime.com:
"The suspect, charged with first-degree murder and discharging a weapon into an occupied property, has had several convictions over the last decade — including for felony larceny, breaking and entering, and “assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury,” WBTW reported. Floyd was convicted of the latter offense in 2015 and released in 2018.
As Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins sees it, Floyd should have remained behind bars.

October 2, 2022
The Difference Between Soup and Chowder
We at Nippies ® never gave much thought to whether we were eating New England Clam Chowder or soup, as long as it was delicious.
Then, yesterday, we were researching an article on Martha's Vineyard, and the Black Dog Tavern.
The website said many customers were giving Captain Douglas, the founder of The Black Dog, their soup and chowder recipes.
Eureka! We at Nippies ® realized there must be a difference.
And so we researched the topic, and fund this: Taste of Home

September 27, 2022
CLICKBAIT- Don't FALL FOR Milan Models Fall On Runway
Don't bother falling for this click bait. The models fell, one by one, on purpose.
The headline was featured on many news feeds, as "they" knew it would.
We at Nippies ® hope none of these girls got really hurt.

September 26, 2022
Catholic PRO LIFE Activist, Father of 7, Targeted by FBI Raid via Merrick Garland's DOJ?
The FBI strikes again. Catholic activist Mark Houck, who regularly traveled to abortion clinics to protest what he considered murder, often bringing his 12 year old son, was the target of Merrick Garland's DOJ / FBI.
Mark Houck, accused of "assauling" (pushed) an abortion clinic worker who he claimed entered his young son's personal space and verbally attacked Mark Houck in front of his son, Houck was not charged by local authorities, but Merrick Garland / DOJ picked up the case and made the decision to charge Houck, who has 7 children.
The FBI did another one of their signature EARLY MORNING RAIDS, using 25-30 agents, and, with weapons in hand, arrested Houck in frong of his eife and 7 young children, even though Mark Houck had agreed to surrender prior to this.

September 23, 2022
DNA: China's Collecting It. Sinister Reason?
China is, according to some sources, collecting the DNA database to which you are contributing willingly via Ancestry or other medical entities.
There's a pretty big MAYBE there. And you may want to know why. Does it have to do with biological warfare?
We still don't if COVID 19 was manufactured in a Wuhan or Chinese lab....remember?
Instead of spending MILLION$ of American taxpayer dollars on the Witch Hunt, we at Nippies ® would like to see the ORIGIN of the Covid 19 / Corona virus hunted down.
China and DNA Collection

September 22,2022
WOMEN in IRAN: Free until 1979 Islamic Revolution
President Reagan: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extention.
We didn't pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

We at Nippies ® worked in Mental Health after our college years. The psychiatrist was a man from Iran.
One day in 1979 he came to work and announced he and his wife, also Iranian, had to cancel their visit back "home" to Iran. The Islamic zealots had taken over the country. Women no longer had freedom.
Woman had to wear a head to foot burqa, whereas before they could bathe on the beach in bikinis.
Watch Iranian Women Lose Freedom 1979
Liberal American women think losing the "right" to kill their own baby , aka abortion, as a loss of rights.
Liberal American women will try to compare loss of the right to kill their own baby to the Iran Revolution and the effect on women.
But was it? What do you think?

September 21, 2022
We at Nippies ® heard this disturbing news on the radio yesterday:
Joe Biden Announces He's Sending $3 Billion of Tax Payer Dollars to the "Horn of Africa"
AKA Somalia Penisula

The "Horn of Africa, aka Somalian Peninsula, is where our taxpayer dollars - 3 billion$ in all - are going - over $20 each for every taxpayer in the United States.
There are single mothers and seniors all over the United States suffering from poverty.
The three billion dollars should be used to help them.
Nippies ® wondered why the little used name HORN OF AFRICA was being used in this announcement. Once we looked it up, we found out.
The Horn Of Africa is a little used name in news for several countries. Two of these countries? Kenya and Somalia.
Somalia, which is nearly 100% Muslim, is a hotbed of Islamic terrorists known to hate the United States.
The U.S. Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, hails from Somalia. And we know how she feels about the United States.

September 15, 2022
Dennis Prager Cannot Correct His Own Wikepedia
Dennis Prager is on daily from 9-12 nood in my area. I listen to him. He is sleepy, boring by voice, but his message is brave and true.
You may remember Dennis, in his 70s, called BS on the vaccine and Fauci and the CDC. He KNEW theraputics were out there, and the Big Pharma was suppressing them in favor of very profitable vaccines. You cannot get a vaccine approved by the FDC if there are medications available, theraputics such as Ivermectin (promoted by Dr. Pierre Kory) whch made vaccines unnecessary.
Dennis Prager refused the vaccine, and purposely exposed himself to COVID19. He got it. He went on theraputics and was back at work in days.
He proved his point.... Big Pharma is / are ___________________.
That said, he complained about not being able to correct his own wikipedia. Anyone familiar with WIKI knows it is VERY FAR LEFT LEANING. So Now Dennis Prager is shedding light on what he perceives to be WIKI's leanings. He said he cannot even correct his own Wikipedia.
We at Nippies think this is very unfair, as most people go to WIKI to look up any person, and when you Google someone for their biography, wiki pops up - usually near or on the top.
Nippies is opposed to 1st amendment violations, and it appears Prager cannot speak for himself on his own wiki. Not right?

September 15, 2022
Scrunci / Scruncii / Scrunchy Inventor Passes
Rommy Revson, a former night club singer who sought, and found, a "better mousetrap", has passed at age 78.
Most women have used a Scrunci in their lifetime. It's a fabric covered hair elastic used to hold back longish hair.
Before the Scrunci, we only had rubberbands and elsctic loops.
Rommy Revson created a prettier solution. She covered an elastic loop with fabric and, VOILA, the Scrunchy / Svrunci was born.
Her invention was copied, illegally, by many and she was involved in many lawsuits trying to protect her invention.
RIP Rommy.

September 13, 2022
PA Fetterman: Release Medical Records and Debate Oz
The PA Senate seat being vacated by Republican Pat Toomey is a crucial seat. John Fetterman (D) and Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) are both running for that seat.
Or should I say John Fetterman, a Democrat, is "sitting" for that seat? He has yet to accept a debate from Dr. Oz, and he won't release his full medical records.
Fetterman had a major stroke months ago. It was a bad one. He was unable to speak for quite a while. Speech therapy brought him back, although not nearly 100%.
I had a sister, a nurse, wife and grandmother and mother of a sixteen year old, who passed from complications of a very serious stroke. which left her paralyzed on her left side and bedridden for the year before her death. .So I have sympathy for stroke recovery - it's a big one.
That said, John Fetterman is asking the people of Pennsylvania AND the United States to, in essence, grant him a six year contract with no proof that he's fit to fulfill that contract. I won't even get into the fact that he has inadequate qualifications (the opinion of many, including diehard Dem supporters) to fill that seat, in the eyes of many, except that he's got a very radical, far-Left agenda. (Being the mayor of a town of 1700 isn't much. in the qualification department. Nor is working for your dad's insurance company.)
Here is what we at Nippies want you to read: even the overwhelmingly Democrat / Left supporting Washington Post is going after Fetterman to prove his fitness and ability to fulfill his obligations should he win this seat in Congress as a Senator from Pennsylvania.
WaPo to Fetterman: Release Medical Records and Debate

September 10, 2022 Bill Gates: Largest Farmland Owner in America
Did you know that? Bet you didn't.
It makes sense to some. Gates is a globalist and loves power.
Read on....
How Much Farmland Bill Gates Owns - Why?

September 9, 2022
General Jack Keane on Joe Piscopo AM970: Remembering 9/11
God bless 970AM The Answer (New York City) radio host Joe Piscopo for speaking with Gen. Jack Keane about remembering 911.
General Keane was at the Pentagon on that fateful morning. General Jack Keane expressed concern, to Joe Piscopo, about the direction our country is taking the last two years - under the Joe Biden administration. He mentioned specifically the OPEN BORDERS. Anyone with common sense knows terrorists can freely cross that border.
Joe also paid tribute to Tunnel to Towers (if you don't know what that is, LOOK IT UP).
Frank Siller, the head of Tunnel to Towers, who lost is brother Stephen Gerard Siller, a Manhattan fire fighter, in the 911 attack by Islamic terrorists on the Twin Towers, was Joe's special guest. We at Nippies® , are supporters of Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Frank announced that the foundation paid off 21 mortgages of the families of those heroes.

The Tunnel to Towers Institute: will teach young children to age 12 stories of heroism during the September 11, 2011 attacks.
Dear God, we at Nippies.com miss President Donald J. Trump. That said, yes, I am a former Democrat who voted for both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama - then we at Nippies learned to do a lot of reasearch.
God bless us and Let's NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001. Teach your children well about that terrible day.

Tunnel To Towers

August 31, 2022
The AMA / American Medical Association RECOMMENDS....and so what?
Acccording to Dennis Prager, the very popular, nationally syndicated radio show host (whose brother is a physician) fewer than TEN PERCENT of American medical doctors MDS belong to this association. Dennis's brother is himself a physician.
So, why does a recommendation from the AMA carry so much clout for so many? Many Americans think the AMA means most or all American physicians and feel they should follow the advice of the American Medical Association. We at Nippies ³ doubt this reverence is healthy.
Don't Believe AMA Hype

August 24, 2022
Student Tuition Forgiveness by Biden....but to WHOM?
There is a lot of unknown factors to this student debt forgiveness, but who will benefit? And what is the hidden agenda?
Initial reports? Those who make under $125,000.00 per year will receive $10,000.00 forgiveness, upt o $20K for Pell Grants.
We at Nippies.com will be writing more, but why are people like Adam Looney, a non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, which went dormant during the Obama reign as most of the members went to work for him, pushing for FORGIVENESS BY RACE? REALLY? Looney argues that only 25% of those receiving forgiveness will be black.
Last time we at Nippies checked, the black population was far less than 25% of the U.S. population.

Liz Cheney and the Koch Brothers: Going After President Trump

RINO Liz Cheney (R/ Wyoming) has been gunning for Donald J. Trump quite publicly. We all hear her name daily as she serves on the January 6th Committee, which anyone who knows what's what knows it a very thinly disguised effort to stop Donald J. Trump from seeking another term as POTUS.. But word is out that Liz is planning to go after the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America, with the backing of what we at Nippies.com consider fellow members of the Trump Derangement Club.

Cheney is, of course, a strong Bush ally. Don't forget her father was VP to George W. Bush, and President wiped the floor with Jeb Bush. Dick Cheney put out an ad for his daughter's failed re-election bid in August 2022 trashing President Trump and calling him a "coward".
Dick Cheney Calls President Trump "a coward"
Really? A coward? I'd like anyone to withstand the witch hunt that Obama /Biden Democrats have led against the 45th POTUS, and one many consider to be the greatest American President in history.

Here's a BBC article on the Donald Trump / Koch brothers relationship. It ran in 2018.
Trump on the "total joke" Koch Brothers in BBC article 2018

August 23, 2022
Generation X Wants 3 Day Work Week in Office / 2 Home
We at Nippies ® are listening to the Hugh Hewitt Show (Phone 1800-520-1234) and he is calling out Generation X for wanting to work only 3 days per week - specifically Apple employees who are bucking at going back to the office 5 days a week. But Apple employees are not alone - Generation X largely wants to work only 3 days in the office.
We at Nippies ® started working age 15 in a low incomee jobe program. I painted, along with two other students, thousands of chairs and steps during the long hot summer. It was minimum wage. We thought we were blessed. And it was5 days a week.\
To be continued

August 14, 2022: Article on Black Crime
Are we in denial of facts?

We all remember Barack Obama's 2016 speech from Poland citing cherry picked statistice on blacks as the victims of police, and how EIGHT COPS WERE DEAD within hours and days - in Dallas and Baton Rouge - at the hands of black executioners who no doubt listened to Barack Hussein Obama's dog whistle.

Are we in denial about crimes committed by blacks / African-Americans?
Read this article. It's what we need more of - hard truths, not excuses for crimes commited by blacks.

August 13, 2022

Joe Biden & Title 42 - Sickness Flowing Across The Border

Illegals are coming across across our borders in Texas, California, Arizona by the thousands weekly, sometimes daily. Some are bringing deseases since Biden got rid of President Trump's Title 42, a law which prevents migrants from entering the United States if they have a communicable disease - like TB, Monkey Pox, etc.

But Joe Biden got rid of Title 42, further sealing his reputation as the most incompetent American President ever. Now communicable diseases can, literally. flow across the United States southern border via illegals. Big Pharma wins every time, as we will be getting pushed into new vaccines against Monkey Pox, variants of COVID 19, etc, and God knows what that illegals are bringing in.
What is Title 42?
According to NPR.org....
(start NPR)
What is Title 42?
Title 42 comes from a federal law that dates back to 1944 meant to help prevent the spread of communicable disease. It's what essentially gave authority to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take emergency action in March 2020, allowing immigration authorities to quickly expel migrants and denying entry to asylum seekers. (end NPR)

So ILLEGALS now allowed to flow into our country with once eradicated and new diseases. Oh, but as one Millennial told we at Nippies - don't worry! The pharmaceutical companies will come up with vaccines for all these new and old diseases. BIG PHARMA WINS AGAIN.

Illegals have been flown into an airport wthin walking distance of our home. We hear the flights coming in very late. They are then loaded on buses and dispersed all over the country. Yes, this is fact. Yes, they were caught.
Who suffers most? Senior Citizens. After working their entire lives, senior citizens are struggling to pay RISING School Property Taxes to educate the children of ILLEGALS.

Autust 7, 2022: Senior Citizens Are Losing Homes To Educate Children of Illegals
Randy Quaid Treatment

Many senior citizens are LOSING THEIR HOMES to school property taxes, and being pushed into cell-like senior housing or nursing homes.
After decades of paying school taxes, often paying PRIVATE TUITION tuition for their children in addition to public school property taxes, Senior Citizens in the United States are getting hurt badly by losing all they have left....their homes. Regarding the school property taxes, the all powerful TEACHERS UNIONS, who always back Democrats, stop any sort of voucher or school choice program which would allow parents to CHOOSE where their tax dollar$ go. I don't know about other areas, but in the school district where our children attend, teachers PAY for their jobs as they are among the highest paid in, with the best benefits, in our state. It's been that way since at least the seventies.
Democrats are buying votes keeping our borders opened. It started with Barack Hussein Obama. President Trump tried to stop it with BUILD THE WALL.
We all know what happened there....the Obama / Biden Democrats are trying to put perhaps the greatest American President, Donald J. Trump, in prison.

So many illegals are being handed FREE HOUSING, FREE PHONES, FREE FOOD, FREE MEDICAL SERVICES, FREE SCHOOLING (which senior citizens, with kids long out of the school system, must stilll pay for via property taxes).
Now read the (in our opiinion) Left Leaning Wiki account on Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi.
Compare how Randy Quaid is described and was treated compared to an ILLEGAL coming across our SOUTHERN BORDER.
Thanks JOE BIDEN. Obama. Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer. Merrick Garland. And on and on...DEMOCRATS are un-American these days.

Randy Quaid vs ILLEGALS

July 14, 2022
COVID 19 BA.5 & BA.4 Variants - ALL OVER THE PLACE, YET....
It's spreading like WILDFIRE. People are ill everywhere - although not as ill as with the earlier variant of COVID. Where were the day and night warnings to wear masks in the fight against the spread of the latest of the COVID variants? This variant of the coronavirus is the WORST, by all accounts, in the ability to spread and resist vaccine and booster protection. Yet the BA.5 and BA.4 variants, which are responsible for the vast majority of COVID dases in late June / July 2022, are everywhere.

There was a huge uptick in cases of these variants - up to 100,000 daily reported daily. Perhaps 2 to 3 times that were not reported because of home testing and milder, cold-like symptoms. The virus spreads much easier. The vaccines and boosters don't appear to stop it at all.

Where was Fauci and the CDC and the day and night warnings about wearing masks to upcoming 4th of July gatherings, or taking extra precautions of any other sort. Many are now ill with this variant. Was the government / CDC / Fauci quiet because no one wanted to hurt the Biden economy with cancelled gatherings and vacations? I think so. Do some research and see: This variant is everywhere. There are less hospitalizations and deaths, but many sick people.

July 3, 2022
Belated "Happy Birthday" to Paul McCartney and Memories of Annie - and Eleanor Rigby
My favorite local radio host recently attended a New York concert featuring Paul McCarney on the eve of his 80th birthday. (Can you believe it, Baby Boomers?)
Bob Cordaro talked about this event prior to attending, and after, as well. He said that Paul was in top form. That made me so happy. Sir Paul is an icon to anyone who is a Boomer, as I am. And he is a survivor.
Yesterday, I attended a surprise birthday party for my brother-in-law. He is the husband of my late sister, Annie, who passed last year. They were married 51 years, and I was there when he asked her for their first date, on our porch, for "coffee". As a 11 year old, witnessing that event of her 17 year old sister - being invited for coffee by a handsome 22 year old neighbor, well- it was exciting, to say the lease (to be continued)

June 19, 2022
Yahoo! Headlines: Obsessed With Trump / But No Joe Biden Bike Fall?
There is plenty of disparaging news about Joe Biden - he just fell off his bicycle in Delaware after only riding a few hunded feet!! And it was while he was standing. Lordy, says we at Nippies ®. That said, what's the Yahoo! Headline?? The results of an ABC Poll (and we all know ABC is a left-leaning MSM outlet) showing that "most of the U.S." ....etc. Look at the captured image from Yahoo! News below...
Yahoo Obsessed Anti-Trump Headline - As Usual

June 16, 2022:
President Donald J. Trump Donated Presidential Salary Back To American Taxpayer

President Donald J Trump, who entered the White Houseas a wealthy man in the White House and actually left with less money than he started with, donated his entire* $1.6 million salary back to the American people. How much he requested, and accepted or denied, in transition fees we at Nippies.com don't know, but will investigate that matter.
*U..S. Presidents are required by law to accept compensation. Donald J. Trump, therefore, accepted a $1 per year as payment, and wrote checks out to refund the remainder."
U.S. Presidents Required by Law To Be Paid

President Donald J. Trump: Where He Donated His U.S. Presidential Salary
Donald J. Trump donated his presidential salary back to various U.S. government departments and agencies - and thus back to the Amermican taxpayer. Here, according to a USAToday.com article, is where the Trump donations went:
President Trump Salary Donated Back To U.S. Taxpayers

June 16, 2022
Obama Transition Money: $3.27 Million Plus $3.2 Million in Salary Plus Book Deals and Speaking Fees - WOW!
According to CRS Reports from Congress.gov, U.S. presidents receive a appropriation amount for the transition from the White House to private life. Barack Obama requested $3,277,000, a $25,000.00 increase from FY2015 appropriated levels. That was in addition to the $3.2 million Obama was paid, and accepted, in salary as President of the United States.
Source: CRS Reports

Netflix signed the Obamas into a production deal in 2018 - nearly 2 years before Barack Obama left office. The fee for that deal has been estimated from $50 million to $100 million according to various sources.
Penguin books signed Obama to a $65,000,000 book deal. Nice work if you can get it.
Barack Obama allegedly gets $400,000.00 in speaker fees, plus we supply the Secret Service protection. Michelle also commands 6 figure fees for her speaking engagements and we pay the Secret Service tab on that, as well.

Obamas' Total Net Worth?
Your guess is as good as Nippies ®, but if you add up all the deals and fees listed above, it could very well be the Obamas are well on their way to becoming billionaires.
Below is a timeline of Barack Obama's alleged worth, beginning with his $80,000.00 salar as a Senator from Illinois and his $32,000 salary as a professor at the University of Chicago Law School back in 2004.
Obama's Net Worth Now Estimated at $70 million plus

June 15, 2022
Obama's Lifetime Gift to Himself
In 2013, at the beginning of his 2nd term as POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama gave himself the gift of LIFETIME PROTECTION at the expense of the American taxpayer.
Since 1994, former presidents of the United States were granted only 10 years of Secret Service protection after leaving office. All other presidents, including CLINTON and CARTER, were granted lifetime protection as they had served prior to 1997, so the new law would specifically benefit only GEORGE W. BUSH and BARACK OBAMA.

On January 10, 2013, at the very beginning of his second term, Obama signed into law HR 6620, the Former Presidents Protecton Act of 2012. That law gave former presidents, specifically George W. Bush and Barack Obama (when he lleft office in 2016) and their spouses LIFETIME SECRET SERVICE PROTECTiON. It also provided protection to the children of former U.S. Presidents until the age of 16. H.R. Bill 6620 was introduced by Rep. Trey Gowdy, a Republican from South Caroline (R-SC) who is now retired and working in the private sector media.

Here is a short summation of the HR 6620:
HR 6620: Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012

Whether you are for or against this law, you have to ask yourself has it gone too far? In the opinion of Nippies.com, there should be limitations on this protection. For example, why are we paying for the Secret Service protection of a globalist / globe trotter frormer president? Protection on American ground is understandable, but no one forces a former U.S. President to travel overseas and get involved with foreign matters, as is the custom of Barack Obama. If a former President chooses to leave the country, HE (or, eventually, she?) should PAY for the very expensive protection the Secret Service - or a private security firm, could provide.

June 4, 2022

LIMERENCE v REAL LOVE - Brilliant video
Psychologist Dorothy Tennov coined the phrase "limerence" in her 1979 book entitled "Love and Limerence".
We at Nippies.com ® read about limerence back then, but didn't learn the lesson.
Decades on, I wish I'd read the book twice...and learned about how it works, and how LOVE BOMBING ties in, as well.
But Love Bombing is a topic for another Nippies story.

.So what is LIMERENCE?

So you meet someone new. You are "in love" - can't get enough of them.
That person is your soul mate, the perfect person for you, and more gorgeous than an angel.
Sweet, warm (and obsessive, let's be onest) thoughts of the love object flow constantly through your brain.
Everything smells better and looks better. There is literally a spring in your step.
Just holding that person's hand sends waves of warm thrills throughout your body.
When will you speak to them again, see them again? Not soon enough.

Is it real love? Odds are it is not - at least not yet.
Odds are it is limerence. "Real love takes time" - Lee Cisneros (and every wise person).

This video by a man named Lee Cisneros, which I stumbled upon accidentally in a search, should be shown to every high school student at least once.
Lee covers the three stages of limerence. And those stages can take weeks or years....so watch this dopamine high you get from another person.
Every married couple should watch this video, as well, because bored spouses can be especially vulnerable to limerence - and lose everything it's taken years to attain.

"The Devil loves to tear marriages apart with Limerence." - Lee Cisneros. Amen
It's Not Real Love in the Beginning

June 3, 2022
Salvador Ramos: Blame Him Not GUN - Who Was He?

Immediately after the slaughter at Uvaldes at Robb Elementary, some sources (within hours) in the American media were claiming Salvador Ramos was a U.S. Citizen. How could this be verified? There are many men of the same name - Salvador Ramos.
The New York Post has published this article about Ramos and his vamily - many who have criminal records.
The gun was brought to the home he shared with his grandparents - that was not allowed as his grandfather was a convicted felon.
Who was this man? Was he born in the U.S.? Did his family come here legally? Was he on medications or drugs? And more....
New York Post on Salvador Ramos - Uvaldes Shooterr

June 2, 2022: - South Africa Violence Over Food / Fuel Shortage - Are WE NEXT?
The MSM in the United States isn't generally reporting world events as they should. This NYPost story from 2021 reports that there is violence running rampant in South Africa vis looting, burning, etc. FYI: South Africa is now less than 4% white - many whites, especially the farm owners whose families have been there for many generations - have fled rather than face slaughter by non-whites. The American media has a Leftist driven agenda, and reports what forwards that agenda. We now have a FOOD and FUEL SHORTAGE. What next- random burning and looting for food and fuel - or no special reason at all but just because they can?
This story was published last year in the New York Post...one of America's more honest publications / media outlets.
"We Don't Break -We Take" - Looting, Burning by South Africans

May 31, 2022
OUTRAGE? Black Man Acquitted After Beating Unarmed White Transgender To Death. Where is the OUTRAGE from the LBGQT Community?

A former Virginia Tech football player named Isimemen Etute, who was black, was acquitted of beating to death an UNARMED transgender man, who was white, after oral sex. Why? Because Etute discovered 40 year old Jerry Smith had a penis, but was dressed like a woman.
The two matched up on Tinder. Etute went to Smith'sdimly lit appartment, where the transgender performed oral sex on him while dressed like a woman. Etute returned some time later, used his cell phone flashlight to get a beter look at Smith in the darkened apartment, and, upon judging him to be a man, beat him to death.
Unbelievable, Etute was acquitted because there was a knife hidden under the mattress of Smith's bed, police later discovered, and a self-defense claim was made by Isimemen Etute.
This story did not make national / MSM news. Why??
Only the New York Post appears to have made a FEATURE of it - and I had to look. I first learned about this crime in the UK Daily Mail.
Black Man Beats White, Unarmed Transgender To Death and Gets Acquitted

May 26, 2022: TX Shooter Salvador Ramos' Grandfather A Convicted Felon: Gun Laws Were Broken?

Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old shooter who killed 19 children and 2 adults at the Robb Elementary School in Uvaldes, Tx, lived with his grandparents, Cecilia Gonzalez, 66, and Rolando Reyes, 72. Salvador Ramos was often heard arguing with his mother. So he moved out and went to live with his paternal grandparents.

Ramos shot his grandmother, Cecilia Gonzalez, in the face minutes before heading off to his deadly rampage less than a mile from their home on Diaz Street in Uvaldes, Tx. Salvador Ramos had allegedly purchased two guns legally shortly after his 18th birthday The attached Daily Mail article claims one gun was a hand gun and the other described as a rifle, no definite type. BUT...he did not technically have the guns legally stored in the interim. Read on....

Salvador Ramos' grandfather was Rolando Reyes, a convicted felon who, by U.S. law, could not be around weapons. Remember, Ramos lived with his grandparents (he didn't get along with his mother and had moved our). So gun laws were broken when Salvador bought the guns and stored them at his grandparents'' home. Gun laws are useless unless you are a law-abiding citizen. Criminals don't obey laws.

Children dead - 19 of them. two adults dead. Shot dead by recently turned adult Salvador Ramos who may or may not have been a U.S. citizen. But guns in America have always been around, mass shootings of innocent victims, and most especially innocent children, have not.

Stricter gun laws and banning certain guns such as "assault rifles" won't work if people don't obey the law. (That said, I don't understand why any civilian would need a large capacity magazine). Criminals are people who disobey laws. People who cross our borders illegally are illegals and are criminals. And open borders such as are now the norm under the Biden administration allows for criminals, illegal drugs AND illegally owned guns - along with strange new diseases such as monkeypox - to freely enter our country.

Oh, it will, you say? Stricter gun laws will be obeyed? How do you figure? We have border crossing laws, and they are being IGNORED by CRIMINALS. We have DRUG LAWS, and they are geing IGNORED by CRIMINALS Gun laws will result in the same.

Maybe we can start by having more armed security guards at schools - and armed teachers, as well..

Maybe we can start by CLOSING OUR BORDERS and making it clear that the RULE OF LAW is top priority in the United States.
Because illegal drugs which KILL are FLOWING ILLEGALLY across our Mexican / US border. You can't get heroin these days. But the much cheaper, more potent and DEADLY Fentanyl flows easily and illegally across our border. FEN comes from China, is processed in Mexico, comes across the U.S. / Mexico border ILLEGALLY daily, and our children - mostly white - are dying from overdoses on a regular basis. Many more than are killed in school shootings.

Will stricter GUN LAWS prevent more school kilings. I don't think so. Why? Because in the Biden America, LAWS ARE NOT OBEYED.

How many of our young are dying yearly from overdoses of Fentanyl? That's illegal, yet flows across the border of the U.S. daily. Didn't we just lose a border patrol agent a few weeks ago who was trying to save two illegals carrying illegal drugs? Yes, we did.

Wake up, America. We need to protect our schools NOW. We need to enforce laws NOW, not waste time with new ones which the criminals will not obey. We need to stop the politicians from grandstanding and do something = like immediately getting multiple armed guards into our schools. This should have happened years ago. EVERY School should have at least two armed guards, and some teachers should be armed, as well.

Here is the reality of what we saw two days ago.. By the way, Salvador Ramos may or may not have been a legal U.S. citizen. We don't know yet. But Salvador's grandfather, Ronaldo Reyes, was a convicted felon, and Salvador lived with him and the grandmother he shot in the face. NO gun should have been allowed into that home.

This is from a UK newspaper. The overseas papers often carry more news about out crimes than our own media, who are more intent on GUN CONTROL and their own political agenda than on the victims and practical solutions. Laws only work with law-abiding citizens. <

Uvalde Massacre at Robb Elementary

May 23, 2022: Monkeypox Coming From Illegals? Seems That Way To Many
From American Thinker:
"Cases of the smallpox-related disease haven't previously been seen among people with no links to central and West Africa. But in the past week, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, U.S., Sweden and Canada all reported infections, mostly in young men who hadn't previously traveled to Africa."
Big Pharma will WIN AGAIN, and Americans will lose. Here we go....jabs and more jab$$$ from the top pharmaceutical companies, and we American citizens will PAY in more ways than one..
Illegals Bringing MonkeyPox?

May 18, 2022: Yahoo! News' Obsession with President Donald J. Trump Never Ends
And this is typical from what we at Nippies.com have seen...

May 4, 2022: The Amber Heard / Johnny Depp Defamation Lawsuit - Nippies® Is Watching
We at Nippies were never a big fan of Johnny Depp. Yes, we've seen Gilbert Grape and one or two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
That said, we didn't like - at all - his remode of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Willy Wonka, or a few other films made by Mr. Depp. The couple married in February 2015 and, according to the testimony of Johnny Depp's bodybuard, Travis McGivern, were alread not getting along in March 2015. McGiven testified that Amber struck Depp during one altercation, which the star denies Johnny Depp has accused her of verbal and physical abuse, as well as blaming her for the loss of the tip of his finger.
As of this update (May 18, 2022), the trial is still going strong after a ten day hiatus. Stay tuned!

May 1, 2022: Jill Biden's FIRST Husband's Promised Tell All Book when POOF Right Before 2020 Election. Hmmm
What happened to Bill Stevenson's Tell All Autobiography?
What happened to Bill Stevonson's WIKI entry? Why, when you click on it, does it go directly to Jill Biden's wikipedia entry?
The Silencing of Jill Biden's First Husband?

In August 2020, Bill Stevenson gave an interview to Daily Wire, an American conservative media company. In the interview, he claimed that he was certain that Joe Biden's story of how he met Jill Tracy Jacobs Stevenson Biden on a "blind date" is a falsehood, or, if you will, misinformation.
Mr Stevenson, the once owner of the famous Newark DE college bar, Stone Balloon, claimed in August 2020 he was ready to print 20,000 copies of his autobiography. The book never got published, as far as we at Nippies can see.
Jill's first husband, who she married at age 18, stated in the interview that he first realized something was going on between Jill and Joe Biden in July 1974 when she passed up an opportunity to accompany him to pay Bruce Stringsteen for an upcoming show at the Stone Balloon. Jill begged off to baby sit for Beau and Hunter Biden. Yes..
In October 1974, a man came into Stevenson's bar and claimed that Jill and Joe had been in a brown corvette together when they bumped his car, had promised to get in touch about covering repairs, but never did. Oddly, the man stated, Jill was with Senator Biden. Shortly after this, Stevenson says he asked Jill to leave their home. She did.
The Real Story of Joe Biden and Jill's Early Relationship

April 30, 2022: Kathy Barnette for PA Senate - Why is she being so vague about her husband and other vital facts?
Kathy Barnette- she's running for the U.S. Senate, trying to take the very important Republican / GOP Senate seat being vacated by Pat Toomey.
Her website, BarnetteforSenate.com, doesn't reveal enough. It's vague- very vague, in the opinion Nippies.com. What corporations did she work for? What is her husband's full name and career? Before you say that's not important, think again. A spouse's source of income, and that income, can be enriched by a U.S. Senate' member's vote.
On the winred.com website, Kathy Barnette yard signs are being sold for $20.00 each. Are other candidates doing the same? Also, Kathy Barnette claimes that MAGA belongs to all the people, and not President Trump. Didn't president Trump start that slogan? Make America Great Again? MAGA? Yes, as far as we at Nippies.com know, he did.
Kathy Barnette, on her official website, appears to be accusing the media of ignoring her because of her skin color. She revers to "whitewashing" and "blacking out" her campaign. This is upsetting, as using the race card is a thing that's much overused these days. If anything, being a person of color works FOR YOU, not against you, in the media.
I've heard interviews with Kathy barnette. Other than stating the word Black black black over and over, she's vague - too vague for me. Is Kathy Barnette for reparations? Which corporations did she work for? What is her husband's name and profession? THAT is important for many of us to know. Knowing you want to be the First Black Conservative Woman is NOT enough, Kathy.
She doesn't mention a lot of details, just vague sketches. Kathy, we fell for this rush to elect "FIRST" before. We at Nippies are not falling for it again. DETAILS, please.
We went thru this once before and I fell for it. People were afraid of being called a "racist" for asking QUESTIONS. Let's not let that happen again.

April 30,2022: Jill Biden Book Sales In the Ditch
First week sales, according to Western Journal, of the Julie Pace biography about First Lady Dr. Jill Biden (no, she's not a medical doctor) may have set a record low for a celebrity of such magnitude. First week sales? 250 copies. Yes, two hundred fifty. Can you believe it? I can. I can also believe that Joe BIden didn't get as many _____ as are claimed in the 2020 election.
Let Nippies / Nippies.com same you $26 for the book with a few facts we've uncovered about Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden...
Jill Biden was born in 1951. Her maiden name was Jacobs, but this was not the original paternal family name. It was Giacoppo and her paternal grandfather was vrom the village of Gesso in Sicily. Yes, she was half Sicilian. Jill's mother was of English and Scottish descent.
Jill's first marriage, at age 18, was to Bill Stevenson. She flirted with him at a car was by admiring his 1968 Z28 Chevy Camaro. Stevenson, a bit older, invited Jill and her girlfriend to a party to which he'd been on his way. Jill was quite the little flirt.
Shortly after Jill and the three years older Bill Stevenson got married, Bill opened the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware. The Stone balloon has been described as one of the most successful college bars in the United States. When Jill and Stevenson divorced in May 1975, which was after she'd already med widower Joe Biden, she tried, and failed, to get half of the Stone Balloon.
Jill and Joe married in 1977. They had one child together, a daughter. Ashley Biden, born in 1981, and Jill was, as you know, stepmother to Beau and Hunter Biden - whom, according to her ex, she used to babysit while still married to him. Jill Biden's first husband also has publicly insisted that Jill was having an affair with the widowed Joseph Robinette Biden during their marriage.

April 28, 2022: Upcoming Primary - WHY are you still a Democrat?
As a former Democrat, I have to ask myself why anyone is still one? I voted for Hillary once, Obama another time. Obama was for selfish reasons - for Obamacare, as we were self-employed, poor and, spending $1600.00 a MONTH, pre ObamaCare, on health insurance. Yes, a MONTH.
Barack Hussein Obama / Barry Sortoro or whatever - he was a scammer. The CHANGE he promised we never needed or wanted. It created hatred for police. It created racial divide. ALL bAD. And Hillary? She is a complete liar - and maybe even people died because of her and her husband.
That said, I still regret my vote for those two (Obama and Hillary) to this day. I think both are criminals. If you don't know why, stop watching CNN, MSNBC, etc. and do your research. ,Br>by the time Donald J. trump came down that elevator at Trump Towers to announce his Prosidential Candidacy in 2015, I'd had enough of the cheating and lies and dirt slinging the Democrats do on a daily basis. I wanted CLOSED boRdERS. I wante America First. And so I went for Trump.
If you don't know how much the Democrats are self-serving cheaters and liars and haters by now, there is nothing anyone can say. But so many other Americans are switching from that Party of Haters - The Democrats - To Republican. .
This upcoming Senate race is very, very important to the survival of America. Think hard - you have two days in Pennsylvania to switch parties and vote Republican in the primaries. Vote Lou Barletta. Vote for whatever Senate REpublican you desire. But VOTE REPUBLICAN.

April 17, 2022: Happy Easter. Happy Passover.

Today is a very holy day for both Christians and Jews.
Passover began with nightfall on Friday, April 15th. We are Christians, but had a family supper, as we do every Friday at nightfall, to commemorate this holy day. "The 7 or 8 day festival is one of the most important celebrations on the Hebrew calendar commemorating the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. It begins with families gathering together the first night (first 2 nights for many communities outside Israel) for dinner called seder (meaning “order” of “arrangement” in Hebrew) and ends 7 to 8 days later." Passover Explained

Easter Sunday At sunrise, we begin to celebrate. Easter Sunday, one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. This is the day which commemorates the day Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead after the crucifixion for the sins of mankind. . Easter is the ending of the Lenten season. .Easter 2022

April 16, 2022: Facts for Fun Nippies.com is a naturally curious person. I tend to look up biographies and other facts about those people who are in shows I watch. One finds very interesting facts out on occasion. I am sharing two bits of trivia I discovered while watching a movie, The Gift, with Jason Bateman. Jason's wife, Amanda Anka, is one of five daughters born to Paul Anka and his first wife, Anne de Zogheb, The talented composer of My Way and other songs married Anne in 1963 and they were divorced in 2001, the year Jason and Amanda were married. The Bateman's have two children and are still going strong, according to imdb.

Another fact I found interesting: Michael McKean, the Lenny in Lenny and Squiggy, and the actor who portrays Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul, is descended from Thomas McKean, one of the signers of the Declaration of Indepence. Thomas McGill has a strong resemblance to George Washington. Maybe they all looked similar with their white wigs in those days.

April 13, 2022: Michelle and Barack Obama - Stoking the Racial Divide and Anti-Police Movement
I was a Democrat who voted for Barack Obama. Michelle came with the package. Both of those people appear to be hardened racists. But both Barack and Michelle hid that fact from the American public until it was too late. And if you disagree, do your research.

Just listen to this divisive speech made by Michelle near the end of Barack's 2nd term. Watch her commencement speech to all black Tuskegee U - mostly if not all financed by generous white people - and see how she called blacks "we" and whites "they".
Go and watch Obama's July 7, 2016 anti-police speech from Poland after a thug, felon named Alton Sterling was killed before he could kill police while resisting arrest. He had waved an illegal gun at a homeless man in the parking lot of a mini market while selling hot CDs. Obama has the blood of 8 police in Dallas, TX and Baton Rouge LA on his hads - execute within hours and days by black thugs and no doubt inspired and emboldened by Obama's speech. DISGUSTING.
The attacks on police continues to day...
Here's Michelle stirring the racial divide in New York City in 2016.

March 28, 2022: 94th Academy Awards 2nd Lowest Ratings in History
Less than 10 million people tuned into in to watch the 94th Academy Awards presentation, or, as some call it, The Oscars. Last year the ratings were a tad lower. Most people we at Nippies know didn't even know the "spectacular", hosted by Chris Rock, was being aired last evening. People don't seem to care since the glamor has been stripped by politicalizaton. Jada Pinkett made herself the center of Oscar attention6 years ago by complaining about the lack of diversity in "Oscar So White". Well, her husband won last night, and there were other people of color who won, as well. But, Jada....read the next paragraph....
Famous Actors and Actresses Who Never Won An Oscar Maybe Jada forgot that many major, very famous and longstanding white stars never won an Academy Award for their fine work. Examples? Gary Grant, Barbara Stanwyck, Natalie Wood. Here's a link to the imdb.com list ....Great and Famous Actors Who NEVER WON OSCARS

Btw, Sean Penn and his "meltdown" threat were ridiculous. If case you didn't hear, he threatened to melt down his Oscar if the President of the Ukraine, President Zelenskyy, was not invited to speak. No one cares what you do with your precious statuette, Sean, and thad goes double for we at Nippies.com.

March 25, 2022: Is Biden Administration Pressuring Ukraine to Cut a Deal with Russia?
Listening to the Brian Kilmeade show this morning. A clip of Retired General Jack Keane saying he has it from an extremely reliable source (and General Keane has them) that Joe biden's White House is putting heavy pressure on Zelinsky / Ukraine to "cut a deal" with Russia. The General is disgusted, as are we at Nippies.com.

Also on Brian Kilmeade, fears that Biden will buckle and give Iran ("Death to America" Iran) what they want. WIth presidents like this, who needs enemies?

March 24, 2022: U.S. Senate Sea - PA - Vacated by Pat Toomey....Stiff Competition
Dr. Oz / Mehmet Oz Pennsylvania has a U.S. Senate seat opened because Senator Pat Toomer is not going to run for a third term, as he promised. This upcoming vacancy has let to fierce competiton from Republicans. Among the most well known candidates are Dr. Mehmet Oz - yes, THAT Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz never lived in Pennsylvania, but his wife did. He's now living there by renting his wife's relative's house. Dr. Oz would be the first MUSLIM in the U.S. Senate. He holds a dual citizenship - United States and Turkey. We've never heard his explain the depth and devotion to his Islamic faith nor his reason for choosing to serve inTurkish army instead of the U.S. military.

Carla Sands and David McCormick
Carla Sands, a Pennsylvania native and former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark under President Donald J. Trump, is also running. Sands, who has lived in California for three decades, returned to PA in recent years. Then there is David McCormick,, born and raised in PA, a West Point graduate, a U.S. military veteran, and a man who went into the private sector and made his own fortune in the financial market.

David McCormick's government career began in 2005 in the Commerce Department: he was nominated and confirmed as Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security under George Bush (elder).

Jeff Bartos and Sean Parnell
Other Republican candidates are Jeff Bartos (real estate developer who ran with Scott Wagner as his lieutenang governor in 2018) and Sean Parnell (U.S. Army decorated veteran who served, ans was wounded in, Afghanistan),

More GOP U.S. Senate candidates from PA
Lesser known candidates, but not lesser important, in the GOP primary include Sean Gale, Everett Stern, James Hayes and Martin Rosenfield.

March 23, 2022: The Chris Plante Show is a Must Listen
We at Nippies were turning the dial on the radio one night (yes, we still listen that way) and stumbled across an unforgettable voice both in the physical and mental sense. Chris Plante, which originates from WMAL News Talk 105.9 out of Washington D.C., is on daily from 9am till 12 noon. Plante is syndicated, so we at Nippies.com catch him after midnight on our local air wave.

He's not a fan of Obama, Kamala Harris, Biden, and others who appear to not be on "our side" . If you have to ask what that means, I can't explain. Plante, who was awarded the Edward R. Murrow Award, has filled in for radio legends Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Chris Plante worked at 17 years at CNN. Although we are not fans of Fake News CNN, his time there turned him into a very sell experienced and seasoned commentator. His assignments were as varied as a patchwork quile. The 62 year old covered news from The Pentagon, the U.S. Military, as well as traveling througout the Soviet Union and several other locations including Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Africa.

You can "Listen Live" to Chris Plante from this link: The Chris Plante Show / Washington DC

March 16,2022: Jussie Smollett Serves ONLY 5 DAYS of 150 day Sentence for LYING to POLICE about a FAKE HATE CRIME
Jussie Smollett, who falsely claimed he was the victim of a hate crime by two white people (telling police they put a noose aruond his neck and said "This is MAGA Country") , has served only 5 days of a 150 day sentence. He started his sentence (in the psychiatric ward of a prison) on March 11, and walked free on March 16, 2022. God only knows how much his LIES cost in dollars and violence inspired by his lies.
Jussie Smollett WALKS after FIVE DAYS

March 12, 2022: GREAT AMERICANS
Retired 4 star U.S. Army General Jack Keane, born and raised in the Bronx section of N.Y. City to working class parents, and Angela McGlowan, CEO and daughter of a mother who had to drop out of school in sixth grade to pick cotton (and later work several jobs to raise her children) are both loyal Americans who achieved their American Dream through hard work and perseverence. (PS, the meme below has a mispelling of Mrs. Keane's last name. Nippies.com apologizes.)
General Jack Keane married Angela McGlowan.

March 08, 2022: Remember When Hillary and Obama Sold 20% of US Uranium to Putin / Russia?
And Barack Obama pretended to know nothing about it? Yeah. Mark Levin warned us .
Mark Levin April 24, 2015 Remembers

March 3,2022: Biden Administration Using Ukraine / Russian Tragedy As Distraction?
Most Americans, including we at Nippies, are terrified for the Ukrainian people. We have radios on, TV news on, and are scanning our phones and PCs for the latest - which right now is the Russians have shelled Europes largest nuclear power plant, which is in Ukraine.
MEANWHILE, back at the White House, we at Nippies.com believe someone is pulling Joe Biden's strings, speaking to him thru an earphone, or using couriers (perhaps all three). We at Nippies have our own theory as to who that is (take a guess). the Shadow President is prodding Old Joe to push through the Progressive agenda while most of the U.S., and the world, is watching Ukraine.

So, while we're watching Ukraine, here is a partial list of what Obama's Third Term is pushing:
1.) The Iran Deal & Obama Guy Robert Malley
Mark Levin reported tonight that the Iran Deal is being sweetened by Robert Malley, who was appointed Special Envoy to Iran back in January 2021. Who is Robert Malley? He's an Obama guy to begin with. From State.gov:
"Under the President Barack Obama, he served as Special Assistant to the President, Senior Advisor to the President for the Counter-ISIL campaign, and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Region in 2015-2016 and, before that, as Senior Director for the Gulf Region and Syria."

2.) The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
You heard Biden pushing what some are calling the RIGHT TO CHEAT VOTING ACT during his SOTU, didn't you?
Many blacks are insulted by this act, and they should be.
First Joe Biden insults blacks by saying, basically, that they can't get out to vote. Then he insults the rest of the country by saying when they do vote, it isn't counted. It was not whites who were blocking Donald Trump Jr. and Rudi Guiliani from observing what was going on at the polls in Philadelphia the day after the 2020 Presidential election. And it wasn't whites standing in front of the polls dressed up in their New Black Panther paramilitary get ups, holding billy clubs in their hands. If you are not familiar with what happened in front of a Philadelphia poling place, read more.
New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case
After OBAMA became POTUS, his Department of Justice dismissed the charges against one black activist and reduced the charges against the the other member of the New Black Panther Party and its leader, as well as against the party itself.

3.) Supreme Court Nominee: Obama Connected Ketanji Brown Jackson
In the midst of the Ukraine tragedy, Biden is pushing thru Supreme Court Justine nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. Ketanji is a Far Left Radical. She supports abortion up to the day of birth. Barack Obama connection? Obama commuted the life sentence of Ketanji Brown Jackson's uncle, Thomas Brown Jr., Brown was convicted to life under the Three Strikes law for what the liberal media is describing as a "non violent cocaine conviction". Pretty sure he was a cocaine dealer and if that is so, people almost certainly died from his product.

4.) The Build Back Better Baloney, er Pork Thing
What's to say? Of course Joe touted the good things in here, but theres much more PORK than anything good. Enough said.
You don't know about any of this if you only watch network or cable news. Do your own research and lots of it. And then, if you are still support Joe Biden and his radical Obama-style agenda, you are likely hopeless like the diehard person who created the post, pictured below, shortly after watching Biden stumble over his SOTU..

March 3,2022: Hardcore Democrats Making Excuses for Joe
Lifetime, hardcore Democrats / Leftist who won't ever accept the fact that Joe Biden is a feckless, weak leader.
This was found on social media. The Democrat is still making excuses for this weak man.

Hopeless Democrat -STILL Defending Joe...PROUDER THAN EVER??

February 26, 2022 - Many Americans NOT Happy with Joe Biden
So many Americans are no longer happy with Joe Biden's leadership of the United States and are openly and publicly expressing that discontent. . Many blame him for how drastic the situation is in the Ukraine at the current moment. Some are speaking out in unique ways, as the picture featured here depicts But censorship against discontent is widespread: this meme was on a prominent social media platform, one which presented itself, initially, as leaning to the right. Friends tried toshar but were not able to do so. So it was captured and sent on.

February 20, 2022: Another Epstein Accused Rapist Found Dead in Cell
Jean-Luc Brunel, the modeling agency head who has been connected with Jeffrey Epstein (he allegedly sent him underaged girls) has been found dead in his jal cell - hanged by "sucide". Really? Isn't this all getting a bit too convenient? One by one they are disappearing by "suicide" - those who can testify, and implicate, powerful men on both sides of The Pond.
At least one woman, Thysia Huisan, who was a victim of Jean-Luc Brunel, is now calling Prince Andrew to speak out and tell what he knows.
Epstein Associate, and Witness to Underaged Sex Ring, Found Hanged In Cell

February 16, 2022: THe Durham Report: Will Hillary Be Held Responsible?
The Durham report reveals horrible thinga about Hillary Clinton and her spying on both candidate and President Trump. Will she pay? Was Barack Obama involved and will HE pay? We at Nippies / Nippies.com think Hillary will NOT pay, as we've seen her, and her husband, Bill Clinton, get away with so much.
More likely? Hillary will wait for the next big news story - like the Invasion of the Ukraine by the Russians - to wash away her filth in the media.
Will Hillary Pay? Was Obama involved? The Durham Report

February 11, 2022: Fully Vaccinated Prince Charles Test COVID Positive for the Second Time
Yes, the vaccine, boosters, didn't even protect British Royal Prince Charles from COVID19. Charles tested positive for the 2nd time in two years.
According to this news article from Dubai, Charles is fully vaxxed. Queen Elizabeth is a concern. She is in her mid nineties, and no word about if she's been exposed. The Queen's vaccination status is unknown and considered a "private medical matter".
Fully Vaccinated Prince Charles - COVID19 2nd Time
Update: February 26, 2022: Most, if not all, news sources were very vague about Queen Elizabeth's vaccination status back when Prince Charles first tested positive (Feb. 10, 2022). It was stated that she'd received a dose back in early 2021, but the claim was it was a "privacy" matter and the Palace would not state if Queen Elizabeth had received additional doses or boosters. At leas that's was was claimed on the main stream media.

February 3, 2022: Remember When Whoopi (Allegedly) Spat on Judge Jeanine Pirro?
She should have neen fired then...but she wasn't because she had a few cards to play.
It was July 2018, and The View "ladies" were raging with hatred for President Trump. Judge Jeanine Pirro had the courage to face that board of beasts and actually talk in a complimentary way about Donald J. Trump. Whoopi showed her true colors.
Whoopi Goldberg's SPAT with Judge Jeanine

February 2,2022:NYc Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, Killed by Lashawn McNeil, Laid To Rest from St. Patrick's in Manhattan
NYc Police Officer Wilbert Mora Laid To Rest at St.Patrick's in Manhattan. RIP and Thank You

February 2, 2022: New York City Cops Start at $33,000 - 42,500.00 Per year
New York City just lost two policemen to violence: Officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora. Both were shot on the same domestic call.
22 year old Jason, a newlywed, died instantly after he took a shot to the head from
Every day police officers everywhere put their life on the line to PROTECT and SERVE. It's not the GUNS killing cops.
It;s the disrespect that the PROGRESSIVE LEFT has sewn in the past several years.
Review Barack Obama's July 7, 2016 anti-cop speech from Poland. Obama spat out cherry picked statistics citing cops who be helieved were unfairly targeting blacks. EIGHT cops in New York and Texas were shot within days of this speech - AMBUSHED by black thugs, very possibly angered by their idol's words.
The murder of 22 year old rookie police officer Jason Rivera, a newlywed and idealist who just wanted to help heal the community, and 27 year old Wilbert Mora, was committed by felon Lashawn McNeil, a black man.. McNeil shot and killed the cops with a stolen gun as they approached his rear bedroom in a Harlem apartment in NYC.. Three officers (the third cop took down the murder McNeil before he himself could be shot. The police had been called by the mother of Lashawn McNeil to the Harlem apartment during a domestic dispute between Lashawn and his brother. The mother didn't inform the police officers that her son had guns. An AR47 was later found under Lashawn McNeil's matress.
Officera Rivera died instantly, and Officer Mora days later. Both were honored by thousands of police at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. (Mora's funeral was today, during this writing).
The "Reverend" Al Sharpton (he never officially earned that title according to any source we can find, brought his group to protest and blamed guns. Bear in mind that NYC has some of the toughest gun laws in America, and the gun which killed the young officers was ILLEGAL / STOLEN.

January 31, 2022: Martin Luther King, Jr.- REPUBLICAN
Read this interesting article on Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. Yes, he had a PhD.
Read about "Reverend" Al Sharpton and "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, who have no Divinity degrees other than honorary.
Both went right into the Civil Rights movement without spending any significant time as preachers.
From TheBlackSphere.net /Article by Kevin Jackson

January 28, 2022: Military Health Problems Skyrocket After COVID19 Vaccine>
Military Doctors Blow The Whistle - but CDC and BIDEN and FAUcI continue to push vaccinations.
Cancer, Miscarriages, Neurological Problems - from COVID19 Vaccine?

January 26, 2022: Military Whistleblower Testified to Congress RE Dangers of COVID19 VACCINE - Ignored?
Three military M.D.s were brave enough to use their own names and SPEAK OUT.
Whistleblower Dr. Peter Chambers Sworn Testimony
Dr. Theresa Long, Dr. Peter Chambers and (not sure of the spelling) Dr. Samuel Siglaw are the whistleblowers.
MUST WATCH: 300% increse in cancers, 500% increase in miscarriages and 1000% increase in neurological problems.
Fauci knows about this, no doubt, as the stats were sent to the CDC.
Military MD Warned CDC of Adverse Effects of COVID19 Vaccine - Ignored

January 20, 2022: The Biden Administrationt Allowing People to DIE from COVID19?
Dr. Ron Elfenbien, a Maryland physician, is furious that the Biden administration regarding COVID19 theraputics.
Quote from the Fox News report:
"A doctor in Maryland said he had to cancel potentially life-saving monoclonal antibody infusions for about 250 people over the last week after the federal government stopped distributing treatments made by Regeneron and Eli Lilly because they aren't effective against omicron, even though the delta variant, which the drugs are effective at treating, was still dominant at the time."
Read more: Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Saves Lives - Biden Administration Thwarding Treatment

January 17, 2022: Utah Op-Ed Suggests Force Unvaxxed Stay Home Guarded by National Guard
Have we gone mad? First papers and mandates, now some in Utah call for forcing the unvaccinated from COVID19 should be forced to remain in their homes and be guarded by the National Guard to ensure they remain that way.
Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed

January 16, 2022: What you won't read about what's going on in the UK
True? Girls (non-Muslim or Infidels) as young as 12 being lured then raped by Muslim men?
If so, very frightening for non-Muslim women, called Infidels.
Could this happen in the United States as the followers of Islam grow?
Islam and Infidel Women">Non-Muslim Children Being Lured?

From the UK Daily Mail: Young Girls Being Raped in the UK

January 16, 2022: Diversity / Tolerance Reversing itself?
Highest Rated TV Show Cancelled After ONE SEASON!

The United States and steadily moved forward toward tolerance and diversity since the 1960s, but, in the opinion of Nippies®, we are moving backwards.
Case in point? Read the stories below regarding the newly elected mayor of NYc, Eric Adams.
Adams appears to appoint a majority of people who look and think like him.
Have we returned to intolerant times? It appears that way.

If you are old enough, you remember back in 1972 when Meredith Baxter Birney, an Irish-Catholic character named Bridget Fitzgerald, met a Jewish young man (played by David Birney, her real life husband) at a New York City bus stop. They fell in love and married - unusual in 1972.

Bridget Loves Birney- the polt centered about the loving couple's attempts to overcome their differences - not difficult for them, but made difficult by society and relatives. The show was very popular (slotted between All In The Family and The Mary Tyler Moore Show), but was cancelled after only ONE episode because of controversy and complaints. Complaints came in and actions were taken about this show.

My how the world changed over the ensuing years, but now we are going backwards, it appears. People are not identifying themself by skin color, religion, sexualit and national origin once again.
America the Melting Pot has melted down as more and more people refuse to assimilate..
Read more about this "controversial" show: Bridget Loves Bernie

Watch the PILOT of Bridget Loves Bernie: Bridget Loves Bernie Pilot 1972

January 16, 2022: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Demotes Brother After Cries of Nepotism
Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio successor, Eric Adams, appointed his brother, Bernard Adams, to an approximately $240,000.00 job as Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD. Soon after there was an outcry of nepotism from concerned New yorkers, and Mayor Adams, the second black mayor of New York City in history (after David Dinkins). then demoted his brother to a $210,000.00 position as "director of mayoral security", according to a New York Post article. Fox News reported Eric Adams' explanation of the questionable hiring as a way to protect himself from the "increase" in "White Supremacy".
Eric Adams has disappointed many New York city residents by allowing nearly 1,000,000 (yes one million) illegals to vote in local elections. Also brought into question is Eric Adams hiring of Philip Banks, an "unidicted co-conspirator" in a police corruption case, according to the FBI. It was discovered that Banks deposited and unexplained $300,000.00 in his personal bank accounts between 2007 and 2013. Banks retired soon after.
Philip Banks set off to business by firing some people in top positions. One? Chief of Internal Affairs Joseph Reznick, who was involved with investigating Banks during the police corruption probe. Also fired: Robert L. Ganley, Deputy Commissioner for employee relations in the NYPD, It will be interesting to see who is chosen to replace these men, both white men.
: Philip Banks as Deputy Mayor of NYC - Cleaning House?
Read the Philip Banks / Deputy Mayor / Unindicted Co-conspirator story (2018): Philip Banks,NYC Deputy Mayor, Co-Conspirator According to FBI
Read the demotion story in the NYPost: January 12, 2022 NYP - Mayor Demotes Brother After Giving Him High-Ranking NYPD Post

January 16, 2022
Barack Obama Requested, and Received, 3,277,000 for Transition from U.S. Presidency
That $3.3 million was on top of the 3.2 illion Obama earned as U.S. Presidency, which he kept. President Donald J. Trump donated his entire $1.6 Presidential salary back to the American people.
We at Nippies know you won't read that in the MSM (Main Stream Media), so here's the official document regarding Barack Obama's request for transition money from American taxpayers:
Barack Obama Asks For $3.3 Million for Presidential Transition

January 15, 2022

January 15, 2022: NYC Man Pushes 40 Year Old Asian Woman To Her Death

New york City is suffering under a ever increasing violent crime wave. This morning at about 9:40am, at the 42nd St in Manhattan R Station, a man, described as "homeless" and from his photo appears to be black, pushed a 40 year old Asian woman to her death. The violence was unprovoked, according to witnesses.
Di Blasio's successor, Eric Adams, showed up at the station at about noon but went inside without answering questions. This mayor, the 2nd black mayor (David Dinkins was the first) in New York City history, has disappointed many with his failure to stop nearly 1 million illegals from voting in local elections and by appointing his own brother as Deputy Commissioner of the Nypd to protect himself from what he called increasing "White Supremacy" and "hate crimes" in the city.

From the New York Post article:
"Wai Wah Chin, president of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York, called the incident "horrifying"
- "It's a horrible attack on yet another one of our citizens. This has to stop," she said. 'We have to make the streets and subways safe for all of our citizens, especially our Asian women."
- (end or NYPost article quote).

Manhattan DA Alvin Briggs recently announced that he will not be pressing charges on many crimes. We already know how bad the current no bail pollicy is...why worry?

This fatal attack comes on the heels of the Good Samaritan being viciously attacked and robbed near 5th Avenue and 81st street. The Good Samaritan, who apeared to be white, was walking on on the Upper East Side when he spotted a man, later identified as 25 year old Xavier Israel, who appeared to be black, sleeping on the sidewalk/tje Gppd Samaritan covered the sleeping man with his coat and, as the now viral video shows, was pulled down, robbed, and viciously punched. .No good deed goes unpuhished, sadly, proven true once again.
From the New York Post: NYC Asian Woman Killed In Unprovoked Attack

Photo of accused man: Woman Pushed To Her Death at 42nd Street NYC Train Station

January 14, 2022: Time For Unconstitutional Racial Preferences to Stop?
The city of Asheville, North Carolina had set up scholarships to only one race - black. The scholarships, being awarded by the Asheville City School Foundation. A group of residents and students filed a lawsuit against both the school and the Foundation.The Asheville City Council voted unanimously to resolve the lawsuit. which challenged the scholarships' constitutionality.
"“Our clients, a group of Asheville residents, including high school students, courageously challenged this blatantly discriminatory and illegal scholarship program in federal court,” said attorneys from Judicial Watch, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of the residents.

Source: JustTheNews.com

January 12, 2022: NYC Good Samaritan Attacked and Robbed by Homeless Man He Covered With His Coat
A man strolling past a building on posh 81st Street in Manhattan's Upper East Side spotted a man sleeping on the sidewalk. The Good Samaritan, who appeared to be White in the video, took off his own coat and placed it over 25 year old Xavier Israel, a homeless man who was Black, as he lay curled up in front of a building. A video, now widely available on the internet, shows Israel, who is now accused of attacks of two others inside nearby Central Park on the Upper East Side, grabbed the Good Samaritan, pulled him in, took his wallet and punched and pushed the GS repeatedly in an attempt to flee with the man's personal possession. Isael was later apprehended on 5th Avenue by NYPD cops.
From the January 12, 2022 New York Post story: Upper East Side NYC Good Samaritan Attacked

January 11, 2021: Oldies but Goodies will appreciate this:
Steve Forrest, actor who portrayed Hollywood attorney Greg Bauzer - and the boyfriend of Joan Crawford (Mommy Dearest / Joan Crawford), and Dana Andrews, popular film noir star (Laura with Gene Tierney) who later played on soap operas, were brothers.

January 10, 2022: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Cites Increase in "White Supremacy" as Nepotism Defense
White Supremacy? All listed below are black and all are in top positions in New York City.
Mayor: Eric Adams - Elected over Curtis Sliwa, a white man who founded the Guardian Angels in NYC decades ago.
Deputy Mayor Philip Banks, appointed by Eric Adams. Banks is a black man who is an "indicted co-conspirator" in an upcoming police corruption case.
FBI investigators found Banks to have deposited an unexplainied $300,000.00 in his bank accounts between 2007-2013.
Philip Banks retired soon after. Philip Banks Story in NYPost
Deputy NYPD Commissioner brother Bernard Adams, a black man appointed by Mayor Eric Adams
NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, a black woman appointed by Eric Adams and the first woman to hold that position.

January 8, 2021: U.S. Goverment can, and has in the past, force YOU to hand in your gold!
Yes, few know this, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) forced Americans to sell the gov't their gold for $28.per ounce.
Refused to comply to this 1933 mandate? Up to TEN YEARS in PRISON.
Huff Post: When It Was Illegal To Own Goldl inAmerica

January 6, 2022: One Year Anniversary of Ashli Babbitt, Unarmed Woman, Navy Veteran,Being Shot & Killed by Capitol Cop
That's all fact. Nancy Pelosi's politically charged speech was full of lies and Democrat agenda.

January 5th, 2022: CAPITOL SHOOTING of 1954. Six U.S. Congress members shot by Puerto Rican Nationals
And Democrat President Jimmy Carter COMMUTED THEIR SENTENCES...

So many lies and misrepresentations being told by the Biden admin / Democrats / Trump haters about history...
Why has this story been IGNORED by the media?
On March 1, 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists entered the U.S. Capitol and shot, from the Ladies Gallery, six U.S. Congress members on the floor of the House of Representatives.
From the Wiki account...
"The 1954 United States Capitol shooting was an attack on March 1, 1954, by four Puerto Rican nationalists who sought to promote the cause of Puerto Rico's independence from US rule. They fired 30 rounds from semi-automatic pistols onto the legislative floor from the Ladies' Gallery (a balcony for visitors) of the House of Representatives chamber within the United States Capitol."

Link: U.S. Capitol Shooting of 1954
History (brief) of attacks on the United States Capitol: Capitol Violence Didn't Begin on January 2, 2020

December 15, 2021: Is Common Sense Dead? Some think so...including we at Nippies ®
Common Sense Obit:London Times / reprint the Australian Morning Mail

December 9, 2021: Twitter Deletes Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker
From TheWashingtonStandard.com Dec. 8, 2021

December 10, 2021: Ghislaine Maxwell Trial -actual testimony from "Katie", 17 year old groomed by GM for sex with Jeffrey Epstein
17 Yr Old Katie Groomed for Sex with Jeffrey Epstein by Maxwell

December 7, 2021: Obamas Raking in Eight Figures with Deals
and the American taxpayer still paying THEM. and other wealthy former U.S. Presidents. Time to STOP.. The Former Presidents Act was to protect poor ex-POTUS's (like Harry Truman).
Not near billionaires like Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama.
Netflix Deal for Obamas Making Them RIcher. YOU are paying for it.

December 1, 2021: FAUCISM ... "I do not, nor will I ever, publicly endorse any political candidate." Hardy Har Har....
Fauci's 60 Minutes appearance on October 18, 2020, only weeks prior to the Trump / Biden Election 2020, belies his words.
Anthony Fauci, Dr. Fauci to some, surely acted like a political animal during the segment.
Dr. Fauci TRASHED President Trump, in our opinion, and showed himself to be a LIAR regarding his apolitical claim.
Skip to minute 2:30 and watch Fauci be blatantly biased against Donald J. Trump.
SO it was no surprise when the D.C. black tie rodent with a medical degree ended up as....
Joe Biden's CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISOR!! (Soo-Prize! Soo-Prize! Soo-Prize!)
We at Nippies ® think Fauci doth deny too much his political bias..
.Can anyone see this interview and NOT think it was a reverse-endorsement of President Trump? Days before the election?
Fauci on 60 Minutes October 18 2020

November 29, 2021: OMICRON Variant: of coronavirus exhibits "extremely mild symptoms"
- South African Medical Association Chair Dr. Angelique Coetzee

On November 18, 2021, Dr. Coatzee, who still is a hands-on, practicing physician despite her status, noticed milder symptoms on COVID patients, and first identified a new variant.
SA Chair of Med Assn says Omicron "extremely mild" variant.

November 28, 2021: Who's Fighting The Superbugs? Not Big Pharma...much
2013 Articls - Nothing Much Has Changed. $$$

November 26, 2021: Europe - The Islamization...America Next?
Joe BIden recently allowed 60,000 larglely unvetted Muslims, uninvited, to fly into America from Afghanistan.
(Not insignificantly, hundreds of Americans were left behind...CRICKETS on this from the Biden / Obama administration.)
Where are these people now? Nothing in the main stream media about where these followers of Islam have gone..
Muslims to not assimilate into the culture of a host country..
They often form enclaves and practice Sharia Law. No Go Zones. Etc.
One example: Islamburg NY. Look it up. Islamberg, NY
We at Nippies® / Nippies.com® were not aware of this town, not far from one of our homes, until a Jewish woman we lnow expressed concern.
If that site has been removed, PLEASE do your own research.
BOOK: The Strange Death of Europe (by British author Douglas Murray). Read it. Research it.
Topic: the Islamization of many European countries.
Dennis Prager hosted British author Douglas Murray, the author of The Strange Death Of Europe.
Look up his podcast on this fascinating interview.
One caller asked a question we at NIPPIES often worry about: WHY are countries which allowed the mass murder of Jews allowing mass numbers of Muslims, who often HATE JEWS, into their countries? America is doing the same...
The subject matter of the book: the Islamization of Europe.
Example: Germany took in Muslims in ONE year which represented 2% of their population.
Several European countries have more mosques than churches - for example, Southern France.
Sharia Law courts exist. The rights of women are worrisome.
Here is a video on the topic: The Strange Death of Europe video.
Concerning? The title of this book is INCORRECT it's not The Death of Europe. It's: The StRANGE Death of Europe ,br> Secondly, the COMMENTS have been turned off by You Tube. WHY???

November 24, 2021: Black Sheep of the Family?
Just about every family has an (often unnamed) BLACK SHEEP. When one Black Sheep passes on, or leaves, a new one will be designated.
This article explains the dynamics of a dysfunctional family, and why there must always be a BLACK SHEEP. The different one,, the sensitive one, the unconventional one. The one those who consider themselves to be the wise ones feel the need to constantly adfise - even tho they have their orn problems. You likely know if you are "the one" Odds, you pretend not to know. but the pain is real.
From EggShellTherapy.com: Are You the Black Sheep of the Family?

November 23, 2021: Johnson & Johnson Reacts to "Band Aids are racist."
Recently a young relative of ours observed a person of color child pasting band aids on young white school mates.
What's this all about?, we at Nippies ¬, we wondered. Band Aids are expensive...there must be a reason.
We looked it up. Sadly, we found out a possible reason.
Read The "Racist" Band-Aid for inrormation into why J&J / this Big Pharma company hurried to please activist groups after they were accused of being racist because of the light flesh colored standard.
Question: why not make the adhesive part transparent?? <
From Yated.com

November 22, 2021- Critical Race Theory / CRT - Black Supremacist Movement
According to a popular Australia news source (news.com.au),Critical Race Theory / CRT is "aimed at making people hate White People
It is described as a "Black Supremacist Movement"
News.com in Australia

November 22,2021 - Chris Christie Hawks Book and Likely 2024 Run by Trashing Trump
Jim Acosta / CNN were salivating when they recently had former NJ Governor and FORMER Trump supporter Chris Christie on their show (haha on calling CNN the news) where the former Donald Trump supporter promoted his new book. He was coy about 2024 Presidential aspirations, but we at Nippies saw the dribble as he salivated, mentally, at any opportunity to throw nuts and bolts into the Trump 2024 ticket.
Chris Christie article on NJ.com

November 21, 2021: Emanuel "Manny" Mittelman (1935 - 2019) - Surviving the Holocause Against Extraordinary Odds
This interview, recorded by The Shoah Foundation, was done in 1996. Emanuel Manny Mittelson tells his story in such a riviteng fasion that you'll feel like you were there. And thank God you were not. Make a cup of coffee / tea and enjoy...it's a long interview but a spellbinding one I've seen nearly 100 Holocause interviews, none told as well as Manny''s. It should be made into a movie.
Emanuel Mittelman - Survivor of Auschwitz

Manny's Wife, Bessie Sturm Mittelman - Shares her written testimony on her Holocause life.
Bessie's Happy Blessed Life Despite All

November 20, 2021: LAVENDER and TEA TREE OIL Linked to EARLY PUBERTY!! Parents Beware!!
Recently a relative, age 8, began to show signs of early puberty. This was a little girl, beloved. She'd been exposed to personal hygiene products containing lavender / lavendar for a few years. When her parents took her to see a pediatric endocrinologist, the physician asked if she'd been exposed to either lavender or tea tree oil procucts. YES, she had. (Melaluca is another name for tea tree oil, fyi). A few weeks after her doctor's appointment, she menstruated.

We at Nippies.com want to let parents know this info. Do your own research. But attached is just one article from the NIH on this subject.
Lavender / Tea Tree Oil / Melaluca - Linked to Early Puberty

NOVEMBER 18, 2021: Senior Citizens Screwed by Biden Administration: 15% Increase Medicare Plan B LARGEST EVER.
The meager 5.9% increase in Social Security payments was put out there with GREAT FANFARE! Whoopee!! 5.9% INCREASE AGAINST RUNAWAY INFLATION!!
ABC News called it a "windfall". Hardy Har Har.
But on Saturday, yes SATURDAY (get it? No publicity) the whopping 15% increase for Seniors on Medicare (Plan B, which you BETTER have if you want to get treated and not lose your home) was only put out there online in the mildest form while Seniors were at BINDO - literally.
SHHHH....dont' want anyone to know how the BIDEN / OBAMA's THIRD TERM is screwing you, retired Americans who worked their arses off for 50 plus years.
Senior Americans Screwed by Joe Biden

November 16, 2021: Eric Holder - OBAMA PRIVILEGED CHARACTER / Steve Bannon - Like PRESIDENT TRUMP, OBEYS LAW
There is a big difference between how Obama guy, Eric Holder, reacted to the United States law when subponaed.
2012: Eric Holder, Obama privilege at it's most obvious....Eric Holder Defying the Law by Ignoring Subpoena (USNews)
Eric Holder went UNPUNISHED after Contempt of Congress: Eric Holder went UNPUNISHED for CONTEMPT of CONGRESS

November 10, 2021: Perry Mason: Love Story - Della Street and Perry Mason

As a child of eight, I remember reading the New York Post and getting very excited about any crime stories. The same help true for detective /crime TV shows. Whenever I was allowed to stay up late, which was often, I watched Peter Gunn, Mannix - both featureing dark and handsome men. So it was no surprise I was inlove with Perry Mason and thrilled to his relationship with his right hand woman, Della street (Barbara Hale). Mrs. William Katt /Barbara Hale was also a close friend of Raymond Burr (Perry Mason). The romance between the two was never shown outwardly on Perry Mason, but you just knew it existed. the secretiveness of it made it even more romantic.

Here's a link to a wonderful page dedicated to Barbara Hale where you will find a video charming clips of "Della Street" out to dinner with "Perry Mason" where they share close to intimate moments - even kisses. Perry and Della -Kissing and More!

Ms. Hale sheds light on this romance in her last interview, whiich I am so thrilled to share with my readers.

Barbara Hale / Della Street On Her Relationship with Perry Mason / Raymond Burr

PLEASE get out and vote OUT the corrupt DEMOCRATS who are destroying our country with CRITICAL RACE THEORY, payouts to ILLEGALS that amount to more than what most retired Americans will collect in Social Security after a lifetime of hard work, open borders and the flood (nearly 2 million) of criminals, voter fraud, COVID19 MANDATES, and the rest of what goes with OBAMAS THIRD TERM under the puppet called Joe Biden.

PRESIDENT TRUMP - dear GOD we miss his strength. love of AMERICA, and respect for our LAWS.

Oprah Winfrey Book for Children by Brad Meltzer - Not Buying
I listen to Brian Kilmeade almost daily. I heard his guest, Brad Meltzer, who has written a series of books for children (I Am _____) , report he has written an I Am Oprah book. I won't be buying. Why?

My disenchantment with Oprah started with her story about the $30,000 purse she tried to purchase in Switzerland when she went to Tina Turner's wedding. She attributed that incident to racism. Then there was the UK interview where she said a lot of old white folks just have to "die" for racism to end. There were other incidents which WOKE me to the fact that Oprah never was who she presented herself to be. IN MY OPINION, Oprah Winfrey used the majority of er fans, white women, to make billion$ and build her empire, all the wile hating them in reality. That is my opinion.

Take this as you will. I think Oprah is a faker. . Her "Aunt" Katherine Carr Esters apparently thought so, as well. No,Oprah was not so poor that she played with cock roaches nor did she wear sacks as dresses, according to her aunt/cousin. Oprah's "father", Vernon Winfrey Inot her biological father, but rather one of her mothers lovesr who helped raise Oprah, agrees that she lies. Do your research.
Katherine Carr Esters on Her Cousin, Oprah Winfrey

New York Post Article on Oprah's Hidden Life

Oct. 18, 2021
Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell, 84, Dies from COVID19 Complications

Typically, most main stream, Big Pharma backing media are leaving the "fully vaccinated" part out of the headlines, and reporting simply that (Ret) General Powell simply died from COVID19 complications. The devil is in the details. Breakthrough cases abound...

Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell - RIP

Dr. Anthony Fauci is taken on by a KENNEDY

Nippies.com recommends this book for reading because Dr. Anthony Fauci is, in our humble opinion, very much in need to being taken to task.
Visit our May 2003 archives - Dr. Anthony Fauci promised to work on a coronavirus (COVID19 is one). He dropped the ball along the way.
The LINK below goes to the Simon&Schuster website where you can get the book directly AND find about free e-books.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is and has been too powerful for too long. Big Pharma, the FDA and Fauci exposed in a book by Robert J. Kennedy, Jr

Oct 4, 2021 Just In: Possible Explosives on Bridge Connecting U.S. and Canada (Detroit / Windsor)
Explosives on CA / US Bridge?

I can't believe it....but, unfortunately (based on research over many years) am certain it's true. Who is pulling the strings on the Joe Biden / Obiden puppet?
I think we all know....
Biden Turns Tyrannical

BIDEN: pushing a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE for military refusing the COVID19 vaccine?

I can't believe it....but, unfortunately (based on research over many years) am certain it's true. Who is pulling the strings on the Joe Biden / Obiden puppet?
I think we all know....
Biden Turns Tyrannical

Nippies News Review

India Covid19 Success Media Blackout Because of Ivermectin?

"There is a blackout on any conversation about how Ivermectin beat COVID-19 in India. When I discussed the dire straits that India found itself in early this year with 414,000 cases per day, and over 4,000 deaths per day, and how that evaporated within five weeks of the addition of Ivermectin, I am often asked, "But why is there no mention of that in the news?"
Read More:India / COVID19 / Ivermectin

Etan Patz Parents Leave NYC 40 Years Later

Forty years after their 6-year-old son Etan Patz disappeared on a Soho street, Julie and Stan Patz have started a new chapter..

Park Avenue Beat aka Perry Mason Theme
This music brings back warm memories to many, so here it is...

American Troop Exit Has Begun??? (Aug. 24, 2021) with THOUSANDS of AMERICANS Stranded in Afghanistan

Joe Biden is 2 hours late for his press conference, and Hannity has just gotten reliable word that U.S. troops have begun to withdraw from our air base in Kabul, Afghanistan with thousands (we don't know how many) Americans still STRANDED in Afghanistan.

Legal Immigrants Wait Their Turn - and Appreciate America

AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP and living in the United States of America is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.
Have your children and grandchildren watch this video about how the immigrants who came here from 1892 thru 1954, arriving at Ellis Island, appreciated the opportunity to live in this LAND OF THE FREE. 40% of current Americans are descended from thise LEGAL immigrants who were only admitted to our land after physical, emotional and mental checks. Today? Democrats have opened the Southern Border to criminals, drug dealers, jihadists disguised as Mesicans, gang members, and more....

Hugh Hewitt Show: Call for COMPLETE Video of Joe Biden ABC / George Stephanopolous Interview - NOT Edited!

Joe Biden is the "alleged" American president. WE THE PEOPLE want to see Joe Biden speak during a FULL, UNEDITED interview regarding the Afghanistan decaucle. Up to 40,000 Americans have been left behind due to Biden's incompetency and poor judgement (and Obama's, as everyone in their right mind knows wo is really running tis country) .

Will it happen? Or will ABC - and the other national "fake news" media, as well as the Clinton / Demcrat / Obama / Liberal sycophants continue to protect this man?

White House Physician of Obama: COGNITIVE TESTING NEEDED: on Joe Biden and NOW

That from former White House physician (of Bush, Obama, Biden and Trump).
How is it that everyone needs testing even to work at any job at all, but the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, Joe Biden, whose judgement is paramount to the safety and welfare to nearly 400 million people, has NOT and refuses to have that judgement tested scientifically?
What is he hiding??

Dr. and Senator Ronny Jackson calls for Biden's cognitive testing NOW...but his pleas are ignored...of course

Dr. Ben Carson Traveled the World, but America "Amazing Country"
Carson Pities Today's American Children Because of the Liberal Indoctrination

Dr. Ben Carson Calls CRT / Critical Race Theory "a bunch of garbage".
Liberal media have been partially quoting this black neorosurgeon's words to make it appear he approves. BS.
Dr. Ben Carson on Critical Race Theory - He does NOT APPROVE

USA's Largest Teachers Union (NEA) Backing Critical Race Theory: Leftist Propaganda Pushers

Seriously? The National Education Association is now backing CRT. Seriously? This will teach that whites - all whites - are racist and blacks have a right to be hateful. That will lead to young blacks being told in unspoken language that they should hate America and whites. WRONG and UNTRUE. Only a little over 1% of white Americans ever owned slaves, and that was back in 1850....and blacks also owned slaves - many blacks.. The excuse today is they were trying to protect them from being owned by whites. Good excuse.

FIGHT BACK. Insist that School Choice (using your real estate taxes to fund private and or religious schools, be the LAW and monopoly that public school teachers now enjoy be destroyed. You will then be capable of sending your children/ grandchildren to PRIVATE SCHOOL where this hateful propaganda, largely supported by Obama's Third Term, will not be taught.

JFK Files

Martin Luther King, JR & President Donald J. Trump: Much In Common
This Newsweek article from November 14, 2017, in hindsight, shows an eerie similarity between MLK and DJT. Both men were the target of a relentless smear campaign by their politican and other enemies. You cannot deny the similarity.
JFK Files

DR. RONNY JACKSON: Obama's White House Physician Calls for Cognitive Testing of Biden
"Joe Biden not physically nor cognitively fit to be President....Prsident Trump had a PERFECT SCORE on his test."

Obama's Physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson: Biden Needs Cognitive Testing

LORI LIGHTFOOT: Food for thought
Lori Lightfoot was raised in a "white neighborhood", according to her wiki. She went to a high school with only 2 other black students. YET! She was voted Class President three times. She received full scholarships to schools not historically black. Now isn't that all interesting in a country that is purportedly racist?
Published June 22, 2021 while we at NIPPIES are still able to claim 1st Amendment right of Free Speech.

Alleged VP of the United States, Kamala Harris, announcing more Democrat money giveaways (to buy votes, of course). This is a woman raised by two PhDs. Yet she pronounces the word "GET" as "GIT". This was said while telling people how to get free taxpayers money even if you didn't file your 2019 and/or 2020 taxes, as did the rest of us. No, I won't publish the web address she gave you where you simply "fill out the form" to get your free taxpayer money even if you don't pay taxes.
Published June 22, 2021 while we at NIPPIES are still able to claim 1st Amendment right of Free Speech.

Jack LaLanne - Jumping Jacks Named After Him & More

My earliest memories of Jack LaLanne consist of my mother watching him on our black-and-white television somewhere in the early 1960s. To me, Jack was just a man in a funny looking jumpsuit who liked to exercise. The truth was, Jack LaLanne was already on his way to legendary status : his 30 minute morning show had 27 million regular viewers and was featured on 100 television stations around the country, according to a 1963 article by fitness writer Earle Liederman, a featured writer of "Strength and Health" magazine. (1) (See end of story for link).

Mom was a shy woman, and she was never one of the cluck-cluck clique in the neighborhood. I think she was was pulled into - quite temporarily - the LaLanne exercise-at-home craze because of the trim, fit woman who lived caddy-corner across the street. Jane, the wife of a retired military man, was the unofficial president of the unofficial club{ the neighborhood wives club. Jane's GI Joe husband had a hard belly and a crew cut even in his forties, Looking back with wisdom, I now suspect that Jane's husband put expectations out there for his spouse. Joe ran daily and was a strict disciplinarian, and Jane, a stay-at-home mother, as were all the mothers on our street, apparently did her best not to disappoint him. Enter Jack LaLanne.

My mother was never more than a few pounds overweight, but four children had left her a bit thick in the middle. Nor was she the type who would normally exercise, being more the book worm type: she was top of her class. But life had not been kind to her. Grandfather died in a railroad accident, and my mother, the eldest of six, cleaned a doctor's mansion daily to support her four younger siblings, then watched her brothers go off, one-by-one, to a boarding school for underprivileged, fatherless boys., fatherless boys, which she and her one older, and four younger, brothers were. Remember - NO welfare in those days. Single mothers were on their own.

I never gave much thought to Jack LaLanne in the ensuing years. Oh, every ear of so when my children were smalll and Jack was hitting his seventies, I would take note of his latest birthday feat. He was always pulling boats by his teeth or something, while swmming. But then I would forget about Jack until the next year. Then, when Jack hit his eighties, then nineties, I became very impressed by his accomplishments. He certianly was extraordinary, to say the least.

Last week I began to read more about Jack, who passed away severa years ago, in his mid-nineties, of pneumonia. (updated June 21, 2021....to be continued).

1.) Earle Liederman Article

Joe Biden: Vaccinate or Mask Up, America

President Donald J. Trump: Social Media Platform Coming - Save Freedom of Speech

April - May, 2021

Joseph Robinette Biden - AKA Joe Biden - AKA Omadhaun

Joseph Robinette Biden - Joe Biden - is an Irish fool,  idiot, simpleton, or, as our Irish grandmothers would say, an omadhaun, which is Gaeic.

President Trump Launches 45Office.com - 1st Amendment Stronghold
After Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms denied the President of the United States his Constitutional rights of Free Speech...
Donald J. trump had no choice.
God be with President Trump on this endeavor. REGISTER by going to 45Office.com

Presidnet Donald J. Trump launches social media platform 45Office.com / 45 office

Feb / March 2021

Dr. Tony Fauci Claims He Is Non Partisan.
One Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Dr. Anthony Tony Fauci of the CDC  - can't get enough camera time. What a ham.

Was Free Speech Parler.com Crushed by APPLE and AMAZON?

On Saturday, January 9, 2021, the Free Speech app Parler.com was getting ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS per hour from the Apple store. At the same time, many were leaving Facebook and Twitter. Suddenly Amazon, which hosted Parler, pulled the plug and notified Parler CEO John Matze that Parler had 24 hours to get a new server. At roughly the same time, APPLE announced it would no longer offer Parler in it's app store. The next day, at midnight, the lights went out on PARLER.. This was on or about the same day that Facebook and Twitter and other social media giants silenced President Donald Trump and other well known partiots and Conservatives. The great Rush Limbaugh left Facebook and Twitter in protest. That is just one reason why Rush Limbaugh was and is great. (And will always be missed).

As you can imagine, no one else in the internet industry wanted to mess with AMAZON. The Parler people - Dan Bongino is a major investor - could find no one willing to take them on board as a server. For six weeks Parler was off line. This week the Free Speech forum is partly online. We will see you there in the future.

January 2021
Conservatives were jubilant that, after months of being targeted and censored by Facebook and Twitter, they had a social media platform which would actually let them speak out against the Obama driven Deep State without censure: Parler.com.
John Matze was CEO, and Dan Bongino, the conservative talk show host and former U.S. Secret Service member, was a major investor. It was thru Bongino that most of us, tired of constantly being censored - even removed - by Twitter and Facebook for speaking the unpleasant truth about Democrats, Obama, Joe Biden,e tc - learned about Parler. We left FB and joined Parler by the millions. This departure excellerated the weekend of January 9, when we learned that our President Donald J. Trump had been banned by both Facebook and Twitter. SO...in early January, 2021, the word began to spread that suspicions of theft election, voter fraud, illegal mail-in ballots would be allowed, under our 1st Amendment right of Free Speech, on Parler.com. So many Conservatives, and usually Trump supporters, were moving over to Parler. The rate hit fever pitch on Saturday, January 9, 2021. It was reported that the Parler app was being downloaded at a rate of ONE MILLION PER HOUR at the Apple app store.
Well....that was soon to end...
That day, it was announced by Parler CEO John Matze that Apple, on the very day where record downloads were occuring (of Parler), that Apple had STOPPED offering the PARLER app and that, at the same time, he had been informed by Amazon that Parler had 24 hours to get off their server. BOOM. Just like that.

24 days later - today is Feb. 3, 2021, not only has John Matze not found another servier willing ot take on Parler (who will cross the almight Amazon /Jeff Bezos), and Parler is still not opened for business. Does this not scare you? It should. It really should. Conservatives who still remain on Facebook because there is no alternative are still being silenced. Say anything that is deemed "hate speech" by FB, and that is a lot, and you are cut off from posting for days, even weeks.

So why are any of us still on Facebook? Pm Twotter? Each account counts toward theri advertising rate, and that is how Facebook makes money. But so many remain. This is, in the opinion of Nippies.com, a huge mistake. We MUST organize, and we must fight back.

My Grandfather Was A Breaker Boy

My grandfather, the son of a German immigrant, left school at the age of eight (1888) to go to work as a breaker boy, Working in a Pennsylvania mine was brutal even for men. For young boys who were too young to go into the mines, it was just as brutal. These children worked p to 14 hours a day, sitting hunched over on 5 inch wooden slats while jagged pieces of coal rushed by underneath them. The boys job was to pick out the slate, rock and other debris from the coal. Behind the boys stood an overseer with a rod who would crack them on the back if they didn't work fast enough or talked.
I have linked a video which explains how horrible was this job and how wretched the life of a breaker boy was.
Breaker Boys



IVERMECTIN: 100% Effective in PREVENTING Covid19 - U.S. Senate Hearing - Dec. 10, 2020
IVERMECTIN will PREVENT DEATH in those already effected, in early stages, of COVID19 infection.

but the VACCINE is more profitable, and less effective, so BIG PHARMA, NIH, CDC, etc. ignoring the story..

Dr. Pierre Kory, M.D., a board certified physician who has been treating Covid19 patients since the beginning, but also with research and other credentials, testified in front of the U.S. Senate on December 10, 2020 about the studies which confirm the 100% - yes, 100% - effectiveness of Ivermectin, a cheap, readily available drug in PREVENTING COVID19. Yet it has NOT been widely used - if at all - in clinical settings.

COPY and PASTE this address and view the testimony of this reknowned physician, Dr. Peter Kory, before it is removed by Youtube.com\


Remember, the Pfizer vaccine is only 95-96% effective, and it can pose a danger to those suffering from severe allergies. The UK is talking and writing about the risk to those with allergies - with the necessity of an EpiPen to help breathing - but the U.S. media, so dependent on BigPharma advertising dollars, is not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The December 5, 2020 video of Judge Jeanine Pirro appears to have been scrubbed from YouTube.com - why?
Scroll down for interview with General Michael Flynn: "I must have put the FEAR OF GOD into BARACK OBAMA".

  • 1.) Why would he not continue an investigation as the evidence continues to come in?
  • 2.) Why would he even share infomation on a pending investigation? It's JUST NOT DONE.
  • 3.) On election night, with THE PRESIDENT AHEAD, why was the counting stopped?
  • 4.) Why were observers not permitted to reasonably observe ballot counting?
  • 5.) Why were observers (#Republican) removed from counting areas?
  • 6.) Why did counters (#Democrats / #DeepState) cheer when Republican counters were removed?
  • 7.) Why were windows boarded up so that observers (#Republicans) could not observe?
  • 8.) Why, when observers were allowed to re-enter, was there an usually large number of ballots with an unusually high percentage for #JoeBiden ?
  • 9.) Why was there a failure to #matchsignatures on #mailinballots 10.) Why was there destruction of #mailinballot envelopes?
  • 11.) Why does an #integrity project in #George estimate that more than 20,000 people who no longer meet residency requirements were casting #ballots in #GA?
    -Remember, President Trump "lost" in GA by only 12,000 votes.
  • 12.) Why are there RECORD NUMBERS of #DeadPeopleVoting in GEORGIA?
  • 13.) How is it that ballots in pristine condition, without creases, suggesting they had not been in mail-in envelopes, as required by LAW,
  • 14.) Why is Joe #Biden the first candidate to lose #Florida and #Ohio and still become #POTUS?
  • 15.) Might it be that #FL and #OH have safeguards in place that the other states do not?
  • 16.) Why are 18 of the 19 #BellWeather counties historically indicative of a #PresidentialWin won by #Trump and not by #Biden?
  • 17.) How is it that #Biden underperformed #Clinton in #NewYork, #Chicago and #LA but won in the #SwingStates cities of #Milwaukee, #Atlanta, #Detroit and #Philadelphia? Each known HISTORICALLY for #VoterCorruption ( #VoterFraud)?
  • 18.) How is it that #JoeBiden underperformed with #African-American #Voters everywhere but in those swing states?
  • 19.) Why were #ballotwatchers in #Pennsylvania not allowed to meaninglyfy observe to the point where they had to get a court order and yet, when they got one, they STILL WERE NOT ALLOWED TO OBSERVE?\
  • 20.) How is it that the #NYTimes and #Jimmy Carter and #JamesBaker all agree that #AbsenteeBallots are the largest source of #Fraud, allowing for the changing of #fraud, but now are suddenly secure?
  • 21.) Bill, did you really have an answer to all those questions before you made your premature comment to the #AP?

    Watch the video: Judge Jeanine Dec. 5, 2020


    Donald J. Trump Received 73.6 Million LEGAL Ballots - and counting. Newsweek, Nov. 19, 2020
    President Trump received more votes than any President in the history of the United States of America.
    President Trump received SEVEN MILLION MORE VOTES THAN OBAMA RECEIVED in 2012
    Are we REALLY supposed to believe that doddering JOE BIDEN received almost 80 million LEGAL VOTES?

    Attorney General Warned About Mail In Ballot Fraud Potential in September 2020 w Wolf Blitzer of CNN
    Attorney General William Barr WARNS of : Mail In Ballots & Voter Fraud

    Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
    725 fifth Avenue
    New York City, NY 10022
    #FightBack and don't lit the #DeepState STEAL ELECTION 2020

    WHY would you vote for OBAMA by voting for his puppet, #JoeBiden?? WHY???
  • October 2020
    President Donald J. Trump: Re-elect or Accept The End of America As We Know It
    Elect Joe Biden? He's the TOKEN Old WHite Man Used, and Being Used, by Barack Obama

    Barack Obama is the first U.S. President in the history of the United States to stay behind in Washington D.C. AND spend four years trying to undermine his successor. Obama used the excuse of staying in his Kalorama mansion of his daughter, Sasha, was attending private school there. BS. Sasha is gone now, and Obama, and Michelle as well as Valerie Jarrett, stay. Why? To try and get rid of President Donald J. Trump.

    Is Obama staying to help our country? He HATES our country as does Michelle. They especially hate white people. If you don't believe me, listen carefully and research. Listen to Obama's 1995 Cambridge speech, whereby he tricked his white "friends" into attending an all black party at an Air Force base so they would feel uncomfortable. . Listen to Michelle Obama's 2015 commencement speech to historically black Tuskegee U. grads: blacks were WE, whites were THEY. Obama - toom many incidents to document. EVERYTHING he says, these days is meant to divide the country - BLACK ON WHITE. If you don't think he was behind the George Floyd incident being used to start riots, you are very naive.

    WHy is Obama doing this aside from his hatred of whites? Why is Biden the POTUS candidate?Because Barack Biden is using him to continue his power in governing the United States. Why did Obama choose Biden, who accomplished relatively nothin in his decades long political career? Because he was the TOKEN old white man and Obama needed him for the old white vote. He knew Biden would not buck him, being eternally grateful for having schieved the nd highest office in the land>

    Then Obama intended to stay in office after his two terms were up. Obama thought Hillary was a shoe-in, and she would cover his arse regarding all the corruption in his administration. When she lost, he - and Brennan, Comey and his ch-horts - freaked. They HAD to get rid of President Trump, who promised to darin the swamp, of which Biden and the rest are dwellers.

    Get out and vote on November 3. The future of the United States, as we know it, is at stake. If BIden wins, he will be replaced by Kamala Harris in short order. She will open the borders, she will hand out reparations - which everyeon else will pay for. She has no allegience to the U.S., just to her own ambitions. And Obama outright hates us.

    September 2020
    The Hypocrisy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as most of us now know, passed away from stage VI cancer this past week. This was her fourth bout with the dieease, and this time the feisty lady had met her match. , She passed away and was 87 years old.. There is no doubt in my mind she had to have been quite ill for some time, and unable to fulfill her duties as a Supreme Court justice, yet this was hidden from the public so that time could pass and bring us closer to the 2020 Presidential Election. Then the argument, an unconstitutional one, could be made that President Trump should not nominate his chosen candidate to the SCOTUS. Top this off with the alleged deathbed plea from RGB to not fill her seat until the next President is chosen.

    In 2016, Ruth Bader GInsburg said exactly the opposite when the POTUS of her party, Democrat, was in office: radical Leftist Barack Hussein Obama. At that time, Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued that Barack Obama should and could be allowed to nominate Merrick Garland after the suspicious and sudden death of Justice Scalia. She pushed that it was Obama's Constitutional duty to not only nominate his candidate - a Liberal, of course - but that he should be appointed. How different were her views when it was her own seat going to be filled. Ginsburg's granddaughter claims that her grandmother wanted that seat filled only after the next election. Obviousl RBG thinks President Trump will not be re-elected.

    Nippies voted for Barack Obama in 2012 - A HUGE Mistake

    Mail In Ballots - Attempt to Fix Presidential Election 2020?

    If you LOVE America, get out and vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump for President.

    Yes, Absentee Ballots have been around forever., but they are NOT the same as what the Democrats are now pushing, "mail-in ballots". Absentee ballots were available to military overseas, those too ill to go to the polls, etc. You needed to apply to vote absentte style, tell why you could not get to the poll, prove who you were, and vote. Mail-in ballots do NOT require identification in many states. That makes it easy to rig an election.

    Do your research on this. And get to the polls and vote is you want America to continue to be the country you knew most of your life. It is a great country, and we will lose it if Obama puppet Joe Biden, wins. That man is definitely showing the early signs of dementia, and I would know - my father had Alzheimer's disease. We at Nippies are former Democrats who once campaigned for Hillary and went on to vote for Obama in 2012. That man had eight years of power and, as he promised, he did CHANGE America but, as you can see, not for the better. Obama spent eight years planting seeds of racial division, as did his wife, Michelle. He put judges onto the bench, and appointing people such as Comey and Brennan, who would uphold his radical views. And he's spent the last four years trying to hold onto that power, thinking he will once again run the United States if he gets his puppet, Joe Biden, into office.

    August 2020

    AMERICA: There is NO WHERE Else to Go

    Watch this AMERICAN: Maximo Alvzrez at the RNC
    (Maximo fled Cuba at 13 with his family to escape the false promises and murderous behavior of Fidel Castro..
    Mr. Alvarez is the President of Sunshine Gasoline, a gas distribution company based in Florida).
    Learn why you should get down on your knees and thank God for the United States of America

    (Direct link below in case the video is now showing here on NIPPIES at Nippies.com)
    Maximo Alvarez at the RNC

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Chicago Is Burning & Obama Fiddles

    Where is Obama? Barack Obama used Chicago, the black people of Chicago, and it's political base to spring into national politics. He went there specifically to carve out a career for himself in politics. That's why he likely married established black lawyer Michelle Robinson, after his two marriage proposals were rejected by a white girlfriend, a woman named Sheila Miyoshi.

    Why are the Obamas not piping up, and condemning the Black Lives Matter riots, lootings, murders and burnings? The shooting o 20 year old Latell Allen, a black man with a long rap sheet and a violent past and present, was the excuse used by thugs in Chicago for the rioting and looting. The initial reports said Latell was dead and 15. Not true. He was the one who took the first shot - there are many photos of him on social media snarling with a gun pointed at the camera.

    Obama started all this "blacks are victims of cops" i 2016 with his anti-cop sppech, filled with cherry picked stats. 8 cops were dead in a week, all executed by black thugs. NOT classy, Mr. Obama, although your sycophants continue to call you classy. Nor was your refusal to leave D.C. after Hillary lost, using Sasha, your daughter, as an excuse. Well, she's not in that exclusive D.C. private school any longer, and still you and Michelle stay, stirring the pot, running the Deep State, causing racial strife, and being unAmerican.

    Go back to Chicago, Obamas. Try to salvage what you can there and pay back the debt you owe to those people who made you a billionaire.

    July 2020

    Barack's Lies Matter
    Black Lives Matter

    The country is more divided that ever in #PostObamaAmerica. The Black Lives Matter movement, catapulted to the national forefront with the false narrative of Michael Brown death (because a cop shot him in self defense) in St. Louis, has grown like a cancer. "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" never happened, but "Pigs in a Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon" - the famous cry of Black LIves Matter demanding the death of cops, did happen.

    Why would anyone support this terrorist group, that is the question?

    Is all this a handy distraction from the scandal caused by Barack Obama's lies. For one, he claimed not to have known about Hillary Clinton's private email server. He said so in a 2015 interview with Bill Plante of CBS, and he was later proven to be a liar, as he communicated with Hillary on that email server under a fake name..


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