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Have you ever fallen hard for a rock star? A politician? Any celebrity?
If you have, you'll appreciate our story on Groupies.

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    Nippies ® Original Story: Groupies A/K/A SSCs


    It has been said you should write about what you know.
    Been with an entertainer for nearly three decades now. So here goes...

    On The Road & After Hours:

    The words "Sweet, sweet Connie" (hereafter referred to as SSC) entered into American pop culture because of the popularity of Grand Funk Railroad's hit song *We're An American Band.
    * (From the Summer 1973 album We're An American Band. The song was written by band member Don Brewer & produced by Todd Rundgren. The tune was named #99 of VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.)

    We're An American Band hit the top of the pop charts soon after it's Summer 1973 release.

    Out on the road for forty days
    Last night in Little Rock, put me in a haze
    Sweet, sweet Connie was doin' her act
    She had the whole show and that's a natural fact ..

    (The "Connie" who was immortalized in the above song was/is Connie Hamzy. Connie has been featured in articles and even wrote a book about her experiences as a gropie.)

    SSC is a term that may be used to describe a female, usually young with rock bands but sometimes middle-aged, who (to use a horribly outdated phrase) "has the hots for" and sexually pursues a celebrity - usually a musician. (A more popular name for such a person is "groupie"). The pursuit is normally carried out when the wife or regular girlfriend, if there is one, can't be there, meaning on the road or at the venue, bar, hotel, etc.

    A celebrity does not have to travel far from home to have one or more SCCs: local celebrities commonly have females in constant pursuit. And, as mentioned previously, a musician is just one type of high-profile professional who may have groupies.

    Fame is a great aphrodisiac.
    SCCs are attracted to men with a public profile of any type: local or national politicians, news or radio personalities, doctors, and even televangelists all may have groupies who wait in hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, parks, airport terminals and even church vestibules for an opportunity to catch the eye of the Famous One.

    Sweet, Sweet Rielle

    A prime example of typical SCC behavior may be that of Rielle Hunter, the baby-mother and mistress, (or ex-mistress?) of perpetually boyish ex-presidential candidate, John Edwards.

    The Hunter claims she first laid eyes on Edwards in a Manhattan hotel lounge and that she didn't recognize him right away. She and he exchanged admiring stares across the bar before he left the hotel to attend a meeting. Rielle was waiting in front of the hotel when he returned and, as he passed by, she murmured "You're so hot."

    According to Rielle, he "begged" her to call. Apparently she did because, according to Rielle, they were in his room together within hours.

    We wonder if Elizabeth Edwards was at home engaging in an equally exciting activity such as helping one of her children with Algebra homework?

    ~BTW, Rielle entered the world as Lisa Druck in 1964, and she is the daughter of a wealthy lawyer and horse rancher (now deceased). Rielle is no babe in the woods. Check out Wikipedia's story on her for some real entertainment.~

    Here is an excerpt from a Hunter interview with GQ's Lisa DePaulo:
    "... After stating for the record that she's not getting paid for the interview, Hunter tells DePaulo that she met Edwards in February 2006 outside a New York City hotel, after "a mutual, unusual staring" at each other earlier inside the lounge. She was surprised to learn the stranger she was flirting with was Edwards, who had come across as a "two-dimensional geek" on TV. "You're so hot," she said to him. "Why, thank you," she said he replied. He begged her to call, she says; hours later, they met in his room."

    That first tryst was, apparently, a success because John Edwards soon put Rielle on the payroll the official Edwards for President videographer. The couple eventually produced a child and a sex tape which is now reportedly worth at least *5 MILLION dollars.

    ~*CRIMESIDER reports that TheDailyBeast (dot com) spoke with Vivid Entertainment's CEO Steven Hirsch, and asked how much the notorious Edwards-Hunter sex tape is worth. The answer? A whole lot.

    "There has been a tremendous amount of interest in him," Hirsch told CRIMESIDER. "We would be ready to pay $5 million."

    Knowledge of the sex tape surfaced when former Edwards loyalist, Andrew Young, revealed its existence in his recent book, "The Politician." Young reportedly found the footage on an unmarked tape.~

    Ms. Hunter's behavior is typical of a determined and clever SSC. Perhaps she really did not know it was a presidential candidate she was eye-flirting with at in that NYC hotel lounge. But isn't it logical to assume that she asked the bartender or someone in the hotel who this attractive man was who was reciprocating her admiring looks?
    Whatever. The fact is Rielle he did lay in wait for Edwards' return and the end result was a romp in the hay.

    Many SSCs are very resourceful at creating their own opportunities for an encounter with the celebrity of their choice.
    Some driven SSCs have been known to take a job, relocate or even to join a church to increase the odds of a "chance meeting". Some groupies may even hire the musician or entertainer if the SSC has the funds and/or authority to do so.

    You don't have to be a stranger to the well-known professional to have a "crush" on him, either. A "SSC" can even be a fellow artiste or co-worker who harbors feelings under a mask of indifference and professionalism until the opportune time presents itself. And the physical proximity of a co-worker makes it so much easier for those opportunities to occur.
    Also, it is difficult to maintain a professional distance with someone you are traveling with, eating with, rooming next-to, etc. Those lonely on-the-road and after work hours present strong temptations to seek out companionship away from home. And lo and behold there is an SSC who just happens to be smiling and willing to fill the void.

    Men who are married or committed and who travel frequently are going to be constantly pursued and tempted by SSCs. And it is so easy to use the lonliness of being away from home as an excuse for behavior that would not be acceptable for men who are tied to a home-base and a nine-to-five job.

    Sauce For The Goose

    The same common-sense rules of conduct and behavior should apply to all marriages - including those of celebrities.

    And a man on the road should behave the way he expects his spouse to behave at home. Would the traveling professional be ok with his wife heading off to a singles bar after a long day with the kids, the job and the housework?

    Would it be ok for the back-at-home loved one to accept an offer of a tasty dinner out, a movie, a drink or other fun activity from a stranger or even a co-worker after a long day? Probably not.
    You Might Be A SSC If You...
    OK, not every person who follows the career of a public figure is an SSC.

    Some are simply fans (more about this later.)

    Read the following to determine if your behavior is crossing the line from fan to SSCdom...

    It is inappropriate invite someone's husband for coffee or a drink, "a bite to eat" or to dinner, to offer or ask for a ride, or to tempt the guy to stray in any way.

    Gifts are a big no-no. Ditto flattery.

    Comparing mean-jealous-negligent-doesn't understand me-spouse stories, portraying the Damsel in Distress and /or playing the friendship card is equally base.

    Clever SSCs may initiallybeg a girlfriend to tag along or even to sign cards or present gifts so their intentions appear to be more golly-gee.

    But the SSCs who are most clever will tempt their target by offering free or almost free help with "the career". Very few professionals who have not yet made it to the top are immune to this type of offer.

    Perhaps the SSC has a connection with someone powerful or a talent that may help further the professional goals their victim.

    This groupie strategy is called carrot dangling .


    The TALKER now becomes a STALKER.

    Also inappropriate is to send emails and ask to exchange cell phone numbers in an attempt to be "just friends".

    And what can anyone say about a SSC who arranges to book a hotel room or rent other living arrangements in very close proximity to that of the celebrity?

    Protecting the Family Jewels

    Gene Simmons and the Reverent Billy Graham are two public figures who have enjoyed long, happy and committed relationships.

    Perhaps that is because both men publically professed to being aware of the dangers of SCCs.

    In the August 14, 2006 episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels the Kiss star is told by his (then) 17-year-old son that he, Nick, is serious about pursuing rock stardom:
    I've got a lot of advice," Gene says, and brings out the Aspiring Rock-Star Flash-Card Pictures. "This is a tour bus," Gene says. "Looks cool; you will HATE it. It's gonna smell like your butt, unwiped." Moving on to the next card, Gene says: "This looks like a groupie. Don't talk to her", he instructs his son.

    Billy Graham was wise enough to close any windows before the rain came in.

    In his autobiography, Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham, the Rev. Graham stated that in all his married life he'd adhered faithfully to a policy to never "travel, meet, or eat alone with a woman other than my wife." (Graham and his bride-to-be, Ruth Bell, exchanged their first kiss at the moment of their engagement in the summer of 1941.)

    The televangelist, who'd been wed to his wife, Ruth, for over six decades prior to her death in 2007, was careful to protect his marriage in every situation.
    The story goes that Billy was on an elevator alone and a woman got on he'd politely excuse himself and wait for the next opportunity.

    But Billy Graham, a handsome man who no doubt had his opportunities to stray, never saw himself as above temptation. When complimented on his ability to avoid temptation her responded, "So far, so good."

    How Not To Act Like A SSC
    If you are really a card-carrying agent or sincere purchaser of services then you should inquire through the home-office phone.

    Look under "Contact Us" on the entertainer's official web site and keep it business-like.
    Often the spouse is also a business partner who laid the foundation for success by a lot of behind-the-scenes work and sacrifice you'll never hear about.
    She is likely the one who will be answering the professional queries ... and viewing the others.

    The SSC's carrot dangling may fool some - and even the entertainer - but certainly not the savvy spouses of celebrities who have seen it all before.

    Just clap, honey, and then go home, please.
    That is what real FANS do.

    PS...if you are over 75 and not cosmetically enhanced feel free to pursue. Few wives would mind.
    And, yes!, we know there are Sweet, sweet Carls out there, as well.
    So YOU write about them.

    Emotional infidelity is cheating without the video-taped proof.

    Calling the opposite sex, dining with the opposite sex, traveling with the opposite sex, etc., in the name of friendship or business is BULLSH#T, plain and simple!

    Read more about emotional infidelity: emotional infidelity

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