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November 1st, 2002

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

We at Nippies sure hope you had a Happy Halloween. We did. Over 140 individual Reese's Peanut Butter cups were handed out, as well as copious amounts of change, to both large and small Halloweeners. (We don't call them trick-or-treaters in our neck of the woods.)

But we at Nippies couldn't help but notice how Halloween has changed. When we were small, we would, believe it or not, start Halloweening at least three days ahead of the official date. Yes, true. And we made our own costumes out of what we found in the cellar, attic, or our parents closets. World War II costumes were big. So were "hobos". Kids today don't even know what a hobo is...

Halloween has changed in other ways. We at Nippies and our contemporaries were expected to perform for our money and candy. Any song would do, but our personal favorite was "Did you ever see a hearse go by, to think of the day that you would die, they'll wrap you up in a bloody sheet, and turn you under ten feet deep. The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, in your stomach and out your mouth. Your eyes fall out, your teeth decay, and that's the end of a bloody day." Sounds gorey, but it really wasn't. We sang it to a perky melody. Besides, what little kid analyzes the words to any song? We at Nippies certainly didn't.

Nowadays, Halloweeners just come to your door and hold open their bag. You smile, fuss over their costume, and drop in their reward. We at Nippies stopped asking them the little princesses, witches and warriosr were they going to sing years ago. The inquiry was invariably met with a sort of blank stare that told we at Nippies that we were definitely way behind the times.

One thing about Halloween hasn't changed: we at Nippies still love to dress up for Halloween! So do our kids. Yes, we love Halloween! Tonight, we at Nippies were a genie, complete with turban and balloon pants. The costume was a hit, and the little kids who didn't know we knew them were thrilled with our "psychic" abilities. Ours is a small world and we grew up with many of the parents. Seeing the child of an old friend, we'd hold our fingers to our temples and magically conjure up facts about the Halloweeners: their name, their parents name, where they live, and their grandparents names were some of our psychic conjurings.

Another favorite thing we at Nippies do is take a CD of our favorite Halloween music, open the window in the front of the house, and let the music blast out the window to let the Halloweeners know they are quite welcome to stop in.

Tonight was what we Catholics call a "Holy Day of Obligation". So, right after the last piece of candy was handed out, we at Nippies, along with our little "scarecrow", headed out to Mass at the local church. We are always touched by little acts of kindness, and there was one at Mass tonight. A woman, seeing our little girl dressed in costume, came over and handed her a dollar after Mass. My daughter looked up at me, then at the woman, with the largest smile. Both she and I were surprised at the very kind gesture. Thank God for people like that woman in the world.

It's been a long day. Time to sign off and scrub off the genie make-up. Hope you had as good a day as we did!

October 31st, 2002


We at Nippies do NOT shop at Wal-Mart unless we are desperate to find a particular item that we cannot find anywhere else. Unfortunately, since Wal-Mart came to our community, we are finding ourself more and more in that situation.

Our decision to not shop at America's largest - and most agressive - retailer was not a decision made on a whim. Years ago, long before the Big W came to our community, we at Nippies read an article in Readers' Digest about how a community changes - and not for the better, in the majority of instances - once Wal-Mart comes rumbling into the town limits. One example of change, post-Wal-Mart, cited in the article was how mom-and-pop stores fold up by the bushelful. We also don't like what we've heard and read about the low wages, low morale, and the intimidation to work extra hours at no pay that Wal-Mart employees have recently been complaining about.If you want to read more about the real cost of shopping at Wal-Mart, please read this:(copy and paste) http://www.walmartwatch.com/bad/internal.cfm?subsection_id=111&internal_id=370

We at Nippies are always the champion of the little guy, the small business. And there is just NO way that a small business can compete with Wal-Mart. They are just too overpowering, agressive, and competitive. And we at Nippies were never impressed with the PR stories we read about the late Sam Walton tooling around his hometown in an old pick-up and stopping in at the local greasy spoon for breakfast or lunch or whatever. Hey, we wondered, why isn't Sam out there spending his money on luxury cars and spreading the wealth? boosting the economy? It's easy and fun to play poor by driving an old, beat-up jalopy when your are one of the richest people in the world. It's not so much fun, on the other hand, when that old jalopy is the best you can afford!

Look, guys, we at Nippies have nothing against wealthy people per se. But we do have an issue with the power and privilege that such wealth affords. Power over the "little guy" to underpay because you can. And privilege that is not, and should be, available to every American. Every American should be able to work hard, save, and start their own business. But the odds against fulfilling the American dream are now nearly insurmountable. If the American dream is not dead, then it surely is terminally ill.

Corporations have grown so large that they can pay what they want, do what they want. And usually they do. With minimum wage below $6.00 per hour in most states, and the cost of living so high for basic necessities and for healthcare, it is a struggle to just keep a family above the drowning point for non-professional heads-of-households. To put money aside to start a small business is now nearly impossible. And if, by some grace, a little guy does manage to accomplish such a feat, that business will most likely be squashed by their corporate competitors.

Justice is also, unfortunately, something that only the wealthy can afford. The recent Lizzie Grubman case in New York is a perfect example. Lizzie, as you may recall, is the daughter of the super powerful and wealthy entertainment attorney, Alan Grubman. Although only in her very early thirties, Lizzie Grubman has a successful PR firm in Manhattan. Her clients are among most well-known celebrities.

Last July 4th (2001) Lizzie backed her father's black Mercedes SUV into a group of patrons outside Southamptom's Conscience Point Inn, but not before allegedly shouting "white trash" at one or more of the bouncers (according to some news reports). Lizzie also allegedly delivered a racial slur, earlier in the evening, at a woman of color who was a washroom attendant at the inn. Many were injured. Lizzie fled the scene but left behind the black Mercedes SUV. Her punishment? She is serving 60 days at the Suffolk County jail. She is spending her entire time in protective custody. She is not, however, lacking for company: lawyers are not limited in visitations and Lizzie's father and sister are both lawyers.

Would either you or I be serving such a short sentence had we committed the same act of aggression, resulting in serious injury, as Lizzie Grubman committed? Somehow, we at Nippies really don't think so.

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October 28th, 2002

Brother of Jesus

We at Nippies cannot believe how low key the news on the discovery and authentification of the oldest reference to Jesus - the burial box of the Apostle James - has been. True, there was an article on page nine of the New York Post, on the bottom of the page, about this unbelievable discovery. There was also a blurb on Yahoo! news about it. But really, considering the monumental importance of the very first tangible tie to Jesus Christ, other than the Scriptures, that this discovery signifies....well, the coverage seems downright paltry!

The most in-depth report about this was on PBS the other morning. The discussion on the radio was fascinating, and too lengthy to excerpt here. So, here is the URL to copy and paste:
for the PBS Discussion about James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus burial box.
Please read it. We at Nippies assure you you'll be fascinated.

October 27th, 2002

Halloween Classics on AMC

On American Movie Classics all this week, you can find the best of the Halloween movies and other horror treats. We at Nippies are busy with the popcorn maker and kids. Personally, we think the first two of the Halloween movies were the best. Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis had a lot to do with that! So, hanker down and enjoy this week with the kids or grandchildren. Watch some movies, decorate, and have fun. We at Nippies are. Next to Christmas, Halloween is our favorite of all the holidays.

We will be back with our regular updates and original graphics as soon as possible. If you are new to Nippies, there is a TON of reading material below. Please take the time to review. For our regulars, again, we at Nippies apologize for the lack of updates. But family must come first. Love ya!

October 25th, 2002

In the News

We at Nippies saw an interesting news item on CNN. The item touted a product which is currently being marketed in the pro sports world. The product, made by a company which sounded like "Abacor" and made of some sort of high-tech plastic, is shaped rather like a hollow, clear iron, and sits atop a waist-high support. This device allows the overheated sports participant to place his/her hand inside where a cooling system chills the blood in the hand. The cooled blood thereby travels through the system and lowers the elevated body temperature of the sports participant. Wonderful. But we at Nippies have only one question: wouldn't a bucket of ice water work just as well?

We at Nippies watched, with some interest, the PBS interview between Pennsylvania governor wannabes, Ed Rendell and Mike Fisher. We at Nippies will go on record as saying we like Attorney General Fisher because he has a great reputation for getting things done for the underdog, the "little guy", the regular Joe. As you know by now, we at Nippies have always been concerned with the "little guy". And Fisher has worked tirelessly to right wrongs even when no photo ops were looming. Ed Rendell is the more outgoing, the more charismatic candidate. But we at Nippies have never been influenced much by charisma. This race will be an interesting one to watch. We endorse Mike Fisher, for those of you who are interested.

October 24th, 2002

Like Arnold?

We at Nippies found some chuckles on the news this week...even in something as serious as the Maryland sniper crisis. We do sympathize with the residents of this area and would be shaking in our boots if we lived there. Definitely we would be afraid to let our children out. But we did find something that struck us as humorous when we read it and pictured it. It seems that the taxi business is booming. A taxi dispatcher reports that folks are so scared that some call a cab simply to drive them across the street. Now, that might sound crazy at any other time, but for these poor people who live in the target zone, we at Nippies don't blame them one little bit. We'd not only call a taxi but would probably lay on the floor as we cruised along.

There was a program on plastic surgery on television this week. We at Nippies saw a segment where a young man with very nice legs decided his calves weren't bulgy enough. This guy actually had calf implants placed in his legs. The calves now bulge like Arnold Schwarzenegger's. An amusing thought crossed our minds. With all the trouble that we know can occur with breast implants, there are bound to be kinks in the leg type, as well. OK, we thought. What if these things start slipping out of place? The guy could conceivably end up with one skinny calf, one bulging one, and a large lump laying near his ankle. Yikes!

October 23rd, 2002


Dear Readers, we at Nippies are still fighting the good fight against the big insurance company and the big Philadelphia law firm. Read below if you are not familiar with our problem...

Currently, we are in dispute with the neurologist who wrote the Narrative Summary for our relative's case. We at Nippies have discovered that the neurologist wrote a Narrative Summary for the nasty lawyer which was inaccurate and actually made his injuries seem unimportant. The problem is the Narrative Summary is full of omissions and errors. The neurologist makes no mention of a "concussion" or the "post concussion syndrome" that he himself, as well as the attending doctor after the fall, diagnosed. He also states that the relative's wife "called" him at some undetermined date and spoke to him about her husbands changed behavior and makes light of it when, in fact, it was he who called her after she wrote him a letter about her husbands "rages" that occured for over a year after the concussion.

This neurologist refused to respond to our phone calls questioning the validity and accuracy of the summary. So, we at Nippies wrote him a six page fax documenting where his "mistakes" and omissions were on the Narrative. We also told him that if he fixes his "mistakes" we will consider the matter settled. However, if he does not, and the case goes to court, the "mistakes" will be called another name.

It's a tough fight. No lawyer has responded to our pleas for help. Of course not, it's not a slam dunk and they would actually be doing hard work for about what the rest of we suckers make for a living. That idea does not appeal to the lawyers.

So, please have good thoughts for us. We'd especially like a prayer, if that is your preference. And you can be sure that we at Nippies will not give up on this matter.

October 19th, 2002

My Oh My! Mariah!

We at Nippies want to welcome back to Mariah Carey. She looks terrific after having lost the more than twenty pounds she put on last year in the midst of her professional crisis. As you may recall, Mariah reportedly was distressed over her belief that Tommy Mottola, honcho at Sony and her ex-husband, was attempting to sabotage her career. We at Nippies tend to believe Mariah's claim may have merit, no matter what everyone else may think. Think about it...she knew what he was capable of because she lived and worked with the guy for many years. Her movie, Glitter, also tanked at the box office.

But no one or anything can keep a true talent such as Mariah Carey down for long. She's baaaack and conquering the world. We at Nippies just saw the "World Premiere" of her video, "Through the Rain", and she's as close to looking and singing like an angel as you can get on this good earth!



Hmmmm....what's with that auction house, EwBoy? We at Nippies had an auction on there and we attempted to revise for over four days. We would get in, do the revision, and click on "save changes". A review would show no revision had taken place! We at Nippies wrote to their customer service about this numerous times beginning on the first day of the auction right through to yesterday (the auction was for only 5 days and you cannot revise when there are 12 hours or less remaining on the auction) and were given several suggestions: use the site map, delete your cookies, etc., but none of this advice worked. Then, finally and in great frustration, we at Nippies wrote to EwBoy's customer service and asked that THEY update manually for us. No go...EwBoy didn't do it for us. Are you having a similar problem or any others that you'd like to air on Nippies? Write to us....

October 16th, 2002

Graphic by Nippies <FONT SIZE=-1>sm</FONT SIZE>

If you've noticed that Nippies hasn't been updated as often as usual, you are right. We at Nippies apologize for this lapse, which is temporary. Unfortunately, we at Nippies have been very busy assisting a family member in a civil case. This worthy cause had taken nearly every moment of our free time.

We at Nippies had the whole, loooong, sad story here at one time. But we have decided to spare our readers the saga. Just look at the graphic. One picture is worth a thousand words!

By the way, here is the URL to a great legal resource page: www.AmericanLegalResearch.com (copy and paste into your browser)

October 13th, 2002

lip -Graphic by Nippies <FONT SIZE=-1>sm</FONT SIZE> Flawless

We at Nippies had just about given up on our search for a good movie and were about to exit the local video store. And then, while taking one last stroll through the "Drama" section, a little DVD box caught our eye. What was Robert De Niro doing in a movie, Flawless, that we had never heard of? We picked up the box. We flipped it over and began to read. Here is the description as we've horribly paraphrased it:

"Off-duty New York City hero-cop, Walter Koontz, suffers a stroke late one night while in the process of investigating an incident in his own apartment building. He is hospitalized and returns home with a partial paralysis. He now finds himself in need of the help of his heretofore unliked gay neighbor, Rusty Zimmerman, a drag-queen singer."

We at Nippies love Robert De Niro and decided to take the DVD home and give it a chance. It was the most appealing of the new and old available movies on the shelves. And, at five minutes before closing time on a Friday night, it was either choose or lose.

The movie reeled us in from the very first scene.

Walt Koontz (Robert De Niro) is a well-liked, within his small world, cop who lives alone in a run-down New York City apartment. His wife, at some unmentioned point in his prior life, had left him and taken everything - including the dog. He has adjusted to life as a bachelor by filling his off-duty hours with a weekly card game with his pals, a regular trip to a "Private Dancer" club, where he dances with (and "dates") an employee there, and other bacheloresque activities. Things are fine with Walt except for the regular run-ins he has with his drag-queen neighbor, Rusty Zimmerman (Philip Seymour Hoffman of Almost Famous, The Talented Mr. Ripley), who, along with his female-impersonating friends, performs at local clubs. Rusty, who is a singer and piano player, and his friends often disturb Walt's peace with their rowdy rehearsals. Walt yells insults out his window at "the girls". The drag-queens yell back from behind the shelter of Rusty's billowy and gemstone colored curtains.

Then, late one night, the stroke occurs during Walt's attempt to intervene in an altercation.

After a stint in the hospital where he is attended to by a very kind and concerned elderly female doctor, Walt returns home - alone. He cannot adjust to or accept his physical handicap. He is terribly depressed and sits in silence for hours at a stretch near his window - the same window from which he previously traded barbs with Rusty and his friends.

When Walt fails to return to the hospital for out-patient therepy, his concerned physician comes to visit him and urges him to try home therapy. Walt reluctantly agrees. To help with his speech, he decides to swallow his pride and ask Rusty for singing lessons. After a few humurous ("I see you are having no trouble with your "F" sounds") but cutting verbal exchanges, Rusty agrees to help with Walt's speech problems because he (Rusty) needs the money that the singing lessons will provide. Rusty has a heart of gold on the inside, but is a New York survivor on the outside.

Things start out roughly. But eventually a friendship, and mutual respect, takes shape between the two. It turns out that Rusty and Walt have a lot more in common than meets the eye.

No, De Niro doesn't come out of the closet. This movie, with a sub-plot that involves stolen drug money, has great depth. It reveals to the viewer that good things can often come out of adversity, and that love and friendship can be found when, where and with whom we least expect to find them.

We at Nippies were so fascinated at the quality of this Joel Schumacher film that we looked it up on imdb.com and were shocked to find out it was made in 1999. It must have gone straight to video. A pity, really. It's a terrific movie and the acting is impeccable. We all know about De Niro, but in this 111 minute film Philip Seymour Hoffman is on equal par with the acting legend.

If you get an opportunity to rent this gem, don't pass it by.

October 11th, 2002

The List Goes On and On...

leaky window graphic by Nippies<FONT SIZE=-1>sm</FONT SIZE>> We at Nippies know one true thing: You have reached maturity when you realize how little your life means to others. We sure wish we knew who first said paraphrased bit of wisdom. If you do, please write to us and we at Nippies will give that genius credit.

That said, we know you may not care to hear about all that has gone wrong in the past month around our humble home. But some readers may feel better knowing that things go wrong in every household. After all, misery does love company.

So, here we go with our list...

1.)Five tiles fell off our ceramic-tile tub. We super-glued and contact cemented and regrouted. It looks pretty good. Good enough, anyway.

2.)The pipe under the kitchen sink completely disconnected itself. The whole pipe and drain had to be replaced. We at Nippies made a trip to our local plumbing store and winged it. Sure hope it holds. It is not fun cleaning up two inches of dirty dish water under one's sink.

3.)Somehow, one of our entry door locks stripped itself. The entire unit had to be replaced, along with the keys that go with it.

4.)As a result of the above problem, our son locked himself out of the house while loading the car for a school trip. He therefore literally "missed the bus" - to Maryland - and has to make-up a required senior trip. Something good came out of this one: the bus's destination was to the D.C. area where that unknown madman is currently sniping at innocent victims.

5.)The grill in one of our downstairs windows is broken. You know what we mean...those white plastic thingies that snap into the window-frame and make your double-pane windows have that pseudo-cottage look that fools no one. The grill falls off every time we at Nippies open or close the lace-curtained window. Since they don't make those grills any longer, we had to tape it to the wood, thereby resulting an obvious cosmetic defect.

6.)Our caller ID died. Oh boy. Now we might pick up the phone when those certain undesirables, such as Aunt Matilda, call.

7.)Our mechanic informed us the front tires on the new-old car purchased less than two months ago had to be replaced. And realigned. The struts, whatever they may be, were shot and also had to be restrutted, or whatever it is they do when the struts go. Cost? Over $300.00

8.)Our porch step disengaged itself from the support underneath. Thank goodness nails and elbow grease are cheap.

9.)The screen in our bathroom window, which is the one the cat likes to lean against, fell out and wouldn't fall back in. Finally got that fixed. The cat is happy once again.

10.)The 15 year old b/w television in our bathroom, the same bathroom that contains the ceramic-tile tub in problem number 1, conked out. It was only $89.00 at KMart and we sure got our money's worth out of that old thing. It will be missed but not immediately replaced because it's not exactly a necessity and we at Nippies are still paying for problem number 7.

11.)Here's a small and expected problem: the light blew in the bedroom reading lamp. We at Nippies won't sweat the small stuff. It's been replaced.

12.) A guitar string popped. Again, no sweating allowed on the small stuff. It's also been replaced.

13.) A speaker blew in the new-old car. Only God knows where or how to replace that thing. We at Nippies feel lucky that our ear-drums are still intact, considering that our son leaves the volume cranked up to the max each time he uses the car.

14.)While dusting, we at Nippies decapitated the head from one of our favorite porcelain figurines. However, the super glue is in the junk drawer and shall be applied when we get the time.

15.)When it rains for more than an hour, our window, the same white-lace-curtained one mentioned above, in the television room begins to leak. A steady drip-drip-drip. It's been raining for two days here. Yep, it's leaking. We haven't figured out yet if we need a new roof, window, or siding. We can't afford to have any of those three jobs done by a professional, and self-repair on that level is definitely out. Caulking didn't work. For now, the plastic container we use to fill the coffee machine is the only one that will fit on the narrow window ledge. It's filling up as we at Nippies type. There are no immediate plans to repair this problem. Remember, we are still paying for the struts and tires.

16.)That little strap that you feed your watchband through after you latch it onto your wrist broke off. We at Nippies found our watch inside our coat sleeve. It could have been worse. Someone else could have found it on the floor of one of our public haunts.

17.) Finally, our favorite glass cracked for no apparent reason. It's just a cheap, pink drinking glass that we got for free when we subscribed to a mystery magazine club. Sort of an imitation Depression Glass. But we at Nippies were partial to it. It's now in the city dump. There is no safe way to fixed cracked glass.

Such is life. We at Nippies are well aware that things could be worse. Thank God for super-glue, hammers and nails, charge cards, elbow grease, how-to books and relatives who are handy at repairs.

October 3rd-10th, 2002

Graphic by Nippies <FONT SIZE=-1>sm</FONT SIZE>

Lemonade graphic by Nippies<FONT SIZE=-1>sm</FONT SIZE> Childhood memories: One of our fondest memories of childhood was setting up a Kool-Aid stand on the sidewalk in front of our house. We at Nippies, with our baby brother at our side, sold Dixie-cups of cherry (everyone's favorite), grape or, as a last resort, orange flavored Kool-Aid,which had been lovingly concocted by our mother. We sold it for a nickel a cup. No matter that the stuff was warm within 5 minutes of hanging out our hand-lettered shingle. It still sold like, well, like Kool-Aid. And candy purchased at the corner store immediately afterwards never tasted better than it did when purchased with our own hard-earned nickels.

And so it was with these cherished memories in mind that we at Nippies promised our little one we would set her up in business with a lemonade stand, which is the drink of choice in our present neighborhood. That was two summers ago. Hot days came and went, and so did rainy days. But it seemed that every hot day came with a busy schedule. The lemonade sign had been carefully made with frutti-tutti colored letters and placed near the front door. Still, that first summer came and went without a lemonade stand.

Last summer we at Nippies promised ourselves that Labor Day would not roll around without fulfilling our vow to get out the little, mismatched plastic table and chair and whip up a batch of ice cold lemonade. Our little one didn't bring up the subject more than once or twice. But each time she asked if today was the day she could sell lemonade we had to turn her down for what seemed, at the time, like a very good reason. At the end of the summer the sign was put away in our dark and cavernous cellar, yet again, alongside the summer gardening tools. We at Nippies did our best not to allow the pangs of guilt, now growing sharper with each thought of the unfulfilled promise, get to us - too much.

Unlike the winter before, the thoughts of that darn lemonade stand resurrected themselves time and again. Usually this happened when we watched our little one sleeping peacefully in her little "nest", curled under the worn and cherished pink cabbage rose quilt that we inherited from my mother's unwanted (by my other siblings) household items. The dime-store quilt has been my little one's favorite bedtime covering for years. But these thoughts also came surging to the forefront of our conscience each time the plastic container of Country-Time Lemonade mix worked it's way to the front of the pantry shelf, which seemed like at least once a week. Regret was never far behind the Country Time.

Summer number three was this past summer. We at Nippies were busier than ever with this 'n that, but we managed to make time for walks, stories, games, and other special times with our youngest child. The subject of the lemonade stand was not mentioned by her at all, even though we at Nippies had carried the sign up from the cellar and placed it near the door as a reminder. We were the ones who brought the subject up. "This summer you will have that lemonade stand", we declared to our baby who is not a baby any longer. She only smiled and said, "OK, Mommy". And again it was back-to-school time before we knew it. Then, September turned into October.

Yesterday was an unusually hot day for October. The temperature had climbed to at least 70 degree. We took our old dog for a walk to the cemetary near our home where our little one's grandmother, my mother, is buried under a modest stone near a large shade tree. My little one wanted to go to visit her grandmother's grave. As she lovingly cleaned off the grass clippings that had blown on top of the flat stone, my daughter told her grandmother she loved her and that she hoped "you're having a nice time in Heaven, Grandma". Just like that, the thoughts of the unfulfilled promise flooded through our mind.

The walk home was quick. It was a quarter-to-five in the afternoon. We knew if we hurried we could catch the drive-home traffic of thirsty and tired drivers that could make for semi-brisk business at that time of the evening. While my daughter set about cleaning off the green plastic table and blue child-sized chair on the front porch, we at Nippies quickly rinsed out the blue and white plastic gallon-sized pitcher, rooted out the Country-Time mix, filled and mixed like mad, and quickly grabbed paper cups that are always at-the-ready on top of the refrigerator. She made a quick trip back inside to grab her play cash register with the real working microphone ("clean up in aisle six!"). And, last but not least, the sign decorated in tutti-frutti colored letters that spelled out "LEMONADE 25 cents" was placed lovingly against the legs of the table. Voila, our little girl was in business.

Well, we can't say that we at Nippies can stop saving for college based on the proceeds of yesterday's business at that little stand. We at Nippies were amazed at how many people drove by without giving her as much a smile. But, thankfully, there are enough kind-hearted people out there who remember what a thrill it was to have lemonade/Kool-Aid stand at age eight. And those very special people came through for our little one.

As for me, well, there will be a few less regrets this winter. A memory has been made. A promise has been fulfilled.

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