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NIPPIES Magazine Issue #31 - Spring 2007:

Lisa Nowak and the NASA Love Triangle
Wal-Mart's Love Affair with China

This issue of NIPPIES® magazine addresses: The shocking story of astronaut Lisa Nowak; A look at Wal-Mart's love affair with China...

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Please pray for our troops The U.S. death toll continues to rise...

Wal Mart must LOVE China? And every time you shop at Wal-Mart, you are showing support for their love affair....

United States trade deficit grows for fifth straight year....
Well, there WAS a link to a news story on YAHOO! attached to the above headline, but it disappeared.

No matter. Here's a VERY enlightening and interesting story from the AFL- CIO ( about the marriage between Wal Mart and China...Paying the price at Wal Mart UPDATE: The article was removed.(January 10, 2018 update).

The article states that Wal Mart bought $18 BILLION dollars worth of products from China in 2004. That was three years ago, dear NIPPIES readers. We don't know how much they bought in 2005, 2006 or thus far in 2007. But we at NIPPIES doubt that the quanty of merchandise brought in from CHINA to Wal Mart has gone down.

We at NIPPIES made it a point to rarely shop at Wal Mart. However, with nearly all of the smaller stores disappearing in our town (where Wal Mart is building a Super Center in the near future), there are few shopping options left for us when we need certain items...

Which items, you ask? Fabric is one of those items. Our near-teenager loves to sew. She asked for, and got, a sewing machine for this Christmas past. And you cannot sew without fabric and thread, right? Unfortunately our little local fabric store, which had been in business for far longer than we at NIPPIES can remember, went out of business last year as a result, no doubt, of the stiff - and unfair? - competition from the local Wal Mart's huge fabric/craft department. The owners of the 2-story building quietly closed its doors last year. So, off to Wal Mart we go...

While there, we at NIPPIES decited to do a little non-scientific experiment to get a general idea of just how much merchandise in Wal Mart is "Made in China". We walked around and looked at the tags of 8 non-famous name brand items such as earrings, sunglasses, clothing, etc. And of the 8 items, NONE said "Made in the U.S.A". Nope. But seven out of eight, including a gondola of cheap looking "George" brand sunglasses selling for just under $10.00, were "Made in China". The eighth item, an article of clothing, was "Made in Mexico".

Try the above Wal Mart walk for yourself. Don't look at brand names such as Fruit of the Loom, just look at the "George" and other items which are not national brand names. (George is, we believe, Wal Mart's answer to K Mart's very successful Joe Boxer brand.)

If you are a real fan of Wal Mart and con't care that so much of their merchandise is from China, then consider this: how much are you REALLY saving not that Wal Mart is about one step away from running a retail monopoly in this country? One item we picked up, which was Made in China, was a very cheap looking injection-molded plastic headband. One piece, plain monotone plastic headband. It was priced at not $1.00 or even $2.00, but a whopping $3.97. Dear God. It probably cost less than a dime to make.

It's enough to break your heart....and the U.S. economy.

What is Love?
And what it is NOT....

Is there any word which is more abused and used than the word LOVE? We at NIPPIES think we should stop using the work LOVE so casually.

First, let's look at what love is NOT. A prime example which comes to mind is the case of Lisa Nowak, a NASA astronaut who alledgedly planned on kidnapping her rival in a "love" triangle.

Yesterday (Feb. 5th, 2007), Lisa Nowak, mother of three, was arrested at the Orlando International Airport. She was charged with attempted kidnapping, battery, attempted vehicle burglary with battery, and destruction of evidence. The latest new charge is "attempted first-degree murder", as of 2/6/07, and is being held without bail. She was found with pepper spray, a BB gun and a mallot on her person.

Ms. Nowak was also wearing a diaper. More about this later.

Lisa Nowak is a NASA austronaut stated to police that she was involved in a "relationship" with William Oefelein, another astronaut. Ms. Nowak described the relationship with Oefelein as more than friendship and less than romance. She got to know the 41-year-old Oefelein while training for shuttle missions, although they have never been flown together.

Lisa Nowak also admitted that she believed that U.S. Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman was involved with Oefelein. Shipman is an engineer at the 45th Launch Support Squadron at Patrick Air Force Base. Apparently, jealousy festered and grew. Somehow Ms. Nowak found out that her perceived rival was going to be landing in Houston on a flight...and so she donned her diaper and drove non-stop to be on time to greet Ms. Shipman.

What she had in mind was probably more than having a little chat. Here's what happened....

According to police and news reports, upon arriving on a flight from Houston, Shipman said she was aware of someone following her. When she made it to her car in the parking area, she heard running steps and quickly locked her door. Lisa Nowak wrapped on the window and tried the door, then asked for a ride, then started crying. Ms. Shipman reportedly rolled down her window a few inches and was promptly sprayed with pepper spray by Ms. Nowak. Shipman then drove off and called police.

When police arrived they witnessed Nowak attempting to discard a bag. The bag contained a wig and BB pistol. Lisa Nowak had disguised herself. She was also carrying a folding knofe, a "new" steel mallot, some rubber tubing, black gloves, large trash bags and a substantial amount of U.S. cash.

When police searched Nowak's car, which was parked at a nearby motel, they found a letter written by Lisa Nowak. In the letter, the disgraced astronaut proclaimed her love for Oefelein. Also found were directions to Shipman's house, copies of e-mails from Shipman to Oefelein, and the aforementioned diapers.


The Lisa Nowak story continues to develop. We at NIPPIES weren't surprised that a movie is already being planned the whole sad affair. Other details have come out since the February story broke. For one thing, Lisa Nowak supposedly knew about Oefelein's involvement with Shipman and, according to stories circulating, wished Oefelin well as late as late December. Inwardly, she must have been seething, considering what she did in the months ahead. Nowak apparently had a key to William Oefelein's apartment. She used it to access his computer and e-mail. Some of the e-mails which Oefelein had sent to his new love were quite steamy, and they apparently got Lisa Nowak very steamed.

This story was buried under the media hoopla caused by the tragic and mysterious death of Anna Nicole Smith.

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