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President Trump Calls Howard Stern a BROKEN WEIRDO!
We at Nippies® have never heard that term before, but it suits the SHOCK JOCK!
Donald J. Trump sure knows how to call them

9/11: Biden First American President to SKIP September 11th Ceremony
"President" Biden sends Kamala Harris to Manhattan Ground Zero to Remember

Rudi Giuliani Was THERE!

September 8, 2023: Former Head of the DOJ, William P Barr - Swamp Creature
President Trump's former AG failed to investigate Obama and Biden when he had the chance, portraying himself as a noble man.
Bill Bar - Swamp Creature

August 20, 2023: California Admits Trump Was Right About Wildfire Prevention
CA Should Have Heeded Trump's Advice

August 16, 2023: Susan Rice / Obama / Biden
Susan Rice served under both Obama, then Biden. So many of Obama's people were with Joe Biden.
Like the Obamas, Susan' wealth grew tremendously after her Obama years.
Susan Rice - Where Is She Now?

August 14, 2023: Three Doctors Sue FDA Over Ivermectin Restrictions To Treat COVID
Ivermection for COVID: How Many Lives Could Have Been Saved?

August 8, 2023: DOG / Merrick Garland Denying Donald Trump First Amendment Rights?
Trump Defense Team Fighting What Coult Be Called a GAG ORDER

August 4, 3023: Obama Defended Islamic Terrorist?
Obama and Christians and High Horses

July 23, 2023\
The U.S. and Barack Obama and Islamic Radical Terrorism.
Obama, FBI Lexicon, Censorship and Islam

July 12, 2023
Former NJ Governor Chris Christie: Like ________, He's Everywhere!
Christie: Bitterness Consumes Him?

Happy Birthday America
We at Nippies ® will be celebrating today with our most trusted loved ones.
First, we checked the news. Chris Christie is like ________ - he's all over the place.
And, as usual, this disgruntled ex-employee is TRAsHING PRESIDENT TRUMP.
Chris Christie out to get Trump?

June 19, 2023
Crazy Leftists in NY Strike Again

New York Children

June 2, 2023
Joe Biden Falls at Air Force Cadet Commencement

Joe Biden fell flat on his face, and blamed it on sandbags

May 14, 2023
FBi: Protecting Joe Biden?
FBI & Biden...

April 24, 2023
Ashli Babbitt - Thank you for your service
Killed by Capitol Policeman -Unarmed White Woman

June 2, 2023
LLeftist U.S. Media Ignores: Giden Fals the Third Time
Joe Biden fell flat on his face at the Air Force Cadet Commencement this week. As usual, the Leftist Media (which is most U.S. media) defended his obvious physical decline.
Biden Falls AGAIN

May 14, 2023
FBI Protecting Bidens?
How can it be that the FBI just refuses to turn over evidence to Congress regarding the alleged coppuption of the Bidens?
Just Say No

April 23, 2023
The Conservative supported free speech platform was growing exponentially until...
THEY got thw whole world in their hands...

April 17, 2023
Gold Buying Frenzy
With the U.S. dollar in apparent jeoparty, many are buying physical gold.
Modern Gold Rush

April 6, 2023
President Trump - God Bless
The Witch Hunt Continues

March 13, 2023
Brendan Fraser - The Whale

First Time Since 1977

March 12, 2023
Ron DeSantis Thin Again....?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke in Iowa over the weekend. We at Nippies ® were not watchin, but Mr. Nippies was. So, before I looked, I asked, "Is he thin, or still heavy?"
Why Has Ron Desantis Slimmed Down?

March 7, 2023
Those Were The Days, My Friend

No, we at Nippies ® are not talking about when President Trump made America Great Again. We we are referring to the monster hit song, circa 1968 and sung by Mary Hopkin.
The Surprising Origins of Those Were The Days

February 6, 2023
Many Illegals / Migrants Head For Canada
Unhappy with the crime and grime in New York CIty, many migrants / illegals are accepting bus tickets from the National Guard to head for the Canadian border.
Mounties "Greet" Migrants By Arresting Them in Canada

February 5, 2023
Nippies ® - Finally Able To Update
Did you miss us?
For a few weeks, while our webhosting company switched over, we at Nippies *#174 and ® were unable to sign in. But we are back now, to stay.

January 16, 2023
DOPESICK - Watch and Learn...and Wonder
If you know anyone who became addicted to opioids via Oxycontin, you will want to watch this 8 part original series from HULU.
What did Purdue Pharma have to do with the current Opioid Crisis killing more Americans ages 18-45 than any other cause of death?
Oxycontin - The Sacklers - Opioid Crisis - Fentanyl Deaths - Dopecisk
Before you call anyone a druggie, junkie, or any other derogatory, watch DOPESICK.

January 10, 2023
Mike Pence: Deep State Swamp Puppet Hawking His Book
President Donald J. Trump plucked Mike Pence from relative national obscurity and made him his VP.
Mike Pence threw President Trump under the bus, in the opinion of many, and wrote a book which he's now hawking on national radio shows.
There is a link to a Wayne Dupree article attached to the Nippies ® comment. Read it.
In God We Trust - Mike Pence

January 6, 2023
COVID Cases DOUBLED in the UK During December
New COVID variant is XBB.1.5
The UK's second most popular daily newspaper, Daily Mail, reports that COVID cases doubled in December 2022

December 28, 2022
Benjamin Netanyahu Is Israel's President Donald J. Trump
How? Did Netanyahu Say Members of LGBTQ Should Not Be Treated

December 16, 2022
Seth Rich Murder / FBI Supressing Documents?
DNC Worker Murdered in 2016. Why?

December 13, 2022
Joe Biden / Obiden Administration Continues to Lead the USA into Decline
Too many points of decline to mention here...

November 12, 2022: Democrats Snatch 50th Senate Seat and Ameica is EFFED
Bye Bye America

November 10, 2022
2022 Election: $200 MILLION spent by TWO DEMOCRATS and THEY LOST!
Who are these two?

October 31, 2022
,strong>Potters Field: Term Has Biblical Origin
Bronx Hart Island Only One Potters Field

October 31, 2022
Halloween / All Saints / All Souls: Remembering 1 Million Poor & Forgotten on Potters Field / Hart Island NYC NY
Blessed Are The Poor

October 30, 2022
Paul Pelosi & David DePape: Underwear or No Underwear
Credible KTVU-TV & Reporter Said So Originally - Then Recanted

October 27, 2022
Black Man Shoots White Mother of 6 in Road Rage - NO MAJOR MEDIA COVERAGE
But YOU didn't know, did you? We at Nippies ® never heard....
We at Nippies ® discovered an appalling story about this other FLOYD during a keyword search. Dejywan Floyd Murders Julie Eberly

October 2, 2022
What's the Difference between SOUP and CHOWDER?
There IS a difference! Nippies ® Wants you to know.
Is it soup or chowder?

September 27, 2022
Beware of CLICK BAIT!
Life is precious, time is short. Don't "FALL" for this trick....Nippies ® giving you a Heads Up.
Models In Milan All Fall Down

September 26, 2022
FBI Raids Home of Pro Life Activist
Why? Mike Houck was arrested in frong of his wife and seven children - but had offered to turn himself in. FBI Raids Home of Catholic anti-Abortion Activist

September 23, 2022
China Collecting Americans' DNA
Have you donated DNA to Ancestry or others?
Is the Reason Sinister?

September 22, 2022
Iranian Women Burning Hijabs
Revolution in Iran

September 21, 2022
Biden Sending $Billion To Somalia, Kenya, etc
Horn of Africa Getting $Billions n U.S. Dollars

September 15, 2022 Dennis Prager: Wikipedia Corrections
Wiki / Wikipedial - Prager Complains

September 13, 2022
WaPo to Fetterman: Release Med Records & Debate
Washington Post to Fetterman; Stop Hiding

September 10, 2022
Bill Gates: Largest Farmland Owner In America- WHY?
Yes. What is he up to? Nippies® wonders.
Bill Gates Globalist - U.S. Farmland King

September 9, 2022
On Septermber 11, 2022 and every day - 911 - General Jack Keane, Frank Siller of Tunnel to Towers - NEVER FORGET!
NEVER FORGET September 11, 2011

August 31, 2022
The AMA Recommends... Should YOU Listen?
SHOCKING - What % of Physicians Belong to the AMA?

August 24, 2022
Biden's Student Loan Debt Forgiveness
Forgiveness by Race?

EXTRA - Liz Cheney
Revenge Run?

August 23, 2022
Who wants a 3 day work week?
The New 9-5?

August 14, 2022
Black Crime
Denial of Facts?

August 13, 2022
Joe Biden: Undoes President Trump Protection from Illegals' Communicable Disease
Big Pharma Wins Every Time

August 7, 2022
Randy Quaid vs Illegals
Randy Quaid is an American citizen. Yet his treatment compared to how ILLEGALS are treated is a disgrace.
Randy Quaid & Illegals

July 14, 2022
The COVID 19 Variant BA.5 and BA.4 were everywhere, spreaking like crazy, right before the 4th of July , yet we heard no constant warnings to mask up or take extra precautions, despite the fact that these variants were resulting in 100,000 reported cases (and many suspect 2 or 3 times that unreported). Was the CDC / U.S. government afraid of how an widespread warning would effect the economy of vacations and parties?
BA.5 Widespread Covid

July 3, 2022
Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney & Memories of Annie and Eleanor Rigby
The Party and the Past

June 19, 2022
Why is YAHOO! News so obsessed with Donald J. Trump - and not in a complimentary way.
Joe Biden's Bike Fall was a blip for the MSM. Why?
Yahoo's Obsession with Smashing President Trump

June 16, 2022
Obama v Trump - #44 Took Every Penny / #45 Took $4 for 4 Years
President Trump donated his $1.6 million back to America but Obama grabbed over $6 million insalary and fees.

June 15, 2022
Obama Gave Himself Lifetime Secret Service Protection - And American Taxpayer Pays For It
Obama continues on his globalist travels and is protected by the Secret Service., a lifetime gift he gave to himself..

June 4, 2022
So You're In LOVE!! Maybe NOT
When you first meet that "soul mate", maybe it's FOOLS GOLD
Love or LIMErENcE - Proceed with Caution

June 3, 2022
Uvaldes Tx Shooting: Salvador Ramos

instead of focusing on GUNS, we need to focus on the SHOOTER.
Who ExACTLY was Salvador Ramos who SHOT and KILLED 19 children at Robb Elementary

June 3, 2022:
Food & Fuel Shortage in South Africa - VIOLENCE, LOOTING, BURNING


May 31, 2022:
Straight Black Man Beats Unarmed White Transgender To Death - Acquitted.

Pride Month - where is the outrage over this? The man who was acquitted claimed self defense. Read the article and judge for yourself.
Where is the OUTRAGE from the LBGTQ Community?

May 26, 2022
Biden & Beto: Laws Didn't Work With Drugs or Illegals.
,Uvalde Scool Shooting: Gun Laws Don't Work With Criminals

May 23,2022
Monkeypox: Are Illegals Bringing it to the United States?
MonkeyPox Invades The United States - Along With Illegals?

May 18, 2022
Yahoo! News: Trump Obsession?

Everything's Coming Up Trump

May 4, 2022 Johnny Depp Sues Amber Heard for $50 Million in Defamation Civil Suit
Johnny Depp - Had Enough

May 1, 2022
Jill Biden's Husband Was Ready To Talk Weeks Before The 2020 Election - Then POOF!
Bill Stevenson WIKI and BOOK - GONE!

April 30, 2022
PA Senate Contender Kathy Barnette Playing The Race Card?
Barnette Is vague on details about her background, husband, military history and more.

April 29, 2022
First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Bio Bombs! It was written by Julie Pace.
.Biden Bio Bombs

April 28, 2022:
Pennsylvania Senate Race: Many Democrats are turning Republican
Pat Toomey's PA Senate Seat Race

April 16, 2022:: Nippies® Facts For Fun
What Famous Star is Married to Paul Anka's Daughter?

April 13, 2022: Michelle and Barack Obama - Stoking the Racial Divide and Anti-Police Movement
I was a Democrat who voted for Barack Obama. Michelle came with the package.
Every Day I Wake Up In A House Built By Slaves

March 28, 2022: Academy Awards - Oh, Was It On?
Sean Penn, NO ONE cARES!

March 25, 022: Gen. Jack Keane Disgusted w/ Biden Pressure on Ukraine To Negotiate
National radio host Brian Kilmeade played an audio clip: Retired U.S. Army General, Jack Keane very concerned about Joe Biden's pressure on Ukraine regarding Russian.
And more about the ineptitude of this current White House occupant.
Joe Biden - God Protest Us From this "president"

March 24, 022: PA U.S. Senate Race Candidates to Replace Pat Toomey
Several wealthy people have transplanted themselves to Pennsylvania to be eligible for this race.
Dr. Oz, Carla sands, David McDormick and several others for U.S. Senate

March 23, 2022: Chris Plante Is A Must Listen
Listen Live or Listen Late, but LISTEN to Washington D.C. WMAL Radio Host Plante

March 16, 2022: Jussie Smollet Outta Jail REAL Early
Juicy Smallette walked after 5 days served.

March 12, 2022: Retired General Jack Keane and Wife
A Great American Couple

March 8, 2022: Remember When Hillary and Obama gave Russia 20% of OUR Uranium?
Whose Side Are They On Anyway?

March 3,2022: Diehard DEMOCRATS Praise Joe Biden After Disastrous SOTU
Hopeless Democrats

February 26, 2022: BIDEN - polls show Americans are NOT HAPPY...
Americans Are Not Happy With Joe Biden

February 20, 2022: Another Jeffrey Epstein Witness Found DEAD IN JAIL CELL. The Dead Can't Talk.
We are supposed this is all a coincidence? Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew all named by Virginia Roberts, and look what happens. And now other news has swept this atrocity under the rug. TYPICAL. Jean-Luc Brunel - Another EPSTEIN Witness Dead in Jail Cell

February 16, 2022: Durhan Report: Hillary Clinton Spied on Candidate / President Trump
Will Hillary Clinton pay for this? We don't think so. Hillary Will Wait for the NEXT news item to get away with what many see as something WORSE THAN WATERGATE

February 11, 2022: Fully Vaxxed Prince Charles 2nd Bout with COVID19
So he's been fully vaccinated, which means boosters, yet Prince Charles tested positive for the 2nd time for COVID.
Vaccinate Prince Charles Tests Postive - AgAIN!
Update February 26,2022: see original post here and look for update. Feb. 11, 2022

Well, now that The Queen appears tho have surpassed the crucial 7-10 day after diagnosis in one piece, it's being tooted that she was "fully vaxxed" with claims of up to THREE boosters. Why do we suspect that had Queen Elizabeth gone south, and placed on a respirator ordied, we'd be hearing nothing about her status?

February 3, 2022: Whoopy, Once Accused of Spitting on Judge Jeanine, Gets 2 Week Vacation After Alleged Anti-Semitic Remorks
Whoopi Goldberg recently remorked on The Holocaust and Race. Many took offense. She was not cancelled, as are most white, conservatives. She was giving what many consider to be a 2 week vacation.
Whoopies 2 Week Vacation?

February 2, 2022: Two NYC Cops Shot and Killed In Harlem Handling Domestic Laid To Rest
A mother called two cops to a Harlem apartment for a domestic dispute between two brothers. The mother failed to inform the cops about the son having a gun.
2 Cops Killed Responding To Harlem Domestic

February 2, 2022: NYC Cops Make HOW MUCH a year?
Hint: these brave men and women put on their uniforms daily, leave their families and walk into the snake pit of crime that New York City has become for less than the average warehouse worker these days.

January 31, 2022: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a REPUBLICAN
And he was a Reverend. But were Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson real "reverends"?
Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. - Learn more

January 28, 2022: COVID19 Vaccine Causing 300% Increase In Cancer?
500% increase in miscarriages, 1000% increase in neurological problems and more, according to some military MDs.
Military Whisteblowers on COVID VAX Side Effects

January 26, 2020: Military MDs Blow Whistle on COVID19 VACCINE EFFECTS --CDC IGNORED
Three military doctors warned the CDC about the dangerous side effects of the COVID19 vaccine they notices, These three blew the whistle on the vaccine.
Military Doctors Testify About VAcciNE

January 20, 2022: Joe Biden Allowing COVID19 Patients to DIE?
In favor of vaccinations over theraputics, that appears to be the case for those infected with the coronavirus.
Monoclonal Antibody Infusions and BIDEN

January 17, 2022: Utah Op-Ed suggest Forcing Unvaxxed Be Prisoners In Home Guarded by National Guard
The Liberal Progress Left is actually suggesting this in Utah. The Star Tribune Op-Ed must be read to be believed.
Unvaxxed Must Be Home Prisoners

January 16, 2022: New York City - Are We Going Backwards in Tolerance and Diversity?
Back in September 1972, a new show called Bridget Loves Bernie debuted in September 1972.
The setting was NYC and the plot was an Irish Catholic woman marries a Jewish man.
The couple love each other and try to overcome their cultural and religious differences.

In real life? There was tremendous controversy, and, despite the show's popularity, it was cancelled after ONE SEASON.
Bridget Loves Birney 1972

Diversity has always been good. But where is the diversity now?
New NYC Mayor Eric Adams does not appear to believe in it.
Multiple stories about this on NYC and Mayor Eric Adams

January 15, 2022: NYC Man Pushes A Woman to Her Death
This alleged murderer had just been released from prison in late 2021.
Subway / Train customers in New York City are very nervous about their safety.
42nd St. Station Violence

January 14, 2022: Asheville NC Scholarship for Blacks Only Fueled Lawsuit
Read More

January 12, 2022: Upper East Side NY Good Samaritan Attacked / Robbed by Homeless Man
A man was walking down 81st Street near 5th Avenue in Manhattan when he spotted a man curled up "asleep". It was cold, so the Good Samaritan took his own coat off and covered the man. What happened next was disgusting. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?

January 11, 2021: Steve Forrest (Mommie Dearest) and Dana Andrews (Laura)
What did these men have in common?

January 9, 2021: Criminals in NYC - Just RUN FOR IT!!
NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell sent a memo to her New York Police Department officers on Friday night expressing concern over the safety of her officers. Manhattan DA Alvin Briggs is recommending only the prosecution of the most serious, violent crimes. In other words, you get caught?
MAKE A RUN FOR IT...and NOTHING will happen. This is insanity.

January 8th, 2022: Under FDR It Was ILLEGAL for Americans to Own Gold
All Americans were mandated by law (up to ten years in prison) to turn in their gold to the U.S. gov't at a fixed price.
Could this happen again? We at Nippies ® / ® think so...

JANUARY 6 - Anniversary of the Shooting of Unarmed, Navy Veteran Ashli Babbitt
Yes, she was one color and the cop another, but we don't play the race card here at Nippies ®.
Forgotten: Ashli Babbitt

January 5, 2022 Why don't the Democrats/ Media want you to know:
January 6th, 2020 it was NOT the first attack on the U.S. Capitol? CAPITOL SHOOTING of 1954 - 6 U.S. Congress Members SHOT on Capitol Floor by Puerto Ricans
Democrat President Jimmy Carter COMMUTED THEIR SENTENCES!
DIdn't hear that one, did you? Or yet another attack on the U.S. Capitol...

December 15, 2021: COMMON SENSE - Is it dead?
London Times Obituary

Instagram account re Epstein Mistress GONE

December 7, 2020: The Obamas, benefitting from U.S. Presidency, no longer need taxpayer $.
Time to STOP Paying Former U.S. Presidents?

Near Billionaire Obamas: Time to stop U$ Payments?

December 1, 2021: "Unbiased" Fauci Shows True Color: BLUE
If you have any doubt that Anthony Fauci is a hardcore Democrat, watch this video.

November 29, 2021: COVID19 OMICRON Variant "Extremely mild" symptoms- Chair of South African Med Assn
Chair of the South African Medical Association, Dr. Angelique Coetzee,, first identified the Omicron variant.
More from Nippies ® & Dr. Coatzee on Omicron

November 29, 2021: BIG PHARMA - New Antibiotics?
SUPERBUGS BE DAMNED! Pharmaceuticals mostly go where the profits are.

November 26, 2021: EUROPE / EURABIA: Crystal Ball for America?
BOOK: The Strange Death of Europe (by British author Douglas Murray)
Topic: the Islamization of many European countries foreshadows what's to come to the United States?
The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray

November 24, 2021: Are you the BLACK SHEEP of the FAMILY?
Understand why other family members have "names" as well...

November 23, 2021: BAND-AIDS: Symbol of Racism?
Johnson & Johnson Offers Diverse Band Aids

November 22, 2021: CRITICAL RACE THEORY / CRT: What Australia news has to say about it...
Australia News on CRT

November 22, 2021: CHRIS CHISTIE- Does anyone have any doubt this egomaniac has plans to challenge President Trump in 2024?
Chris Christie - Turncoat & Opportunist

November 21, 2021: HOLOCAUST / Auschwitz Survivors Must Watch.
Emanuel "Manny" Mittelman's Riveting Story of Surviving Hitler's Hatred

Read the NIH article. / Nippies News

November 18, 2021: Senior Citizens Screwed by Biden Administration
ABC News announces a "windfall" 5.9% increase in Social Security benefits. / 14.9% INCREASE in Medicare Plan B cost.
Inflation? Historically HIGH (7%) under Biden.
What DIRTY SNEAKS. More U.S. Seniors will go without food, meds and the money to keep their homes because they cannot afford rising property taxes, raised to offset the children of illegals flooding our public schools under the Biden Open Border policy..

November 16, 2021: ERIC HOLDER (Obama guy, Democrat, etc.) vs. Steve Bannon (Trump guy, Repurlican, etc.)
BOTH held in Contempt of Congress but HOLDER ignored the subpoena.. BANNON did NOT.

Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell Dies From Breakthrough COVID19
Breakthrough Death - Colin Powell


Is there a BLACKOUT on this information and will unnecessary deaths occur?
Nippies Main Page

Question: what is the OTHER name for the song "Park Avenue Beat" by Paul Steiner?
Click NIPPIES.COM to learn more.
You WILL be surprised.

Dr. Ben Carson on CRT / Critical Race Theory: "A bunch of garbage" dividing America."
:Liberal headlines trying to twist his words as though he approves.
Read the WHOLE story. Magazine

DR. RONNY JACKSON: Obama's White House Physician Calls for Cognitive Testing of Biden
"Joe Biden not physically nor cognitively fit to be President....Prsident Trump had a PERFECT SCORE on his test."

Joe Biden: Vaccinate or Mask Up, America

President Donald J. Trump: Social Media Platform Coming - Save Freedom of Speech

Dr. Tony Fauci Claims He Is Non Partisan.
One Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Dr. Anthony Tony Fauci of the CDC  - can't get enough camera time. What a ham.

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