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if you eat disappointment every day it makes you stronger from nippies and nippies.com

Reputation: Is It Important?

Proverbs 22:1 says, "A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold." So the Bible encourages us to keep good reputations, whenever possible. This idea is echoed in Ecclesiastes 7:1, which says, "A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume' (NLT).

Thank God MARCH is over!
photo of dog looking out window stay at home.

Thank God March is over. I say that every year on April 1st. This year is no different.

When I mention I am dreading the approach of March, people ask me why? When did that start? I'm not sure, but it's there every year. i start thinking about it coming in mid-February.

"What's wrong with me?" I blurted out as i approached the receptionist's desk? I felt myself growing weaker as I waited for her answer. "I am so sorry about your grandmother". She glanced at my visitor's chair, which was occupied by my father, still in his work clothes, his hat on his lap. Dad got up and we silently walked to the parking lot.

"Your grandmother died this morning,"

.March 2020
We at Nippies.com / Nippies declare this FIGHT HEROIN ADDICTION YEAR
#Opiates #OpioidCrisis #Heroin #HeroinAddiction #Recovery #Junkies #ExJunkies

Victorian People Having Fun: Captured in Photos
People never change...

Vintage 1977 Video of 108 Year Old Victorian Lady's Stories
About 1879: Men were cranning their necks to get a look at a lady's ankle...

The Opioid Crisis: Naloxone  saves lives. Big Pharma is price gouging.

You Know A Junkie
You Just Don't Know You Know
(You may even LOVE a junkie).

Please, WATCH this video to the end.
Don't be fooled by it's simplicity: it is a full meal, and then some.

It was quite by accident that her family discovered Lilly Mitchell's secret.

In retrospect, all the signs were there. She'd lost a lot of weight and rarely made the 40 mile trip home to visit. And when she and her standoffish, pony-tailed boyfriend did show up for a wedding or other obligatory family gathering, they arrived late, kept to themselves and slipped out early. The rare overnight stay in her childhood bedroom was mostly spent in silence behind the door with the gnome poster on it.

So when her mother and father invited Lilly and Trent to join the family for a few days in Atlantic City, her parents were surprised and overjoyed when she said "I'd love that." The young couple arrived very late - about 2am - at the large, two bedroom Bally's suite. Both Lilly and Trent were noticeably thinner since the last time the family had seen them a few months before, and the four hour drive had left them disheveled and exhausted looking. Lilly hugged her Mom and Dad perfunctorily, but her face lit up when her brother Ted came out of the bedroom where his wife and two children were sleeping, A short conversation later Lilly and Trent announced, as if by prearrangement, that they were heading out to "get something to eat." It was after 3am.

The next day Lilly and Trent slept in, apparently undisturbed as the three generations clattered about the suite in preparation for the beach. Seven year old Eddie and newly turned five Rianna wanted Aunt Lilly and "Uncle Trent" to join them, but settled for a promise from their elders that they would see them later. Texts from Lilly's mom went unanswered throughout the afternoon, and when the family returned to the suite around six pm, it was unoccupied. A backpack lay next to the unmade pullout bed.

The Irish Pub in Atlantic City, NJ. Photo by Marion Weiscarger Roughsedge Copyright 2019 - 2022 by Nippies and Nippies.com

The Irish Pub is located on St. James Place, only about 150 feet from the Boardwalk. The Mitchell's ate their suppers in Atlantic City almost exclusively at the dimly lit, historic bar and restaurant which features Tiffany lamps, stained glass, bentwood chairs, dark wood, and antique prints, along with the original tin ceilings The place is magical., It would have been more magical had Lilly walked in with or without Trent.

Maggie woke up hours later to the sound of voices. It was their son engaged in conversation with Lilly and Trent, mostly with Trent. The voices sounded loud.

What were you doing in a dark alley in Atlantic City in the middle of the night?" was all Maggie could make out. She lay there in the dark next to her sleeping husband and wondered the same.

It was a short vacation.


DEEP STATE: Continued Coup Attempt
Democrats Continue Trying to Destroy President Trump

Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine? Really?
The actual conversation between President Trump and the President of Ukraine proved otherwise. But the Democrats, led by Barack Obama from his bunker in his Kalorama D.C. mansion, are trying to prove otherwise. Barack Obama hates to lose, and will pull every trick in the book to win. As a matter of fact, he hates losing so badly that he apparently will destroy the United States to get his way. And his way is to take out Donald J. Trump, the duly elected President of the United States of America.

If you don't think Barack Obama is behind all of this resistance, you have not done your research, folks. From the very first week that Donald J. Trump was elected POTUS, Barack Obama has been making sure he, Donald J. Trump, was the target of the press and the target of the millions of Obama sycophants who wait for his nod and wink to do what he bids them to do. Example? Look up his first White House presser after the Nov. 2016 election. There were protests throughout the U.S.,, carried out by Obama sycophants, protesting the ELECTION of the American President. But the entire press corps, with Obama sycophant (ABC news) Martha Raddatz, taking the lead, did NOT EVEN ADDRESS THOSE PROTESTS! No questions were asked at all about those protests. Btw...Barack Obama attended the second wedding of Martha Raddatz, and gave her then husband a job. They are BUDS....there is no objectivity. Remember Martha's tears the night Donald J. Trump won?

Does anyone really believe that was not PRE ARRANGED?


Fox News Poll on Impeachment
Something Doesn't Add Up

Never Trumpers are cheering that a Fox News Poll states 51% of the American people want President Trump impeached.
There is a problem: of those polled, 48% were Democrats, 40% Republicans, and 12% Independents.
In addition, 90% of polled Republicans still support President Trump.
See the problem?
The breakdown was presented today by Rush Limbauth. (October 10, 2019).


Children Are Being Frightened To Death
Being Used by Democrats as Political Pawns

If you watch the news, you've all seen the young girl, a global-warming activist, who sailed from her home in Stockholm, Sweden to the UN in Manhattan to plead, indirectly, for the New Green Deal., which is part of the platform of more than one of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.


When Greta Thunberg was only 8, she, along with fellow students at her school, saw a video on climate change / global warming which traumatized her. She obsessed about what she saw for years and, at age eleven, refused to attend school. , Instead, she spent her timef campaigning relentlessly against global warming. Her parents allegedly tried to get her back on track, but eventually they reluctantly went along with her obsession about climate change, and even gave into Greta's demands that they reduce their carbon footprint.. Greta's mother, Sara Magdalena "Malena: Ernmana, is a professional opera singer. Greta's father, Svante Thunberg, was an actor. He now manages Greta's career. Both parents have become vegans to make Greta happy. Both have had to make career sacrifices. Malena now only takes singing engagements in Stockholm so she will not have to fly to other destinations, thus increasing her carbon footprint.

Greta Thunsberg suffers from both Asbergers and selective mutism. She spends nearly all her time campaigning for her beliefs. She didn't fly into the U.S. for her appearance at the UN, but rather sailed across the Atlantic and came into the NYC harbor on a small boat. The arrival was documented, filmed and well publicized. But she has been photographed on trains, which pollute, on other occasions.

Brownsville / Brooklyn NYC Mass Shooting Ignored. WHY?
Because It Does Not Fit the Liberal / Obama Narrative

We all know about the terrible mass shootings which happened last week: Brownsville, Brooklyn, NYC; Ohio and El Paso, Texas.
Or do we?

The media went into a frenzy when Patrick Crusius, a white male in his twenties, walked into a mall and shot nearly 50 people, As I write, the death toll stands at 20. Cries for GUN CONTROL rang throughout the contry as Democratic politicians used this tragedy to push their agenda, even though, perhaps if the Mall where the shooting occurred was not a GUN FREE ZONE, and someone had been carrying, many lives may have been saved. Crusius was not a Trump supporter nor even a Republican, but that didn't stop the liberal media for blaming President Trump - all because he wants to secure our country from illegals entering without the same background checks and balances that the Democrats want for American citizens who want to carry a gun for protection.
How many lives may have been saved is one of the patrons had been carrying a gun the day Patrick Crusius barged into that Walmart and began his killing rampage? Maybe all or most of these victims, both shot and killed, may have been saved had a customer been armed the way Patrick Crusius was armed.

By the way, Patrick Crusius's mylife.com was changed by a Leftist / Democrat to say he was a Republican...he was NOT.

We all know that Connor Betts, a white male in his early twenties, shot up many patrons outside a Dayton, Ohio bar. Connor was a Socialist and self-proclaimed Leftist. He killed his own sister, as well eight others, during his shooting rampage outside the Dayton bar. Connor has a reputation as a violent and threatening person, according to his former high school classmates.


SO, why did the national media, and ignore the Brownsville, Brooklyn NYC MASS SHOOTING which occurred only days before the El Paso and Dayton shootings? Did you hear the Main Stream Media or National News addressing the Brownsville shooting, were 12 people were shot, and one died, in this section of Brooklyn, NYC? No. And I know because I went searching for information on this shooting for days after it occurred. The shooter(s) are still out ther, unlike the Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX shooters. But the press ignores this mass shooting. Even Mayor Bill de Blasio took three days to call it a "mass shooting", which it was.

The difference? This Brooklyn shooting was a BLACK ON BLACK crime. It occurred on the last day of a two day annual block party called Old Timers Day, where current and former members of Brownsville (a largely black section of Brooklyn) come together to visit. Sadly, as the picnic was winding down, gunfire was heard. A member of the Bloods was killed: thirty eight year old Jason Pagan. But eleven other bystanders were shot and injured. You didn't hear any follow up on this, did you? No mention of names of the shooting victims, no speculation about the shooter(s), who have NOT been caught, and, of course, nothing about the gun used, which was likely an ILLEGAL FIREARM.

So, we have a black on black crime, committed by a vicious gang member, likely the weapon(s) being ILLEGAL FIREARMS. I believe all the victims were black. So this does not fit the Main Stream Media / Liberal / Progressive / Deep State / Obama narrative that it is white supremacists taking out minorities. What to do what to do....SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG.

No wonder the residents of Brownsville are furious. They have been totally ignored in their pain and suffereing by the very same people who cry RACIST and BIGOT about anyone who does not agree with their agenda.

P.S. September 19, 2019 UPDATE: found this article which states that several of the Brownsville victims had "gang ties".
"Investigators said several of the victims - who ranged in age from 21 to 55 - had gang ties, including Mr. Pagan, who they believe was a member of the Bloods. He was released on parole in January after he was caught with a .40-caliber handgun in 2016, and law enforcement officials said he was a suspect in a previous shooting."
Brownsville / Brooklyn Shooting: Gang Related


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