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Fall - Winter 2018

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A House Divided: Focus on Race Is Destroying Us

If you love America, you will stop focusing on race.

There was time, not long ago, when we American citizens didn't focus on race, and the majority of our country was united. Then, in 2008, nearly 50% of the white voters in the United States voted for a black skinned man to be President of the United States. Obviously, race was not an issue at that time with whites. But the specter of race continued to weigh heavily in the black population: 96% of black voters voted for Barack Hussein Obama.

Why do so many black people continue to call other blacks "my people", and refer to blacks as "my community"? I have also heard recently elected U.S. Represntative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez use the same language in regard to her fellow Latinos. Whites do not use that language, and if they do, they are quickly labeled as "racists", "white nationalists", "white supremacists", etc., by the Main Stream Media, Democrats, and Liberals.

We heard little talk of race during Barack Obama's campaign in 2008. How cagey he was, as was his wife, Michelle. But once elected, and throughout the eight years of the Obama administration, the issue of race was nurtured by the Obamas. The Obamas fed into this sort of "Identity Politics" in a big way, especially in the second term, when they pulled out all the stops. Want proof? Look up Obama anti-cop speech of July 7, 2016, or Michelle Obama's "we" (blacks) "they" (whites) Commencement Speech at "historically black" Tuskegee University in 2015. Booker T. Washington, former slave and founder of Tuskegee, author of Up From Slavery, and one of my heroes, would never have approved of the Obamas hateful rhetoric and racism. Tuskegee was funded almost entirely by generous white benefactors to whom Washington appealed.

Michelle Obama is now on a book tour, and continues to further sow division. Most, if not all, of her interviews and talks focus on trashing her husband's successor, President Donald J. Trump in either direct or veiled references. She wrote in her book that she refused to smile at the inauguration because of her unhappiness at the election of President Trump. She will "never forgive him" for wanting Barack Obama to present the official, certified long form of his birth certificate. Trump, she claims, put her family "at risk". This is a ridiculous claim because, first of all, it is a requirement to prove your place of birth and age to be eligible to run for U.S. President, and because the Obamas, and anyone who is elected POTUS, and their family, are already at the highest risk.

Even today, Michelle and Barack Obama are touring the U.S, and at each stop they are spewing his anti-Trump rhetoric. Is that American? No, and it's unprecedented. No other American president has ever come. and openly and continually criticized his successor. It does not good for the country, and it makes us look foolish to the world. George W. Bush has admitted he didn't agree with many of Obama's policies or actions or words, but said nothing because it undermines the office of the President of the United States.

The Obama's Netflix deal, we now have found out, is worth about $100 million dollars, and the plans they have are to focus on, again, undermining our President. We know many who cancelled Netflix subscriptions because of the Obama deal. We did, and you, too, may want to sent the Obamas and Netflix a message.

Cancel Netflix: 1-866-579-7172


Who is Jack Burkman?
Why is the MSM trying to DESTROY Jack Burkman?
Why did someone try to MURDER and SILENCE Jack Burkman?
Here are some very good theories about WHY.

But first, WHO IS #JackBurkman?
BURKMAN is a lawyer, lobbyist, TRUMP SUPPORTER and independent radio host, exposed, or is trying to expose, THREE Democrat / Left Scandals:

1.) Who MURDERED DNC worker Seth Rich in D.C.
2.) FBI / Andrew McCabe corruption (before he was fired)
3.) Alleged sexual harassment by Robert Mueller

Jack Burkman, in the past year, has been
1.) Pepper sprayed
2.) Shot three times
3.) Run over by an SUV - twice.

And yet the MSM (CNN, Washington Post, NYTimes) labels him as a "conspiracy theorist", while they gave the #Kavanaugh accusers full credibility with NO PROOF, even when alleged witnesses denied what "Dr. Ford" claimed to have experienced in their presence.


Rule #1 of the Bad Guys: DISCREDIT the WITNESS

Democrats use that tactic every time.
It was used this week on #JackBurkman.
When Burkman announced he planned to present a witness accusing Mueller of sexual harassment, his efforts were immediately labeled, by liberal main stream media #MSM
1.) a HOAX (USA Today)

Rule #2 of the Bad Guys: DISTRACT & DIVERT

(As an aside) The MSM DISTRACT with manufactured crises. Look at CNN's headlines this week. In the wake of the Burkman/Mueller announcement, the Don Lemon White Men are Terrorists claim, the Hillary "They All Look Alike" claim, the Farrakhan comparison of Jews to TERMITES...they focus on destroying President Trump by trying to prevent him from visiting Pittsburgh, blaming him for the attacks on Jews, etc., even though President Trump's daughter and her family are observant Jews and President Trump is the most supportive of Jews of any U.S. president.

CNN and the rest of the liberal media has largely ignored the Don Lemon, Hillary and Farrakhan stories.

Rule #1 was applied to Jack Burkman aplenty this past week after he announced, a week earlier, that he would hold a press conference on Nov. 1 and introduce a woman who claimed she had been sexually harassed by Robert Mueller when she worked with him years earlier.

Before Jack Burkman could hold the press conference, however, ANOTHER woman, identified only as "Lorraine Parsons", contacted several liberal, left-leaning outlets of the MSM and told them she was being offered money to lie about sexual harassment. A Vermont law professor, Jennifer Taub, a hardcore Democrat, was contacted with a request for help regarding this issue, and it appears her fee was requested,but instead of responding, she forwarded the email to Mueller's office and called the contact "creepy". No where in the emails was money offered by "Surefire Intelligence" for Taub to make up stories, just for any imput she could have regarding Mueller. Yet the MSM slants the story to make it look like the clearly Democrat and liberal law professor was offered money to lie.

Turns out "Surefire Intelligence" was a name made up by Jacob Wohl, a young Trump supporter who is working with Burkman to uncover any veracity to truth about Mueller's alleged sexual harassment, and because Wohl, only 20, tried to protect his identity by creating this name (Surefire Intelligence), the MSM is labeling his work as a hoax. Can you blame him for trying to remain anon while looking for information? I don't.

The press ran with this story, labeling Burkman's and Wohl's claims as "FALSE" and a "SCHEME" to discredit the Special Counsel lead investigator, Robert Mueller.

Most important? Readers of these stories were CONFUSED, probably purposely, into thinking that the woman claiming having been offered $ to say Mueller sexually harassed her (Lorraine Parsons, who has never come forward, is unknown other than the email and name, and who claimed to have worked with Mueller in 1974 at the law firm PIllsbury, Madison and Sutro - which that law firm DENIES. See SOURCE: Lorraine Parsons ) was the SAME woman who Burkman was dealing with and who decided not to show at the presser scheduled for Nov 1, fleeing for "fear of her life".. They were NOT the same woman. The second woman is someone named "Carolyne Cass", or a similar name.

The LORRAINE PARSONS emails smell like a SMOKE SCREEN to both DISCREDIT Burkman and DIVERT attention from the real alleged victim, the fleeing Carolyne Cass.

Burkman was called a "conspiracy theorist" over and over in various articles put forth this week, and previously, by the MSM, and discredited in almost every article which the Washington Post and other liberal outlets ran on the Mueller allegations.

On the day of the press conference the woman didn't show up. Burkman and his associate, a young Trump supporter named Jacob Wohl, said the woman FLED in "fear for her life".

Could you blame her? She had been labeled a LIAR before she ever showed her face, and WOW....what a difference from how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was treated when she accused SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh with absolutely NO PROOF.

FBI's ANDREW McCABE SCANDAL Jack Burkman was trying to expose FBI corruption and Andrew McCabe in the weeks before he was fired. Burkmen, in Feb. 2018, offered a $25,000.00 reward for FBI corruption info.

It was during this case that he was led on a goose chase to a parking lot where emails which would expose McCabe were supposedly hidden under an orange cone for him to find. When Burkman got there (March 2018) and bent over to pick up the packet, he was shot in the legs and buttocks several times and twice hit by an SUV. He spent days in the hospital, and a man he had hired to help him with the Seth RIch investigation, Kevin Doherty, was arrested by Arlington police in the murder attempt. You didn't see THAT on CNN, did you?

SETH RICH MURDER INVESTIGATION In his efforts to find the killer of Seth Rich, the Democrat National Convention worker who was shot twice in the back in July 2016, only ten days before the DNC convention, Burkman filed a lawsuit for information on the case. (See source at end of post).

Seth Rich, 26, had left a bar at about 1:30am and was shot after 4am - no explanation as to those missing 2.5 hours. He was walking home to his D.C. apartment. The D.C. police never solved the murder, but don't want, it appears, anyone else to solve it, either.

Some suspect that young, idealistic Rich, who has appeared in photos with flag like clothing, and who worked with the DNC computers, may have stumbled upon some information or leaked information? A PI working on the murder, Rod Wheeler, appeared very enthusiastically on Hannity to tell what he had discovered about this case but within days he recanted and appeared frightened as he did so. The family clammed up, and a Democrat operative became their spokesperson.

Seth Rich's murderer has never been found.

READ the attached Washington Post article where the victim, Jack Burkman, is made to look like the bad guy (the first three words of the article are "As CONSPIRACY THEORIES...."

Notice the use of the phrases CONSPIRACY THEORISTS and CONSPIRACY THEORIES sprinkled about in the articles about Jack Burkman ? Yeah, but there was no CONSPIRACY mentioned when it came to taking down Kavanaugh, and President Trump's entire first years has been fraught with a conspiracy to take President Trump down, and continue to this day. Check CNN's transcripts (top of page for last three days) and FB wall if you don't believe it.

SOURCE: LAWSUIT for SETH RICH INFO https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/investigative-group-files-lawsuit-seeking-police-information-on-seth-rich-slaying/2017/05/31/3c68e296-4635-11e7-a196-a1bb629f64cb_story.html?utm_term=.c3c3c82db6e8

SOURCE: $25K REWARD for FBI CORRUPTION EXPO https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/feb/8/jack-burkman-dc-lobbyist-offers-25k-evidence-fbi-w/

SOURCE: Wiki "The Murder of Seth Rich" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Seth_Rich

SOURCE: USA Today calls effort to expose Mueller a "HOAX" https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/10/31/robert-mueller-harassment-hoax-jack-burkman-accused-pushing-scheme/1830438002/

SOURCE: SCHEME https://www.businessinsider.com/jack-burkman-jacob-wohl-mueller-sexual-misconduct-scheme-legal-implications-2018-10

SOURCE: SMEAR https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/11/jacob-wohl-jack-burkman-robert-mueller-smear.html

SOURCE: BURKMAN run over while seeking Andrew McCabe information by man he hired to help him with Seth Rich murder investigation. (March 2018) https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/lobbyist-says-he-was-nearly-killed-by-man-he-hired-to-investigate-seth-richs-death/2018/03/19/a4261e48-2baa-11e8-8688-e053ba58f1e4_story.html?utm_term=.9c898bb0ab14ind

SOURCE: The mysterious LORRAINE PARSONS https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/10/special-counsel-refers-scheme-targeting-mueller-to-fbi/574411/?utm_term=2018-10-30T17%3A14%3A35&utm_campaign=atlantic-politics-and-policy&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

SOURCE: MUELLER on "scheme" to discredit him https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/10/special-counsel-refers-scheme-targeting-mueller-to-fbi/574411/?utm_term=2018-10-30T17%3A14%3A35&utm_campaign=atlantic-politics-and-policy&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&fbclid=IwAR0Z-e9OFCyCKCaCIUvfxtJNgPdWKyJMwemgDQdkdYQ01NisqvvMGy2GBrc


"I pay low wages. I can take advantage of that. We're going to be successful, but the basis is a very low-wage, low-benefit model of employment."


Consider KEITH ELLISON: Face of the Democrat Party

*Accused 2x of sexual assault
*Dems in MN still chose him as Atty General candidate.
*Is his skin color Teflon?
*Compare Ellison's treatment to that of white, Christian, Republican Roy Moore.

Keith Ellison is black, Muslim and a very Liberal Democrat.
Ellison is the Co-Chair of the DNC (Democrat Party).
He is also a close associate of Barack Obama.
Yet, despite the fact that he was accused of sexual assault by TWO women, both ex-lovers, over a span of 14 years, he was still chosen as the Democrat nominee for Attorney General in the state of Minnesota.

Compare how Keith Ellison's accusers, and Ellison himself, was treated by his accusers compared to how white, Christian and Republican Roy Moore was treated by the media when he ran against Democrat Doug Jones for a seat in the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

Roy Moore is a Conservative, white and Republican. That was enough to make him hated by most Democrats. But Moore was especially hated by the LBGTQ community for his stance against gay marriage, and by atheists for his pro-Ten Commandments monument decision

A West Point graduate who served in Vietnam, graduated from law school and went on to be a circuit judge, Roy Moore was, by any standard, a worthy candidate for the U.S. Senate. Sadly, he had a great big X on his back from the day he decided to run, as does every Republican in this post-Obama era. As aptly stated by Ann Coulter, Obama won elections by going into his opponents past, getting sealed records unsealed, digging dirt, putting a spin on it (racism and sexual whatever is the most popuar type of spin) and disseminating that spin to the very Liberal Media. This is exactly what happened to Roy Moore..

Roy Moore had a scandal free personal life and happy marriage of over 32 years before he was targeted by the Democrats. He had defeated fellow Republican (and Trump endorsed Luther Strange), and was well on his way to winning the special election Alabama U.S. Senate seat with - voila, all these women suddenly appeared and accused him of - wow - asking them on dates or flirting with them when he was in his late twenties and they were in their late teens - many as they worked at the local mall. (As a former "mall girl" in the seventies, while attending college, I can assure you there was nothing unusual about this behavior.)

The legal marrying age in Alabama, until 2003, was FOURTEEN. After years of infighting, it was raised to 16. So flirting with a girl who was that age or beyond in AL in the mid to late seventies was NEVER A CRIME. Most Southern mothers would be thrilled that their young daughters had the attention of a successful, promising lawyer as was Attorney Roy Moore. Only one women accused Moore of a serious offense. Beverly Young Nelson claimed that Moore flirted with her, when she was 16 years old, at a restaurant where she worked and then, after offering her a ride home one night after closing, drove to the rear of the restaurant and attacked her. Ms. Young Nelson offered, as proof, that Moore had signed her year book. The sentiment was very innocuous, and, even more compelling, when confronted, Ms. Young Nelson admitted forging Moore's signature.

Even though Beverly Young Nelson's story had several holes poked into it, including the forgery proof and testimony from a fellow waitress who worked with Young Nelson at the restaurant didn't remember Moore acting the way Young Nelson claimed, it was too late. The same media who smeared Roy Moore did not reverse the damage they had done to both his campaign and reputation. In the end, Democrat Doug Jones won by a not very impressive 22,000 votes - but he still won.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


*Kimberly Guilfoyle, longtime Fox News personality, GONE.
*Only weeks ago, she and Donald J. Trump, Jr. became couple.
*We at Nippies smell a RAT...perhaps a relative of Mickey Mouse?

According to an article in the very LEFT LEANING Huffington Post, Kimberly Guilfoyle was let go by Fox News, and did not leave voluntarily. The reason? Allegedly, Ms. Guilfoyle, the divorced mother of one, was "warned" by Fox Human Resources in the Fall of 2017. But, but...nothing happened. She was not let go.

Then POOF, Kimberly Guilfoyle is gone, without an on-air good-bye, something that was said to be upsetting to the veteran news personality. Kimberly put out a statement that she was leaving to work on a pro-Trump PAC.

What happened? Well, about a month or so ago, we learned that Kimberly was Donald J. Trump, Jr's "girlfriend", and spent the 4th of July at the White House with Donald, Jr. Was that the last straw for Fox News? After all, Fox was recently acquired, for $71.3 billion, by the very far left Disney. Since then, , Fox News seems to be every so slowly evolving toward the Left.

It is very suspicious that Fox would make the decision to get rid of Kimberly just as she gets involved heavily with the Trumps.

We at Nippies smell a rat.

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