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Issue #24 - April 2005

PHOTO OF TERRI SCHINDLER SCHIAVO REMOVED NIPPIES ® - April 2005 is dedicated to the memory of Terri Schindler Schiavo

UPDATE:Autopsy results in...

No trauma, no signs of bulimia, severe brain damage...but this was not the point. The point was should a husband who is seriously involved in another long-term relationship be allowed to make life and death decisions?
We at NIPPIES think not.

Theresa Maria Schindler Schiavo
December 3,1963 - March 30, 2005


  • Terri Schindler Schiavo Has Been Killed
  • 2 Questions about Terri Schiavo

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Terri Schindler Schiavo has been killed.
PHOTO OF TERRI SCHINDLER SCHIAVO REMOVED Terri Schindler Schiavo has been killed. Food and water were willfully withheld from Terri Schindler Schiavo for the past 13 days, and, as medical experts knew it would, the starvation killed her.

Terri passed away at 9:05 AM this morning in the hospice in Pinellas Park, Pinellas County, Florida. According to reports, Michael Schiavo and his brother, Brian, and other's in their party (Attorney George Felos, at least one associate of Felos, hospice personnel, etc.) were summoned by hospice workers that the end was near. Michael and his party, who were in a room down the hall from Terri's, hurried to the room and were with her for about "60 seconds" prior to her death.

Terri's parents were on the way to the hospice at the time of her death, but it appears that they would not have been allowed to be with Terri Schindler Schiavo even if they'd arrived on time. According to news reports, Terri's brother Robert Jr., or Bobby, and her younger sister, Suzanne, who, along with Bob and Mary Schindler fought so long and so hard to allow Terri to live, were with Terri before death, but were told to leave by hospice workers so an "assessment" could be done. It was during this time that Michael and his entourage were summoned, and Terri's siblings were not allowed back into the room as death approached. There was, reportedly, a fracas when Bobby Schindler, Terri's younger brother, tried to be with his sister as she died and was stopped by police stationed outside the door of Terri's room.

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and the family's religious advisor and a Roman Catholic priest, called the death "a killing". He has been severely critized by those associated with Michael Schiavo, including Attorney George Felos and Brian Schiavo, brother of Michael Schiavo, for his comments. Father Pavone, who was with Terri's family at Terri's bedside before he and the Schindlers were asked to leave shortly before her death, said he prayed the Rosary with the family and said the prayers for those near death. It was NOT a peaceful death process, according to Father Pavone, despite the picture that many medical experts are trying to feed to us about death by starvation.

After Terri died, Father Pavone stood at the doorway and continued with the appropriate prayers for the recently deceased of the Roman Catholic Church.

This webmaster, whose father suffered from Alzheimer's disease for over 11 years and was on a feeding tube the last year of his life, cannot believe that a woman with an indisputably healthy body, albeit with brain-damage, was starved to death on purpose. My family never considered having my father's feeding tube removed, even though he did not know us for the last many years of his life. We only asked that he be kept comfortable until God decided to take him. Terri's family of brother, sister, and parents never considered having her feeding tube removed. They only wanted to keep their sister/daughter comfortable until God decided to take her.

The Schindler family was denied that very basic human right, whether it was legal or not, by Michael Schiavo and the U.S. judicial system.

John Centonze, the brother of Jody Centonze, Michael Schiavo's "fiancee" and the mother of his two children, was at the Schiavo home and received a call that Terri had died. Micahel and Jody, according to reports, have been together since 1995.

No matter what, the fact is that Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo's father, her mother, and her sister and brother, who loved Terri for far longer, and, in our opinion, had an unconditional love for Terri, were denied, by Michael Schiavo, the right to spend the last minutes of Terri's life with her. God Help Us.

Shame on our country. Shame on the judicial system. Shame on the liberal media who appeared to support the decision to kill Terri Schiavo, including CNN whose correspondent, at this moment, is giving a report that makes it appear that Michael Schiavo decided or agreed to the autopsy when, in fact, he had no choice: it is the law in Florida that an autopsy must be performed whenever a cremation is planned (pursuant to Section 406.11 of Florida Statutes), , according to an article in The Empire

Furthermore, it is our opinion that CNN slanted support and sympathy toward Michael Schiavo in many instances, and they continue to do so even now. We at NIPPIES are sick to death of CNN. Our opinion? Wolf Blitzer today, Aaron Brown last night, most of the coverage we've seen on CNN seemed to NIPPIES slanted in favor of Michael Schiavo, that the decision to remove Terri's feeding tube was the right one. But then, what could you expect from a news outlet gave wide coverage to a grilled cheese shaped like the Virgin Mary being offered on Ebay?

And shame on Michael Schiavo, and all his supporters. Listen, we won't sit in judgement of Michael's "moving on". That was, perhaps, understandable as he was a young man, aged 26, when Terri became incapacitated. But when he moved on to a common-law wife, Jody Centonze, and the happiness of raising two children with this new "wife", he should have left Terri in the total care of those who still loved her with their WHOLE hearts- her immediate blood relatives- the Schindlers.

Immediately after Terri's death, CNN showed a tape of Michael justifying his decision to have her starved to death. Terri, he said, clearly stated to him that she didn't want to be a "burden to anyone". It is hard to interpret this statement in any other way than to say that Michael saw this woman as a burden. But clearly she was NOT a burden to her parents and her siblings, as they fought so hard to keep her with them.

In honor of Terri Schindler Schiavo and the entire Schindler family, we will leave this last entry on our web site for the entire month of April. There is very little we feel like saying after witnessing this atrocity, done in the name of "mercy". If you would like to know more about the lives of Terri Schindler and Michael Schiavo, you can find a summary at this link, which leads to

from ABOUT.COM) on Michael Schiavo and Terri Schindler:
how they met, when they married, why they moved to Florida, etc.,

A Vatican cardinal, Portuguese Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, has stated that "an attack against life is an attack against God, who is the author of life." , issued a statement within hours after Terri Schindler Schiavo's death, calling the manner in which she was allowed to die "an attack against God". Read the whole article HERE.

Even after death, Michael Schiavo continues to call the shots. Terri, after her autopsy, will be, according to Michael Schiavo's wishes, cremated and her ashes placed in his family plot in Pennsylvania, where Terri and he grew up. The Schindler family, who does NOT want Terri cremated, also has expressed the wish to have her buried in Florida, where they can easily visit her grave.

Now, Terri, you are with the King of Peace, the King of Mercy- Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You are with God the Father. Our prayers are for Terri, for her loving family - the Schindlers - and for all who suffered a personal loss with Terri's passing.

Rest in peace, Terri.

2 Questions About Terri Schiavo

The ribbon at left is called the "Terri Schindler For Life Ribbon"...

We at NIPPIES don't think it was right AT ALL to disconnect Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. The reason's are obvious.

We hope and pray for a miracle for her and her family, the Schindlers.

But we have two questions: why was Michael Schiavo allowed to make the decision to have her feeding tube removed in the first place? Yes, Schiavo is still legally her husband. But he also has been having a relationship with another woman, and has two children by this woman.

Isn't this grounds for a divorce? Just because Terri Schiavo cannot file for a divorce, isn't it reasonable to conclude that she would have done so?

The second question is this: since Michael Schiavo received 1.5 million dollars in his malpractice lawsuit, half of which was earmarked for Terri's longterm care based on a life expentancy of another 50 years, according to reports on The Empire Journal newspaper. We are wondering: HOW MUCH OF THIS THE MONEY WAS USED IN HIS LENGTHY AND EXPENSIVE LEGAL BATTLE TO HAVE HER FEEDING TUBE REMOVED?

If you want to find out more information about this case, which is NOT slanted towards the right-to-die movement, go to Laura Ingraham.

There you will find links to newspaper articles in The Empire Journal which will surprise you. For instance, the autopsy that Michael Schiavo is finally agreeing to, if the Schindlers are not able to save Terri, is actually mandated by law in Florida, according to the article about the autopsy in The Empire Journal. Secondly, the autopsy results could very well show much more brain damage that would have shown had Terri not been so severely and purposely dehydrated.

There is another article which tells how much money Michael Schiavo got in the malpractice case he won (1.5 million)in his wife's behalf and how his tune changed about Terri's therapy and care once he got the money. There are other points made about the tangled web of attorneys and judges in this case...Tangled Web

Please pray for the Schindler family, for Terri Schiavo, and for Michael Schiavo's soul.

Please pray for our troops The U.S. Death Toll in Iraq continues to rise. It is now over 1500 young men killed. Many times more of our troops have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan

Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation Web Site

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